• The Bear Who Fought in WWII
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    The Bear Who Fought in WWII

    The Bear Who Fought in WWII After being invaded by Germany in the west and later by Soviet Russia in the east, the Polish government fled Warsaw but continued to fight from abroad. After Germany attacked Russia, the Russians decided to release their Polish prisoners of war, who then began re-forming into an army. In April 1942, several of these Polish units landed in Persia and began a trek through a mountainous area heading toward Egypt and Palestine to re-group under the direction of the British Army. While in the mountains, the story goes that a group of soldiers happened on an Iranian shepherd boy who had found an orphaned…

  • 5 Gadgets That Will Give You REAL Superpowers
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    5 Gadgets That Will Give You REAL Superpowers

    Ever since we were kids, we always dreamed of having super powers…But humans don’t have super powers. Why does superman get to have all the fun and fly? How does Jesus get to walk on water? Why do I always think of turtle doves when the Phantom sings Music of the Night in G Flat? But let me tell you that technology has now caught up to the future so that some super powers are now made possible with the help of some very obtainable gadgets. Do you want to shoot fire balls like Goku? Climb Walls like spidey? Stab people to death like wolverine?… Okay, maybe that’s not really…

  • Who Invented the Internet and What Did Al Gore Actually Have to Do With It?
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    Who Invented the Internet and What Did Al Gore Actually Have to Do With It?

    While the World Wide Web was initially invented by one person (see: What was the First Website?), the genesis of the internet itself was a group effort by numerous individuals, sometimes working in concert, and other times independently. Its birth takes us back to the extremely competitive technological contest between the US and the USSR during the Cold War. The Soviet Union sent the satellite Sputnik 1 into space on October 4, 1957. Partially in response, the American government created in 1958 the Advanced Research Project Agency, known today as DARPA—Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The agency’s specific mission was to …prevent technological surprises like the launch of Sputnik, which…

  • Hurt Me, Daddy!

    Hurt Me, Daddy!

    what's going on everybody this is fries so today we are doing this walnut heel deck the idea of this deck in the early game is to do nothing and just accept the pain the more they hurt you the better it will be there are so many different ways of winning with this deck one of the best ways is setting up a heart attack to a Venus flytrap planet and then doing a little heal you can even heal very inexpensively with just a little buddy this will heal you for two and then you know the harder joke says hey look we healed for two let's do…

  • OTK  Bomb

    OTK Bomb

    what's going on everybody this is fry so today we are doing something really new here this is the otk tennis bomb deck the idea and what this deck was sort of built around is the concept of playing either tennis champ which is a won cost of dose for damage that turn or bomb which is the three cost of six damage that turn and trying to use a combination of sugary treats which are gonna give them extra attack and this environment will give them extra attack and bonus attacks which will make them attack several times to really basically finish them off on one turn the OT…

  • When Bananas Kick @ss

    When Bananas Kick @ss

    fairly certain we're gonna win oh wow that was so beautiful what's going on everybody this is fry so today we are doing a control captain combustible deck have that in mind when you're playing this because that's the way you got to play this this is gonna be we're gonna be kicking some potassium if you know what I'm saying with the bananas synergy so it's trying to think you know this seems like a very powerful card how can you actually utilize this in a real competitive deck any time that this dies so one to two so again great control card and turn one you can stick…