• Perspectives on Social Media
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    Perspectives on Social Media

    It’s so much easier to talk to people on Facebook. I mean, you don’t have to see them face to face. You have the guts to do stuff on the computer that you don’t have the guts to do in person sometimes. With my cell phone I text a lot, probably over 400 a day. My parents won’t hear what I’m talking about so much, and they just know I’m online, they don’t know what I’m doing, which is bad to say, but yeah that’s pretty much why, just to have that privacy factor. I was in a picture with one of my friends. One of the pictures were posted…

  • Blackboard for Instructors – Blogs: Participating and Grading
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    Blackboard for Instructors – Blogs: Participating and Grading

    You can use blog writing assignments as another medium for reflective learning. With this type of assignment, students are expected to display their research, analytical, and communication skills through a series of commentaries meant for public consumption and comment. Only enrolled users can view blogs in your course. Similar to journals, you can use blogs for a graded assignment or gather opinions and information without assigning a grade. However, remember that journals are intended to be a private form of communication. There are two main ways you can choose to allow students to participate in blogs: You can create a course blog and determine the topic you want addressed. All…

  • How eTwinning can support your schools international journey – eTwinning to Erasmus+
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    How eTwinning can support your schools international journey – eTwinning to Erasmus+

    eTwinning is a free and secure online community, where teachers can find partners from more than 40 countries to work on projects, exchange best practice and enable pupil collaboration. eTwinning is part of the Erasmus+ programme for schools. Both programmes support staff professional development and help to improve pupils� self-confidence, cultural awareness and motivation for learning. It’s easy to get started with eTwinning, once you have registered; you will get access to eTwinning Live, where you can search for and join existing projects, or share your own ideas for projects that others can join. Once you have joined or started a project, you will access a secure online space, called…

  • Check Email and Social Media Obsessively? It’s Basic Biology | Tim Wu
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    Check Email and Social Media Obsessively? It’s Basic Biology | Tim Wu

    You know one of the most important chapters in establishing our present existence so to speak, our present media existence was the realization of the power of the check-in. That is that urge, maybe you’ve felt it, I’ve got to check my email or maybe I should see what’s going on in my Twitter stream or it’s time to go to Facebook. That’s kind of an unusual thing. I don’t know how you’d explain it to another generation but it’s kind of almost like a biological feeling that you need to check-in. I would say it was invented sometime in the 1970’s with email, the first emails. In fact, the…

  • Perspectives on Chatting Safely Online
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    Perspectives on Chatting Safely Online

    Randy: I communicate online pretty much through Facebook. Renee: My main way of communicating with my friends is over texting, and a little bit of email and a little bit of Skype. Aseal: I like to use games to connect to people online. Randy: So when I accept a friend on Facebook, I primarily look at mutual friends, or maybe I’ll be in Spanish class one day and some kid I’ve never even met before will look at my Facebook and then we might become friends. Aseal: Well friend list works on Xbox Live sort of like Facebook, where you can send an receive friend requests from people you may…

  • Introduction to Twitter
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    Introduction to Twitter

    Twitter is an open social network that people use to converse with each other in short messages known as tweets. Whether it’s sharing breaking news, posting updates about their company or following their favorite celebrities, people are using Twitter to connect with others and to discover new things every day. Launched in 2006, Twitter is most popular with millennials and young professionals. However, it has experienced significant growth of users in all age groups since its launch. Twitter encourages users to follow and interact with different individuals, brands and media outlets, creating a real-time stream of messages tailored to their interests. People post updates, photos, videos and links to Twitter…

  • The Manipulation of Twitter – Smarter Every Day 214
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    The Manipulation of Twitter – Smarter Every Day 214

    – You’ve probably heard a lot of talk lately about bots on Twitter or even foreign involvement in our political process. For example, the president of the United States publicly thanked a Twitter account which we now know was run by malicious actors located somewhere in Russia. Now, depending on what your political views are you might be inclined to roll your eyes and make some kind of joke about the president being tricked, but this is far more than that. This reply is totally something I would do. If an account with over 100,000 followers Tweeted something nice to me I think an appropriate response would be thank you…

  • Social Media’s Dark Side: How Facebook and Snapchat Try to Steal Our Self-Worth | Tristan Harris
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    Social Media’s Dark Side: How Facebook and Snapchat Try to Steal Our Self-Worth | Tristan Harris

    Well, there’s a really common misconception that technology is neutral and it’s up to us to just choose how to use it. And so we’re sitting there and we’re scrolling and we find ourselves in this kind of wormhole and then we say, “Oh man, like, I should really have more self-control.” And that’s partially true, but what we forget when we talk about it that way is that there’s a thousand engineers on the other side of the screen whose job it was to get my finger to do that the next time. And there’s this whole playbook of techniques that they use to get us to keep using…

  • Video Blog: Life On Residence At Ryerson
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    Video Blog: Life On Residence At Ryerson

    [ Music ]>>Hey what’s going on Ryerson? My name’s Tianna and I’m your student life video blogger. We’re going to be covering a lot of topics this year. We’re going to a lot of events, but today’s topic is residence at Ryerson. Now I’m a commuter, so I don’t know these things. So I want to talk to you guys about what it’s like to live downtown, live on residence and experience it. What residence do you live in or used to live in?>>I live in a Pitman.>>I used to live in Pitman Hall.>>Two years ago I lived in ILLC.>>Pitman Hall.>>I’m in ILLC.>>Pitman Hall.>>I live in Pitman Hall right here.>>Pitman…

  • How to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy
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    How to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy

    A social media strategy contains many key components which together ensure all facets of your company’s social media presence have been considered, thereby setting your organization up for digital success. The first foundational components of a social media strategy are a social media audit, social media goals and objectives, and the budget tactics and tools required to achieve them. In this foundational stage you’ll consider not only successes and opportunities on social media, but also create the strategic plan for supporting organizational goals, whether that involves social ads, a business blog or the creation of an influencer strategy. You’ll also need to incorporate a content strategy for the types and…