• Should I Publish in an Open Access Journal?
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    Should I Publish in an Open Access Journal?

    Hi there, I am John Bond from Riverwinds Consulting and this is Publishing Defined. Today I am going to be discussing if you should publish in an Open Access journal? For many authors or researchers, the first step in the publication process is deciding whether to publish in an Open Access journal or in a traditional subscription or closed publication. The idea is that Open Access will deliver more downloads, more readers, and therefore a wider exposure to their work. On the flip side, many Open Access journal charge a fee. Many are newer publications and may not have the cache of the some older, more established subscription or society…

  • What’s wrong with Facebook and how to fix it
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    What’s wrong with Facebook and how to fix it

    – Facebook is everywhere, whether we like it or not. It’s how we invite our friends to parties, how we talk to relatives, what we do on our phones, while we’re waiting for the microwave to finish. But even though we use it all the time, it’s kinda terrible. It makes you feel bad. And you feel even worse when you realize how much data you’re giving off for targeted ads, and political campaigns. – We didn’t take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake. And it was my mistake, and I’m sorry. – Facebook’s done so much creepy stuff, that it’s hard to…

  • Are Facebook employees depressed? (H1B slavery visa & abuse)
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    Are Facebook employees depressed? (H1B slavery visa & abuse)

    Welcome back I wanted to cover the topic of whether employees at Facebook are depressed. and as an ex google ex facebook tech lead, I feel that I may be qualified to talk about this From the outside, you may be seeing people with free food, free coffee, ice cream, good pay. And you think they must be living their dream life, what do they have to complain about? whereas in reality, a lot of them are slaves and for some people, this may be a little hard to believe but it’s no secret in the tech industry we have reinstitutionalized slavery and this is largely through the h1b visa…

  • How do you rate links from sites like Twitter and Facebook?
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    How do you rate links from sites like Twitter and Facebook?

    >>Okay, we’re back to answer some questions on video and you might notice something a little different about me. We record a whole bunch of videos all at once and then we spool them out over the course of a few months. And so, this is the first set of videos we are recording with basically no hair on my head. And so, now, people don’t have to wonder about, did I grow my hair really fast? Did it shave off? What happened? Let’s go ahead and dive in. Mani, from Delhi, asks a question and says, “Links from relevant and important sites have always been a great way to…

  • Jaron Lanier: Why Facebook Isn’t Free
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    Jaron Lanier: Why Facebook Isn’t Free

    Right now the advent of better and better information tools is having a contracting effect, where more and more the economy is being made efficient in this way that concentrates the wealth of those who make it efficient. I mean, just think about the day that all those cabbies out there lose their job because the cars are driving themselves. What are they going to do? I don’t think they’ll be happy, but whoever does that will become very, very rich. So whoever owns the top server in a big efficiency-making exercise becomes very, very rich. So there is this huge concentration even as the overall economy is shrunk as…

  • Can You Trust Apple? Facebook? Google?
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    Can You Trust Apple? Facebook? Google?

    This video is sponsored by Brilliant. The first 200 to use the link in the description get 20% off the annual subscription. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and dear friend to 100 million real, human, people, has an announcement. First, just a reminder, this is a good company – we do good things here – like providing a public space to share news and information. But, did you know, sometimes people also like talking in private? Weird, but we’re here to serve you. If the world wants more private messaging, Facebook will provide it! Doing this is not easy, by the way. We’re making huge sacrifices over here! And, sure,…

  • How to see who viewed your facebook profile the most?
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    How to see who viewed your facebook profile the most?

    Welcome everybody, my name is Dzsorni Weak and today I am going to show you how to check who is watching your Facebook profile the most. At first, sorry for my English, I know I am not an expert, but I will try to do my best. So what you would like to do is, open an internet browser. Unfortunately, you cannot do this hack with Opera, because of some technical issues. That is why I recommend you to use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. When you open it, you should go to your Facebook profile and when you are there you should looking for this grey section at the…