• Americans Spend $???? on Christmas
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    Americans Spend $???? on Christmas

    – I think it’s always fascinating to hear from people on the street. So let’s hear how people are planning to spend their money over the holidays. – Hey guys, Will Smith here. We are in downtown Nashville to find out what people are spending for the holidays. (upbeat music) How much will you be spending for Christmas this year? – I’m trying to keep it under $500. – Probably about $1,000 or so. – Probably around $300–400. – $1,400–1,500. – $2,500. – Around like $500–1,000. It’s really dependent on how well I’m sitting financially at the time. – Will any of your Christmas shopping be done with credit cards?…

  • 5 Easy Ways to Set Up Your Own Bullet Journal Budget Tracker
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    5 Easy Ways to Set Up Your Own Bullet Journal Budget Tracker

    – [Narrator] Five ways to fix your finances with a bullet journal. What’s a bullet journal? It’s a fancy name for the pen and paper method. But this journal is completely customizable. Allowing you to organize everything in one place. Plus in the digital age, a simple distraction-free tool may be the extra push you need to reach your financial goals. Here’s some tips to get started. Tip number one, create a monthly budget tracker to schedule bills on the left and report expenses on the right. Just like a checkbook, write down what you spend and deduct it from your budget. This will hold you accountable and there should…

  • Blogger of the Month – budgettraveller.org
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    Blogger of the Month – budgettraveller.org

    That’s a tough question, actually. Travel is therapy for me. It gives me escape from my everyday life. When I was about sixty thousand pounds in debt I started the blog as a as a joke. Who would have thought now years later I’m sitting here being interviewed by MyPostcard and traveling the world and doing it as a living. That’s a tough question to choose where I would live in the world I probably would love to live in a city I lived in, called Edinburgh. I lived there for nine years and it was beautiful. It’s a city of fantasy, the city of Harry Potter I mean when…

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger wields a knife while talking about budget cuts in twitter video
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger wields a knife while talking about budget cuts in twitter video

    Hey, guys, I just want to say thanks very much for the great ideas you’re giving me. I mean, we talked about making some cuts in the budget, getting rid of some of the state cars, and then all of the sudden you come up with the great ideas… Why not just sign the cars, since you’re a celebrity governor, sign the cars and sell it for more money. That’s exactly what we’re gonna do. So I love your ideas. Give me more of those ideas, we need it.

  • 10 Harsh Realities of RV LIFE
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    10 Harsh Realities of RV LIFE

    Hello everybody and welcome to another studio session with Ben and Rebecca, from his and hers vlogs! Today….. We’re going to share the dark side of RV living with you. It’s actually a follow-up to last week’s video which was all warm and fuzzy where we shared the good and amazing things about the RV life. So if you don’t know, Beck and I have spent the better part of the last two years on the road, exploring a good chunk of North America. And we’re taking these studio sessions as an opportunity to download all our experiences to you!…Number 1, You are never going to find the perfect RV!…

  • Twitter Town Hall
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    Twitter Town Hall

    Mr. Dorsey: Good afternoon and welcome to the White House. I am Jack Dorsey, from Twitter. Through more than 200 million tweets per day, people around the world use Twitter to instantly connect to what’s most meaningful to them. In every country — Egypt and Japan, the UK and the United States — much of this conversation is made up of everyday people engaging in spirited debate about the future of their countries. Our partners at Salesforce Radian6 studied more than a million tweets, discussing our nation’s politics over the recent weeks, and they found that America’s financial security to be one of the most actively talked about topics on…

  • Deck Improvement Flip on a Budget Day 7 Completion with Wagner Paint Sprayers
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    Deck Improvement Flip on a Budget Day 7 Completion with Wagner Paint Sprayers

    hi everyone and welcome to Hedgehog Hollow and welcome back to our last day behind the scenes and what I get up to when I’m not in the crass studio so we have shown you all week what I have been doing to create this gorgeous deck and today I get to reveal it to you so on day one I showed you my prep and how I really opened up the space by painting our siding white whereas before it was beige and then on day 2 I showed you that thrifted furniture and how it went from kind of really blah that really kind of old-fashioned wicker into…

  • VIRAL Fashion HACKS – Expectation vs Reality | #Trends #DIY #Teenagers #Fun #Anaysa
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    VIRAL Fashion HACKS – Expectation vs Reality | #Trends #DIY #Teenagers #Fun #Anaysa

    Bus not arrived yet Your top is looking good what’s so good I’ve tried it out after watching a viral hack in the morning just adjusting it since morning now I know the problems to this hack You’ve given me an idea now I’ll make in which we’ll test some viral fashion hacks whether they are really working or not and you get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES so lets start with this top you’ve changed your clothes yes I feel you’ll get the chance to wear so many So I can change at least one pair you are not looking that stylish model instead you reminds me my Grand…