• Keith Eats Everything At Pizza Hut
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    Keith Eats Everything At Pizza Hut

    In 1958 in Wichita, KS two Wichita State University students, who happened to be brothers, (Keith laughs) you don’t happen to be brothers, you are brothers. Two Wichita State University brother students opened the very first Pizza Hut. It would go on to become the largest pizza chain worldwide with over 18 thousand – [Male faintly] I brought my drum with me. Let’s start over. I’m shooting a serious piece of content in here. Today I will eat everything off the menu of Pizza Hut because no one out pizza’s the hut. That’s their catch phrase. They got wings. They got calzones. They got cheese breadsticks. Gonna be a big…

  • Who Throws The Best Free Birthday Party? • Candid Competition
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    Who Throws The Best Free Birthday Party? • Candid Competition

    (intense music) Come on, come on, come on, it’s gotta be something, it’s gotta be here. Keith has the same mouth as Ronald McDonald, think about it. Eugene, Ned, no one can be trusted. Lauren is maybe the Burger King. Rachel works for me, so The Network can’t be above Rachel. Walmart has motive. Jake Paul and Miles, I trust him, but do I trust him? Who is The Network? – [Miles] Hey Zach! Huh? Are you ready for today’s video? Yeah, I am! (upbeat music) ♪ Candid competition ♪ We’ve decided to challenge five restaurant chains to find out who throws the best custom birthday. The catch? They don’t…

  • Whose Fried Chicken Sandwich Is The Best?
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    Whose Fried Chicken Sandwich Is The Best?

    (dramatic music) – [Keith] Ready. – [Both] Chicken Wars. – 2K19, we’re doing it, guys. Everything you’ve ever wanted is finally back in action. The Chicken Boys are back, why? Because the internet needs us. It’s like a bat signal was shot into the sky. Now, if somehow, you don’t know about this, the world has been abuzz because Popeye’s has a new fried chicken sandwich, and people claim it is better than the Chick-fil-A fried chicken sandwich, which has such high regard. Popeye’s social media was quick to jump on this, and say, “Hey, look at this. “Ours is better than Chick-fil-A.” Chick-fil-A was like, “Shut the fuck up.…

  • The Try Guys Try Drawing Male Models
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    The Try Guys Try Drawing Male Models

    – [Keith’s Voiceover] Today, we get to draw the most beautiful figures in all of the world. – The male staff at 2nd Try, LLC. They might be without clothes, right? – Wait, are we allowed to do that? (giggles) – I mean, it’s our company. – How naked would they be? – No. – Nude models. – What? – Nude men. – What? (scared music) (upbeat music) – Today, we are here at Makers Mess, a creative workshop space where we are going to learn how to draw and then we’re going to sketch three of our male staff. – [Ned] And their male staffs! (boing) – [Keith] Maybe.…

  • Keith Crowns Instagram’s Next Dog Superstar
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    Keith Crowns Instagram’s Next Dog Superstar

    – Welcome back to the season finale of The Barkchshler, the internet’s favorite dog review show. I’m your host, contestant, judge and Barkchshler himself, Keith Habersberger. What a time we’re having. Guys, we’re here. There are four dogs. (imitating gun noises) (laughs) These four dogs, for the last five days, have been posting at least one post a day and at least one story a day and I’ve been watching and judging. Who’s gonna win? Is it gonna be Charles Avocado Van Gogh the three-legged Corgi? Is it gonna be Kenny, the beautiful pit bul, maybe bulldog mix? We’re not really sure because she’s a rescue. Is it Missoni, the…

  • Reacting To Your Fan Art!
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    Reacting To Your Fan Art!

    ♪ La, la, la ♪ ♪ La ♪ (dramatic music) – Today, we are reviewing fan art. – Really not reviewing, we’re appreciating, and sharing it with all of you. And Eugene will be telling us how much he thinks it’s worth. – I’m an art connoisseur of sorts. – At the end of this video, we will be selecting one lucky winner who will be displayed (thunder crashing) on the walls of the Try Guys office. – Ooh, we could replace our JoJo Siwa art. – That’s right. – Oh, kicking out JoJo, and you’re getting a spot, and Ned is gonna send you $10,000 in the mail. –…

  • The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare
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    The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare

    Ned: That’s it, that’s the one. Zach: That’s the one. Ned: That looks wiggly. Zach: Nice! Ned: Woah! Ned: Hello and welcome to another episode of All: TRY GUYS GAME TIME! Ned: Today, we are playing Jenga Truth or Dare Ned: The way it works is each of these blocks is going to have either a truth, or a dare. Ned: So we are gonna answer your questions, and at the end, one person is going to be a shitty, shitty loser. All: [screaming] Eugene: We are back from our nationwide tour, Eugene: Which means we finally get to share our exclusive tour merch with all of y’all. Ned: Ooooh,…

  • The Try Guys Lip Sync Battle Drag Queens
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    The Try Guys Lip Sync Battle Drag Queens

    Hello VidCon When I was asked to come referee this particular act, I couldn’t say no because it involves some of my favorites and fiercest people in the world and I’m always down to watch a good natured fight But read my lips, it’s going to be one hell of a battle Are you ready to meet your surprise performers? in this corner for sickening iconic and legendary Queens who have slayed our televisions and stages around the world from RuPaul’s Drag Race Give it up for drag royalty Derrick Barry, Morgan McMichaels… …Delta Work, and Kimora Black And in this corner four weird… …adventurous and hilarious guys who try…

  • The Manipulation of Twitter – Smarter Every Day 214
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    The Manipulation of Twitter – Smarter Every Day 214

    – You’ve probably heard a lot of talk lately about bots on Twitter or even foreign involvement in our political process. For example, the president of the United States publicly thanked a Twitter account which we now know was run by malicious actors located somewhere in Russia. Now, depending on what your political views are you might be inclined to roll your eyes and make some kind of joke about the president being tricked, but this is far more than that. This reply is totally something I would do. If an account with over 100,000 followers Tweeted something nice to me I think an appropriate response would be thank you…

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    I have all the popular social media apps Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat But no true identity, only a profile I desperately need to keep people informed about my personal life so I update my status and post photos of myself as often as possible. If my morning selfie is looking a little basic I’ll add a filter before uploading it. I’ve made over ten thousand posts now. In addition to my social media presence I’m registered on over 12 dating apps, each with a slight personality tweak to attract a variety of different females. I keep a few artistic dick pics on standby so when the time is right I…