• ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘Answer’ Official MV
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    ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘Answer’ Official MV

    Let’s make a toast like a thunder Fill in everything As much as it overflows Raise your glasses over your heads As high as you can be shown anywhere I got the answer Open your hand and look up say oh Raise glasses and face each other say oh Shouting out that the end means the beginning Remember we were together from the tip of the toe, say my name Burn burn Burn it up, more Keep going, make a fire Everyday’s a finale show As like tomorrow is the end of the world Maintain this fever Oxygen, Fire, because you and I make the bluish light The burning sun…

  • ATEEZ Answer ATINY Questions From Twitter
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    ATEEZ Answer ATINY Questions From Twitter

    Eight makes one team! We are ATEEZ! Yey ATINY! We are back again with good news through MyMusicTaste! Wow! Right! After announcing our US tour, we are happy to announce our European tour. A lot of our ATINY from Europe made us via MyMusicTaste. So, we have something special prepared for our ATINY! Right? Our ATINYs had a lot of questions for us! True. Now we are here to answer some of these questions. Yahoo! I am really curious about the questions we got! Let’s start then! Yeah! Help ATINY make a playlist! Can you please recommend a song that you are really enjoying right now? Who will start first?…