• Как ВЫИГРАТЬ в ХАЛЯВЕ на АЛИЭКСПРЕСС / Личный опыт | 🔴
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    Как ВЫИГРАТЬ в ХАЛЯВЕ на АЛИЭКСПРЕСС / Личный опыт | 🔴

    Добрый день дорогие друзья и подписчики канала АлиПросто. Сейчас мы поговорим о том как выиграть в халяве на алиэкспресс что такое халява начнем с этого халява это такой раздел и где мы можем получить любой совершенно товар за всего лишь один цент но к сожалению таких как мы много поэтому продавцы выбирают кому отправить товар основном они отправляют от 2 до 10 товаров одного типа поэтому мы можем оставить заявку и в течение 7 дней когда пройдет время подачи заявки продавец собственно ручно выберет в течение трех дней победителей для того чтобы вам показать наглядно раздел халява на алиэкспресс мне пришлось установить android эмулятор на компьютер и сейчас я вам…

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    bienvenidos a extra news y los extras del día de hoy llegan con YouTube e instagram sabemos que Instagram es la red social que ha ido cogiendo fuerza por la potencia que facebook le está dando desde que lo adquirió pues te contamos que ha ido introduciendo cambios ya que esta red social ha ido cambiando el diseño de su interfaz para facilitarnos ubicación de iconos que antes no teníamos a la mano por ejemplo la localización de los mensajes directos la tendremos en la barra del menú inferior y el acceso a tu perfil en la parte superior derecha al lado de igtv instagram también nos ofrece un acceso…

  • Trusted Web Activities
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    Trusted Web Activities

    PETE LEPAGE: Having an app available on the app store is critical for many businesses. We know that there are some use cases where it makes sense to integrate your existing web experience into your native app. I’m Pete, a developer advocate on the web team at Google. Let’s take a look at how you can do this today and what we’re doing to make your web development experience better. Today, you can do this either using WebView or a custom tab. While each of these has their own benefits, there are also drawbacks to each. With WebView, the content runs full screen and supports many of the PWA features.…

  • HOT NEWS !!! Instagram Brings New Focus Mode to Stories and Mention Stickers on iOS
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    HOT NEWS !!! Instagram Brings New Focus Mode to Stories and Mention Stickers on iOS

    Instagram on Tuesday announced the launch of two new features on the social networking platform globally the first update is a new camera format on Instagram stories called focus that lets users take portrait shots with você effect from their phones rear or front camera when you take a photo or video of someone in the focus format their face will stay focused while the background blurs giving the photo that polished look something you’ll want to share with friends says Instagram in a statement to use the feature open the stories tab on the Instagram app you will see the new focus button placed next to supers around in…

  • The Try Guys Test Texting While Driving
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    The Try Guys Test Texting While Driving

    – Why, hello there! You may have heard about texting and driving. – Lololol. Wow this is fun. – Eugene said he saw three coyotes last night. – But I’m here to show you what it’s really like. – Texting while driving, yeah I do this. I do this every fuckin’ day. – It’s such a part of our daily lives now to just be on our mobile phones. – [Keith] Zach have you changed out the soap yet? – Hey, stop dude! Get out of here, get out! – I bet a lot of you are watching this right now on your phone in your car. – What if…

  • Blackberry Key2 in 2019: Still the communicator king?

    Blackberry Key2 in 2019: Still the communicator king?

    they really need a better slogan though icon reborn all right I get it blackberry is old they still make BlackBerry's get all the jokes out of your system go ahead and pause the video we feelin better looking at my stats from phones are reviewed in 2018 the key to video I produced is one of my more traffic videos in 2019 and later comments lean heavy on an audience looking for a top-tier communication device we haven't gotten any word on a replacement like a key three but we did get this sexy refresh in red which is pretty much the same phone as before with the new…

  • How to Advertise with Direct Mail - Pros and Cons (Part 4/5)

    How to Advertise with Direct Mail – Pros and Cons (Part 4/5)

    at the turn of the 21st century this was what most of our mailbox look like and this was what our email inbox looked like fast for nineteen years later we see that the situation is reversed and checking an email is no longer exciting anymore welcome to the fourth video in this five-part series direct mail advertising direct mailing is super simple just write a copy stick in an envelope walk around your neighborhood slide in your neighbor's mailbox and you're done ok got it alright that's it for this video I'll see you next time bye just kidding don't do that the fact that is illegal to put…

  • First RSS App

    First RSS App

    welcome in this tutorial we are going to show you how to build an app that use an RSS feed to display content so first let's create our app so go to the dashboard select the plus and you up give you the name with ourselves feed and then select a layout here we'll take the canvas that's pretty classic layout you can put anything you want anywhere on a canvas our app is ready let's edit the app and first we see the layout view with the canvas layout as the first layout you can also see that in the app tree this is our first view and the…

  • What is your battery strategy? (Featuring the Sony XPERIA 1)

    What is your battery strategy? (Featuring the Sony XPERIA 1)

    I'm not charging my phone at night anymore super-stoked I finally have the xperia one in house in the gadget lab so of course the first thing I want to talk about is no nuh battery health I know not quite as sexy lots of other things that I'm gonna be covering about this phone but inspired by some recent events I do want to talk about a feature that I think often goes overlooked on Xperia phones battery care is a really good idea that I hope Google rips off for future builds of Android but in the meantime they're one of the few manufacturers looking at charging behavior…