• The CRAP Test for Evaluating Websites
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    The CRAP Test for Evaluating Websites

    The CRAP Test for evaluating websites. What is CRAP? CRAP is an easy to remember acronym for the steps you need to follow when deciding whether or not the information on a website is credible or valid. CRAP stands for Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Purpose So what does that mean? Let’s start with… Currency How recent is the information? Look for a date on the article. You can usually find it near the title or author name. Sometimes the date is at the bottom of the article. If you can’t find a date there try looking at the URL. Often on news sites or blogs the URL will be formatted…

  • How do I deal with stress and school? Facebook Friday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton
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    How do I deal with stress and school? Facebook Friday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

    Hey everybody! It’s finally Friday, and I’m about to hit the road a runnin’, let the good times roll Cause this week has been crazy busy. Like I said the other day I did a wonderful collaboration with a wonderful girl, and I’m really excited for you to see our video which will be coming out soon. So wait for that. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe! Because you don’t want to miss those things. And I get excited meeting with other YouTubers. It can be really cool. And it makes me feel like I’m not such a weirdo, that I like talk to my phone like this And…

  • Facebook Cloning Scam
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    Facebook Cloning Scam

    – Your watching W-UIT Were here to keep you plugged in. And now reporting the latest in security news; Rita Smoreteps. – [Rita] Top of the morning to ya laddys. I apologize. I don’t know what just came over me. Several reports indicate social media users have fallen victim to what is known as the Facebook cloning scam. Thanks to an impish elfin who goes by the name Malacky O’Fortune. – O’Fortune created identical profiles, impersonating users friends or family members in a lousy attempt to request money through phishing messages. Or posting to their Facebook wall. It was clear he struck gold when users realized their emails had been…

  • 20 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About – College Info Geek
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    20 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About – College Info Geek

    Hey guys, today I thought I would make a list of 20 different useful websites that I think every student should know about. This list will include websites on how to find deals on textbooks, solve math problems, and lots of other things. It’s by no means an exhaustive list. We’ll definitely cover other websites on this channel in the future, but it’s a good start. So, let’s dive right in. Stack Exchange is a gigantic collection of question and answer communities. If you need help on any particular subject, there’s probably a community for you there. If you need a resource for your math homework, WolframAlpha is, oh, what…

  • Credible Websites?
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    Credible Websites?

    If a stranger on the street came up to you and started speaking, you’d probably want to know more about him and what he was saying before you took him seriously. The same goes for websites. Our way of viewing the world is based on the information we encounter. We use that information to make lots of different kinds of decisions throughout our lifetimes. There’s a lot of information online, and since anyone can post it, it’s crucial to evaluate websites before you trust the information you find. Evaluating information is essential for your assignments. It will make your research better, strengthen your arguments, and get you better grades. The…

  • How to Create a Bullet Journal Plus My Top 10 Tips
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    How to Create a Bullet Journal Plus My Top 10 Tips

    Hello Brains! This is my tutorial of the basic Bullet Journal system as designed by creator Ryder Carroll. You can watch his version HERE, and I talk about why it’s awesome for ADHDers HERE. But I’m doing my own! Because pens are AWESOME. And I also wanted to share some tips for ADHDers who are just getting started. To begin, all you need is at least one pen, and a notebook. Yup, any notebook. Seriously. Most Bullet Journal or “bujo” enthusiasts prefer graph paper inside because you can get more artsy with it. But any paper will work! Now set up your key, which is just a set of symbols…

  • 2017 Bullet Journal Flip-Through
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    2017 Bullet Journal Flip-Through

    Hey guys Today I’m going to be flipping through my bullet journal which I used from June 2017 until the end of the year so On this first page. I have my name and contact information in case I lose it and as you can see from the title I originally wanted to use this for the whole 2017 to 2018 school year but I ended up filling out the pages a lot faster than I thought I would and I used up the whole notebook in six months On this next page I have a description of my vision for the school year and Then goals to help create…

  • Why the Bullet Journal is the Best Planner for ADHD Brains
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    Why the Bullet Journal is the Best Planner for ADHD Brains

    Hello Brains! It’s that time of year… back to school! Or as I like to call it, ADHD New Years. This year, it’s all going to be different. The past is behind us, we get a fresh start. I’m going to be SO organized this year! [Explosion] [Intro Music] I’m not in school anymore, but I still get this feeling any time I get a new planner or productivity app. Maybe… maybe this is the one! It has a calendar, a place for my to-dos. I mean yeah, I stopped using the last one after two weeks, but the last one didn’t have THIS! It even works, for a while.…