• Remembering Someone by Their Facebook Posts | Hardly Working
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    Remembering Someone by Their Facebook Posts | Hardly Working

    (instrumental music) – Oh no, Raph died. – Oh, that’s too bad. Damn. – Yeah his mom wants us to help her find a quote for his tombstone, I guess he blocked her on Facebook. – Weird, well that should be pretty easy, just go on his Facebook, see the last thing he posted. – Oh yeah, good call. (typing) Just finished watching Girls, hashtag not all men. – No, that’s no good, scroll down, what else does he have? – He took a quiz that says he’s a Hufflepuff. – God dammit, Raph. – This post just says, butt. – What? – Like a human butt. – I know…

  • The Internet Goes Trick-or-Treating
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    The Internet Goes Trick-or-Treating

    (spooky music) (blood splattering) (woman screaming) (door bell rings) – [Snapchat Ghost] Trick or treat? – Oh happy Halloween Snapchat! Costume’s a little on the nose. – [Snapchat Ghost] I’m a ghost! – Yeah, you sure are. And I see Instagram’s here too. – [Instagram Ghost] I’m a ghost! – I can see that, yeah. – I like candy. – I like candy too! – Okay well, what kind of candy do you like? – Snickers! – Snickers, me too! – God, stop doing that. – No you. – You’re copying. – You’re copying me. – You’re. – You’re copying me. – You’re copying me. – You’re copying. – You’re…

  • How Facebook is Like Your Desperate Ex
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    How Facebook is Like Your Desperate Ex

    (hip hop instrumental music) (laughing loudly) – Kassia. Kassia, have you seen this dog with braces? Oh man, it’s all over my feed. – Oh no, I try not to look at Facebook. – What, why? Do you hate nerdy dogs? – No. Facebook and I used to date. – Oh, really? – Kassia. – Oh no. – Kassia, do you want to get some food? – Facebook, no. We broke up. This is desperate. – What do you mean? – Where do I start? Okay, here for instance. This year end review. – That’s nice. – It’s thoughtless. I don’t care about any of this shit. It’s just stuff…

  • The Guy Who Returned to Facebook
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    The Guy Who Returned to Facebook

    – Okay Grant, I give up. Tell me. – This side’s up. – Ah, yes! – Ah wow. I hardly recognize this place. – Blake. Guys, Blake’s back. – What? He’s here? I thought he deleted his Facebook. – [Blake] I did. I deleted my Facebook just for a little while. I got to say, it really put everything into perspective. – Put everything into perspective? – What was it like? (inhales blissfully) – When you delete your Facebook just for a little while, you gain peace? Like I don’t know, there’s a whole world out there. I read books and I saw movies. – [All] Whoa! – Yeah but…

  • Why Was I Tagged Last On Facebook
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    Why Was I Tagged Last On Facebook

    – I uploaded those pictures from when we all at tacos together, guys. – [Zac] What, oh, let me see. – [Katie] Let’s see them! – Awesome. Oh man, these are great. What an awesome day that was. – [Trapp] Yeah, really good photos too. I’m so glad we have these. – Oh, thanks guys. – Why did you tag me last? – What? – You tagged me last and I want to know why. It’s a fair question. – It doesn’t mean anything, I just tag people randomly on Facebook. – Oh, bullshit. – Katie, it’s really not a big deal. – Yeah, calm down. – Okay, yeah, fine.…

  • When Your Facebook Thread Gets Hijacked
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    When Your Facebook Thread Gets Hijacked

    (typing) – Hey, did anyone see London Has Fallen yet? I just saw it and I wanna chat about it. – You just saw it? (elevator dings) I don’t think anyone actually saw it. (gunfire) – Good morning. We are now hijacking this Facebook thread. We’re no longer talking about the film London Has Fallen. We are now using that as jumping-off point to discuss London in general. – I visited there in the fall. It’s beautiful. – I know, right? It’s familiar, yet foreign all at once. I’m looking for the person who started this conversation. Who is Zac Oyama? Hah. What do you think about London? – It’s…

  • Facebook’s Algorithm is Like the Mafia
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    Facebook’s Algorithm is Like the Mafia

    (ticking) (sigh) – I guess I’ll check Facebook? (door opening) – Well, well, well. – Knock, knock. – [Man In White Hat] Looks like somebody’s checking Facebook, huh? – Oh my God, it’s the Facebook algorithm. – Who? – They control everything, the feed, what you see, what you don’t see. – What’s it to ya? – Nothing. I deleted my account, I swear. – Arf! (whimpering) – Goodbye, Siobhan. – Hmm, this a nice place you got here. Oh, yeah, real nice place. – Thanks? – Hey, do me a quick favor. Take a look at this article. – Strawberries are bad for you, but not for the reasons…

  • The Gruesome Truth About Parasites [Full Episode]
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    The Gruesome Truth About Parasites [Full Episode]

    – [Narrator] Hey, kids. Remember, everything you’re about to learn is real. ♪ Look at all the wonders ♪ ♪ That a single class can find ♪ ♪ If they decide to shut their mouth ♪ ♪ And open up their eyes ♪ ♪ Sex and shit and crime and pain ♪ ♪ All this crap will be explained ♪ ♪ While we’re at it ♪ ♪ Let’s try to have some fun ♪ ♪ Talking’ ’bout ♪ ♪ What The Fuck 101 ♪ ♪ Come and see the worst of history ♪ ♪ What The Fuck 101 ♪ ♪ Come and see that life and victory ♪ ♪ So…

  • Honest Family Holiday When You’re An Adult
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    Honest Family Holiday When You’re An Adult

    – Happy Holidays, girls. It’s so nice that you could finally take three days out of your busy lives to come and visit the two people who cared for your every need for 18 years. – Aw, we’re so happy to have you guys cooking and cleaning for us again. – Look, more presents! (laughter) I’m gonna need everybody to show me constantly how much fun you’re having, or I’ll be completely devastated. – This gift is from both of us, even though I picked it out and paid for it. – Wow. I’m genuinely very excited to get this tie, even though I’m retired and will never be able…

  • Every Day is a Holiday on Twitter
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    Every Day is a Holiday on Twitter

    (upbeat music) (elevator rings) (whistles) (groans) – Oh come on, not again! – Happy National Cookie Day! (cheering) – No, shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up, everyone! – What, it’s National Cookie Day. It’s only the sweetest, crumbliest, ooey-ist, gooey-ist day of the year. – I call it National Biscuit Day. – It’s all over Twitter. – No, this is another one of those meaningless Twitter holidays. It’s a fake holiday. – No… This is a real holiday. – It’s not! This is just like yesterday. (whistles) Whoa! – Happy Carmen Miranda Day! – Come put some fruit on the Miranda head and sing some banana carols with…