• How podcasts became so popular
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    How podcasts became so popular

    – [Shaq] This is Shaq podcast. – [Ashley] In our new podcast. – [Anna] And we have a new podcast. – [Kara] Our very first podcast. – Influencers, celebrities, journalists, random friends of yours, everyone has a podcast. Spotify plans to spend $500 million on podcast related acquisitions this year alone. But why is this happening now? Podcasts have been around for over a decade. To understand what changed to make podcasts the phenomenon they are now, we have to, hold on. This is better. Okay, we have to look at the big picture. So yeah, podcasts came about because of Apple, iTunes and iPods. – Now we recently announced…

  • AIB Podcast : feat. Shah Rukh Khan (Part 02)
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    AIB Podcast : feat. Shah Rukh Khan (Part 02)

    Okay Shah Rukh Three things that people believe to be true about movie stars but they are not true at all A Koffee with Karan question Yes, quite Koffee with Karan When I wake up I wake up as ugly as all of you guys I mean, really What they show about the mornings Sunlight I hate it That’s the one impression they give after love making After love making what they show in movies is a is a disgusting lie It should be banned I just want to point out that we have made love Like yeah… You don’t have to say it like you’re telling us a theoretical…

  • Literally Just 10 Mins. Of The Try Guys Making Up Songs
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    Literally Just 10 Mins. Of The Try Guys Making Up Songs

    (electronic music) ♪ Roll out the dough and ♪ ♪ Put in some pork and ♪ ♪ Twist it all up and ♪ ♪ Steam it ’til it’s hot and ♪ ♪ Put it in your mouth and ♪ ♪ Comes in your mouth and ♪ ♪ Swallow it in your mouth ♪ ♪ And it feels so good ♪ ♪ And it feels so good ♪ ♪ If you don’t like it ♪ ♪ Just don’t do it again ♪ ♪ She is the one called Amber Moon ♪ ♪ Fighting eggs by moonlight ♪ ♪ I don’t know what to do with my hands ♪ ♪ Sometimes, sometimes…

  • Say Anything : animated music video : MrWeebl
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    Say Anything : animated music video : MrWeebl

    I I broke into your room I hope you don’t mind You probably do And to be fair It’s actually illegal To break into someones house Looking for your sock draw, hunting through your panties I’ve been looking at your panties [2x] Ooh And that’s not all that I’ve done In one of your many shoes I’ve left a little gift for you A number two It’s seems a good idea at this time

  • Does Liking Murder Podcasts Make You FREAKY?
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    Does Liking Murder Podcasts Make You FREAKY?

    (upbeat music) – (singing) Deletin’ all the emails I don’t wanna read. – (gasping) No! (gasping) – Raph. – (Raph gasping) No. – Can you just? – Raph! – Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just being a total freak over here. – Yeah you’re just being kinda loud. – Listen to a freaky little murder podcast. – Yeah I love those. Do you mind just keeping it down? – (laughing) You don’t get it! This is not one your regular podcasts, you know, where they cover stuff like the news, or improve comedy. No. This is dark and twisted because it’s about real people, Lily, getting killed. (screaming) – Yeah, those…

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    So dick what’s that logo like alight guys today is a good day follow me Spencer After months of preparation and due diligence guys. I give you the brand new impulsive So guys you know I’ve been talking about this I’ve been hinting at it today is the very first episode The link for the podcast, which is also like as you can see a show the set cost $90,000 5 submerge so we can pay that although So yeah make sure to subscribe to that it’s gonna be Monday Wednesday and Friday you guys will see like what it’s about today but basically it’s gonna be like educational entertainment…