• Subway Coronavirus Precautions, Dinosaur DNA, and Twitter’s Fleets Feature | The Daily Show
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    Subway Coronavirus Precautions, Dinosaur DNA, and Twitter’s Fleets Feature | The Daily Show

    The coronavirus. The disease is now officially in 85 countries, and it has over 95,000 confirmed cases. And it’s the reason even white people have switched to the fist bump. “And explode.” Now, here in New York, because the city is so crowded, the risk of coronavirus is especially dangerous. Because, you see, if corona can make it here, it can make it anywhere. (laughter) And that’s why city officials are taking action. NEWSWOMAN: The MTA stepping up its cleaning efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on public transit. Workers are disinfecting 427 subway stations, wiping down the turnstiles, handrails and ticket vending machines daily. In addition to…

  • How I Use Facebook Groups to Grow my Business – My Story
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    How I Use Facebook Groups to Grow my Business – My Story

    I’m often asked how I use private Facebook groups to build my business. I’m going to share that with you today. Hi there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Now, today’s show is brought to us by Savvy Cleaner Training, which is a brand spanking new training program never before released this way. And we’re about to blow the doors off with something spectacular. So this is part three of a series of five where I’m going to be introducing you to the new…

  • full journal flip through 2019
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    full journal flip through 2019

    hey guys it’s Kaitlyn and today I’m going to be doing a full art journal flip through this is the second art journal that I filled it’s a mini moleskin art edition and it’s says sketch book on it when you buy it this journal has never done me dirty so I highly recommend I am sitting in front of a window so you guys can hear the birds chirping and the leaves blowing in the wind so if you hear cars excuse that I’m going to try to talk loud enough so the cars aren’t a big disturbance but we’re just going to use the natural sounds of the…

  • HOME OFFICE TRADING SETUP || Day Trading setup
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    HOME OFFICE TRADING SETUP || Day Trading setup

    hi guys welcome back to my channel thank you very much for stopping by today I am going to show you my training set up I am NOT an expert in this area at all I am still ISO question myself Elena I’ve been Dublin aim here and there for about three years now but if it’s not my full occupation because I still feel like I need to learn a lot when it comes to this and for trading you will need good setup to be able to execute a very successful trade and not having the right computer or Internet can cost you a lot when it comes…

  • VIRAL Fashion HACKS – Expectation vs Reality | #Trends #DIY #Teenagers #Fun #Anaysa
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    VIRAL Fashion HACKS – Expectation vs Reality | #Trends #DIY #Teenagers #Fun #Anaysa

    Bus not arrived yet Your top is looking good what’s so good I’ve tried it out after watching a viral hack in the morning just adjusting it since morning now I know the problems to this hack You’ve given me an idea now I’ll make in which we’ll test some viral fashion hacks whether they are really working or not and you get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES so lets start with this top you’ve changed your clothes yes I feel you’ll get the chance to wear so many So I can change at least one pair you are not looking that stylish model instead you reminds me my Grand…

  • The 30 Days of Minimalism Challenge

    The 30 Days of Minimalism Challenge

    so I need to Maggie hi guys how's it going I hope you're all doing really really well I am bringing you here today if the people outside will be quiet today I'm doing a video there's kind of like a follow-up from my last video by the way I'm sorry there's been a bit of a gap since my last video I've been trying to do videos every two weeks but two weeks ago so when my last video would have come up I decided against it I had edited it but didn't really go the way that I wanted it to so I sort of kept the footage…

  • Divorce | Why.

    Divorce | Why.

    hey guys um this video is very impromptu I was not planning on making a video Thomas or really anytime soon but it's been something that I've been thinking about for quite some time um Lily was cupcake cover tops just sent me a link to a video that she made for me and I'm absolutely beside myself to move it you know other people are touched by my story in a way I mean ah I'm beside myself and it's given me the push and kind of the inspiration to share my story and to tell you guys exactly what happened and the reason I want to do this…