Steve King Tricked By Twitter Troll
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Steve King Tricked By Twitter Troll

>>Twitter troll who goes by the handle MuellerDad69
fooled white nationalist, Representative Steve King so hard that he deserves an award. So what did you do exactly? Well, according to Business Insider, the account
MuellerDad69, claimed to be owned by a Starbucks manager who proudly discriminated against
social conservatives by banning his employees from saying Merry Christmas to customers.>>I’m gonna interrupt for a second, I saw
that headline online, and I was like, no, it didn’t. That didn’t happen but people were taking
it seriously at the time, they didn’t know it was a troll. Yeah, I’m like that’s I don’t know what the
story is at all I saw was the headline but I pulled up Ben Mankiewicz that didn’t happen. And it turns out-
>>God the media so dumb, his handle is MuellerDad69, and you just like reprint it, right? But anyway, okay.>>The media retweet it just printing what
anonymous troll say. I never seen that before.>>Right, yeah. So the tweet was then reposted by Representative
King on Facebook. So let me show you what the the post look
like. Again, this is MuellerDad69
>>I’m the manager of a Starbucks in Charlotte North Carolina. I have informed my employees that they will
be fired on the spot if I hear them say Merry Christmas to any customers. I’m doing it because I personally dislike
conservative Christians.>>Come on, come on, I mean, and aren’t you
at least a little skeptical that, that might not be the case?>>He’s like, no, no, no, I saw it on Twitter,
so it must be true.>>Must be true, must be true.>>But by the way, almost all the mainstream
media actually does think that.>>Yeah, and it’s really depressing. So Steve King sees that, and he posts it on
his Facebook account. And then he captions it Wow!>>It’s true, it is Wow!>>It’s wow that you posted it. It’s so pathetic.>>So now unfortunately, a Starbucks spokesperson,
an official Starbucks spokesperson had to respond to this story, and clarify that no
such person exists. Meaning, that there’s no such manager who
has forced employees to avoid saying Merry Christmas. Reggie Borgas says, our baristas are offered
the autonomy to choose how to greet each person, which can be anything from the usual to Merry
Christmas. No script is provided, right? Now the Twitter account has been suspended,
and Representative King has kept that post up. He hasn’t changed it in anyway, but I’m happy
that he kept it up. Because it allowed me to read through the
comments of his supporters. And this was one that I particularly enjoyed. If I lived near there, I would go in every
day just to say it, and not by a thing. What you showed them,
>>Can you imagine someone being offended by that, by the way, like some random person
comes in. Merry Christmas, and then runs away,
>>I am so offended, there’s no war on Christmas, guys. There never has been, there never will be. It’s this made up conservative like story
that gets recycled every year. And I can’t believe the media falls for it.>>Trump now started saying that the Liberals
are doing a war on Thanksgiving.>>Yes, yeah.>>Okay, it’s just, it’s endless. Now there’s not the first time that Steve
King has fallen for getting trolled online. He’s also been trolled by some professionals. Like our own Kenny Klips, okay, Ken was just
having fun. Ken club besides a wonderful senior investigative
reporter, but just as a gag that he didn’t think that Steve King would actually fall
for. He asked him on 4th of July, as Ken was doing
a war on 4th of July obviously. Sarcasm, okay. He said sir, can I get a retweet for my uncle,
Colonel Nathan Jessup? He’s in the Marines of spending the fourth
overseas keeping our nation safe. And put a picture of, Jack Nicholson from
a few good men seeking retweets.>>Come on, man, there’s just like, how they
used to say about David Letterman. There’s no off switch on genius with Steve
King there’s no ops switch an idiot.>>Okay, okay, but back to MuellerDad69 for
a minute, okay? So he has done similar things in the past. The same account has previously claimed to
discriminate against military service members, and police officers who are customers at Starbucks. Like he just like, but this is exactly what
trolling is, right? You say outlandish things in tweets, or on
social media in an effort to get people riled up, and it works.>>Yeah, well, I see mostly trolling is hideous,
okay, and meant to get people angry. And not in a joking way, but, I got you. I said something racist, and you were upset
about it. Yeah, good reason I’m upset about it, right? But 20% of trolling is fun, where you’re making
obvious jokes. And then people who have no sense of humor
are like, wow, I salute you, Colonel Jessup, you really do need a few god man. Somebody’s gonna be on that wall, right, so
this is the funny version of trolling. And only Steve King falls for it, actually,
it’s not true, a lot of media fall for it.


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