• If Noobs and Pros Switched Places – Minecraft
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    If Noobs and Pros Switched Places – Minecraft

    Minecraft *incredibles 2 leaked soundtrack intensifies* GET OVER HEEERE *MORTAL COMBAT CONFIRMED* I HATE ANNOYING NOOBS LIKE YOU! *boi ur acting like one* STOP PLACIG DIRT IN MY HOUSE *u mad bro* *stalking* *pelo laugh* i’ve got another idea! this plan is perfect.. i love talking to myself! *GAAAAY* if noobs and pros swit if noobs and pros switched places made by opepros remember to leave a remember to leave a ‘like’ 😀 (i’ll like this if you approve of my captions yo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lol) *omg how long is this gonna take* *rip* *kazoo kid plays in background while noob is running away from pro* *stop* *pop!*…

  • Why Gold Tools Break Quickly – Minecraft
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    Why Gold Tools Break Quickly – Minecraft

    Sunny wow… Again gold? All i ever find is gold.. If I find gold one more time.. *Lots of gold* I might as well grab some while I’m here. 2 hours later… *placing gold ore on top of the lava* *lava stops running* I’m so angry… I’ve got so much gold ore WOOHOO!! sometimes when they talk i cant put any caption I’ve got so many diamonds!! I guess I’m a really skilled miner! Wanna give me those useless diamonds you have there? lol, what’s wrong with you? That’s such a bad deal… How about 10? *gives them* 😛 IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE?! It haooened a long time…

  • If School Was In Minecraft
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    If School Was In Minecraft

    This Video Is Made For Fun And Should Not Be Taken Seriously! (Music) What’s Wrong Sir? I Was Mining For Days! But I Couldn’t Find Enough Diamonds To Make A Diamond Pickaxe I… Just… Need… One… More… Haha. Really? That’s It? I Can Help With That! It’s Easy! Here, Problem Solved! (Awkward Silence) Really? Are You THAT Dumb? You Need A Education! You Stupid! What’s 2+2? Umm…. Uh….. Oh, I Know! Dirt! Really…. Dirt!? I Knew That You Need A Education! NO!!! ME NO WANT SCHOOL! IF SCHOOL WAS IN MINECRAFT BY OERPROS Remeber To Leave A Like! Comment, And Subscribe! BOOM BOOM! Hello Everyone! Welcome To School… IDIOTS! That’s…

  • If Mobs Had Creative Mode – Minecraft
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    If Mobs Had Creative Mode – Minecraft

    ching Yeah, it is. Why can’t we fly too. 🙁 What are you looking at? You… You can’t fly because you can’t get creative mode, hahaha!>:D I asked you to come here because… GO AWAY! Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah, I wanted to discuss something with you Isn’t it unfair players get to have creative mode while we don’t?! Yeah, it is! I agree. Then it’s time for us to get CREATIVE MODE! Sup Notch Creative mode please. We won’t do anything bad with it 🙂 Ok. If Mobs Got Creative Mode, By Orepros. Remember to leave a ‘like’ 😀 THE NEXT DAY … Remove creative mode from…

  • If Dirt was Rare – Minecraft
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    If Dirt was Rare – Minecraft

    Diamonds are awesome! 😀 Best thing in Minecraft 😀 There’s nothing better than diamonds What’s this noise.. (dramatic music starts) I hope it’s not what I think it is… I think I know where it’s coming from… DIRT IS AWESOME! BEST THING IN MINECRAFT! 😀 DIRT WOOHOO DIRT IS AMAZING!!!!!! wow… I hate those people… Why do they like dirt so much?? It doesn’t make sense… i no it does not but some day it will So they can’t constantly cherish it *Ding* If Dirt was Rare If Dirt was Rare – Made By Orepros If Dirt was Rare – Made By Orepros – Remember to leave a ‘like :D’…

  • If Herobrine Was Santa – Minecraft
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    If Herobrine Was Santa – Minecraft

    it great *Jolly music playing* (please subscribe) *Scary music playing* *Music quiets down* ♫ We Wish You a Merry Christmas instrumental ♫ *Tense music playing* Ominous Music Starts playing please subscribe *creepy music, kinda like edward scissor hands* Creepy Flute music Cricket Noises Creepy Piano Noises Pipes Creepy Music Piano and horn jolly music Soft Christmas Music Loud Snore Spy/Evil music Holly jolly christmas music Loud snore again Spy/Evil Music Holly Jolly Music Loud snore spy/evil music Christmas piano music Cricket noises Intense/rage music Christmas Bells Scary whistle Music Intense/Rage Music Crickets Rage Music Jolly Music Rage Music (Noob Intesifys) Scary Music Upbeat Techno Music Farm Chase Music Scary Drums…

  • Why Emerald Tools Don’t Exist – Minecraft
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    Why Emerald Tools Don’t Exist – Minecraft

    This video is made for fun and it should be taken seriously! I’ll mine ttty. i’ll mine all day Gonna find ALL the diamonds 33 Gonna find all the diamonds! Some hours later What is wrong with emeralds!? I found so many of them! Why can’t we make tools with emeralds!? Why is it like that ?? I know why… It happened a long time ago… Now listen…. Why Emerald Tools Don’t Exist By Orepros Remember to leave a ‘like’ 😀 A lot of mining later I’ve been mining ALL day long. Luckily I found SO many emeralds! 😀 Let’s check out what I can do with them… *Intense music*…