• Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues?
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    Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues?

    Today’s question comes from Biznick in Missouri. Biznick asks, Does indexing a mobile website create duplicate content issues with the main site? Any recommendations for mobile SEO? Great question. So first off, let me just say that we’ll put a link in the description of this video that points to a blog post. It was done by a bunch of people who have experience with this particular topic from the Japan team, in fact, who talked about SEO, mobile, all that stuff, how they interact. But let me go ahead and share the best practices with you. Googlebot has a specific user agent, I think it’s Googlebot mobile, for mobile…

  • Scott Galloway Says Amazon, Apple, Facebook, And Google should be broken up
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    Scott Galloway Says Amazon, Apple, Facebook, And Google should be broken up

    – Without further ado, Professor Galloway. (upbeat music) – My name’s Scott Galloway, I teach at NYU, and I appreciate your time. I have 118 slides and 1800 seconds, 17 seconds per slide. So let’s light this candle. I have two presentations, one is five minutes, it’s a summary of the presentation I was gonna give, and then a 25 minute presentation on content, that I have never presented before. The reason I highlight that, it starts with my friend Henry Blodget has plausible deniability for what I’m about to say. This is the first and the last slide, everyone of my 6200 students has seen in the grand strategy…

  • This could change Facebook forever
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    This could change Facebook forever

    – Last year, we found out that for the past three years, Facebook had been deleting the messages of Mark Zuckerberg and some other executives and in the controversy that followed, the company promised that it would then allow all of us to do exactly the same thing. Imagine my surprise this week, when Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was going to lean hard into privacy. It’s a lot of talk. It was 3,200 words in a blog post that Zuckerberg wrote. To understand what it all means, we’re going to have to look at the big picture. So what did Mark Zuckerberg actually say in his blog post? He…

  • How to shut down a website
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    How to shut down a website

    – After the horrific shooting in El Paso, a small barely moderated forum became the center of attention. – 8chan. – After 8chan. – I mean it was on 8chan. – A site 8chan. – The killer posted a rambling essay on 8chan, laying out his hate fueled motives. And it wasn’t the first time this had happened either. Since it’s launch in 2013, 8chan has become known as a place where hate can thrive. Even it’s founder has said we’d be better off if the site just disappeared. And any company that works with 8chan is under pressure to kick it offline. But how do you take a site…

  • The Hunt for the Quietest Laptop Keyboard | WSJ
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    The Hunt for the Quietest Laptop Keyboard | WSJ

    (tense music) (dramatic music) – My name is Matt Powell. I’m 29 and I’m a loud typer. I’ll be working and then, out of the blue, some random coworker will ping me this GIF of a cat just pounding away at a keyboard or another cat just playing the piano and I’m like, I get it. – There are times where I don’t know if it’s hailing outside or it’s Matt typing. – Yes, it’s a sad tale, but lucky for Matt, tech companies are silencing the keys. (upbeat music) Apple’s new 16 inch MacBook Pro has a quiet scissor-mechanism keyboard which aims to right all the wrongs of its…

  • Social Media: Motive & Balance
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    Social Media: Motive & Balance

    Rob McClendon: Well, since the beginning of civilization, the best technology tends to win out. Sometimes it can take a while, but eventually even late adopters come around to doing things differently. And one place where that has become increasingly evident is with social media and the classroom. Joining me now with more is our new social media coordinator and our same old Courtney Maye. Courtney Maye: Thank you, Rob. Well, when it comes to social media forums, every generation has a different opinion. Yet more than 50 percent of all Americans are on a social networking site. Sounds like a lot, but when you compare that statistic to the…

  • Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t Visit – Part 2
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    Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t Visit – Part 2

    Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your most amazing host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are back with the Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t visit! You guys loved part one so much, I am coming at you with a part 2. Before we get started, I just wanted to let you guys know that we have brand new merch for sale at Most Amazing Shop.com! We have brand new colours available, and my new favourite is red! If you buy anything from the Most Amazing team and send us a picture, we will post it on our Most Amazing Instagram. 10…

  • How to host your own website from home-No money
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    How to host your own website from home-No money

    On this tutorial you will learn How to host your own website from home How to check if your ISP block ports How to determine what software is using port 80 (or any other port) How to fix server errors if any On this tutorial everything is a free, just follow my steps Any questions? Write in comment Let’s start Make sure you have cable modem, DSL or another high-speed connection Get a static Internet IP address. From your ISP (Internet Service Provider) How to check if my ISP block ports Type “grc.com” in google search Get a static local IP address for your computer within your home network So…

  • How To Get Google Review Stars For Your WordPress Website
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    How To Get Google Review Stars For Your WordPress Website

    Welcome back to another video my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com where I make videos for non-tech and a ministry something really cool in this video you might have authorities seen this before and thought how do I get that in what I want to talk about is getting those reviews stars when someone does a Google search and it should Google will show up page on your website how to get those review stars and the reason you want to do this because really makes your website result in Google stand out let me show you what I’m talking about so here I am on Google and I did…