• Facebook Ecommerce Ads That WORK – Why The Right Facebook Ad Sizes Matters
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    Facebook Ecommerce Ads That WORK – Why The Right Facebook Ad Sizes Matters

    so what kind of Facebook ads are better long copy ads or short copy ad well honestly to tell you the truth it really just depends but in this video I’m gonna be explaining to you exactly why short copy that are beneficial well you could use them for and how to actually create them I’m gonna throw a couple examples that usually you can go Craig these ads on your own and have Facebook marketing success so stay tuned because that’s coming up right now what’s going on beautiful people my name is Gabe Ekemezie with www.gabeekemezie.com and welcome back to my channel on my channel I teach internet…

  • Start Selling on Facebook
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    Start Selling on Facebook

    If you haven’t activated Ecwid’s Facebook Shop feature, you may be leaving money on the table. Ecwid merchants see a 15% average increase in their revenue when they activate this awesome feature. It only takes a couple minutes to open your omnichannel Facebook Store and start selling on tablets and mobile phones through your Facebook Business page. Each and every sale will be synced to your Ecwid Control Panel. Reach more customers and allow them to shop through your Facebook Business page simply by activating your Ecwid Facebook Store today. Here is how to start selling on Facebook. Open your Ecwid Control Panel Under Sales Channels, click on Sell on…