• You’re Doing Twitter Wrong
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    You’re Doing Twitter Wrong

    Tripp: Hey, did you see that tweet I sent yesterday? Tyler: No. Were you retweeting another compliment? Tripp: Huh? Tyler: Yeah, retweeting a compliment is the same thing as bragging. Even if you add, “means a lot” at the end. Tripp: What’s wrong with that? Tyler: Well, if we’re at a party and I say, “Nice shirt.” Would you stand up and say, “Hey everybody, this person said I had a nice shirt!” Tripp: No, I wouldn’t do that. Tyler: Same thing. Tripp: Interesting. Coming from the guy who tweets at least seven times about his blog post. Tyler: We’re counting for different time zones. Tripp: Just saying. If you…

  • Bid on brand with Google Ads – Updated for 2019
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    Bid on brand with Google Ads – Updated for 2019

    Welcome, this is a video that I wanted to update and rerecord for a while now. It’s a bid on your own brand strategy with Google Ads. If you want to know more about what bid on brand means, just simply go into Google, type in Boostly, Bid on Brand. So I am using the Grainary as an example here and the reason why I’m updating it is that now, Google and Google Ads have given us more options and more features that we can do to make the most of when somebody does a search on Google for a property. Number one is you need to have a Google…

  • Creature Costuming [Part 1]: Design & Planning
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    Creature Costuming [Part 1]: Design & Planning

    >>TOM: This panel will give you a better idea of how to build Groudon over there. We’re gonna go over some basics like construction, the methods, the materials, and other various things. I’m Tom, I’ve been making models and props for various years. In fact, I entered a model into the mecha competition this year and I won first place. [clapping] And this is Riley, I think you saw her at the cosplay contest.>>RILEY: Probably. I’m also known as CanineHybrid. I’ve been building costumes since 2007 and I’m really well known for my Pokémon creations primarily. I work at Jo~Ann Fabrics so I have a lot of experience working with…

  • Cancelling myself on Twitter so no one else can (How to Cancel YOURSELF)
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    Cancelling myself on Twitter so no one else can (How to Cancel YOURSELF)

    Disclaimer: The following video contains a historical retelling of the time I decided to cancel myself. And warning: it gets very stupid, very quickly. Just thought I’d put that out there, let you know. Cancelled. Verb. Definition: To make someone or something irrelevant due to current drama. or at least that’s what I think it means, because I don’t own a dictionary and this is kind of like a new thing that’s been happening with social media. Cancel culture is… a strange thing. A strange thing that we’ve all been witness to on social media at some point or another Within a single evening, an internet personality’s career that they…

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    What is… the meaning of life? No, serious question now. What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose here… on this earth. Okay, here’s a few options. Is it… is it to spend time with our friends? Build relationships, be nice to each other… Love each other. Is it… focusing on career? Getting that money. Is it family? Is it family? Could you… spend your time… with your family. Maybe the reason we’re here is to explore; to go around the world, to experience new cultures… and try new and different things. No. No, I don’t believe that. I believe the reason I am here… Is to get…

  • How to Make a Fursuit!
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    How to Make a Fursuit!

    So you’re making me a free fursuit for doing this video, right? *Jesse gets up and walks away* (Sorry Fjord, I don’t think you’re getting a fursuit ;~;) Is that a yes? I think that’s a yes, it’s probably a yes. I’m Fjord Frost, and I’m here with Jesse Frost *Jesse purrs as she nuzzles and cuddles Fjord Frost*.

  • Recording and encoding audio and video streams from the world wide web |Difficulty:•|
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    Recording and encoding audio and video streams from the world wide web |Difficulty:•|

    So in order to record the streaming of video and audio we will need an application in this case we are using Windows the best one that I know that is free and open source is Camstudio this is the website: Camstudio.org and of course it will allow us to record any type of video that is played and any type of audio that is going through the motherboard audio device USB devices tend not to work so, we scroll down and at the download link we will click there and it will take us to the SourceForge.net project site just follow the instructions to install Camstudio here at technet.microsoft.com…

  • Eugene’s Guide To Every Hair Product
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    Eugene’s Guide To Every Hair Product

    – Ever since I started producing and performing in online videos, audience members have been asking me to release style tutorials. I thought I’d take it one step further and create a series that explores fashion, beauty, hair and skin care from a more informational, accessible and relatable level. Today, I’m gonna be exploring all the different types of basic hair products that you can use at home. This is Style-ish. (upbeat music) Oh, hello. – Hey, Eugene what’s going on? – It’s a rare sight for the audience to see my hair without product, so. – This is what it looks like? – This is what it looks like.…

  • Tsar Podcast E1: Red Square
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    Tsar Podcast E1: Red Square

    boostedgt Krasnaya plush it again when you got the wood [Music] welcome to our podcast it’s our podcast about how you can visit Russia you know I lived in Moscow for a few years I’ve really fallen in love with the city and I want to share my love of the city with all of you so for this series of podcasts I’m going to show you some fun things to do places to go and how to come see Moscow what better place to start with than Red Square the heart of Russia itself the first thing we’re going to talk about today the st. Basil’s Cathedral let’s take…

  • INSIDE VENEZUELA – JUNE 2019 (Surreal experience)
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    INSIDE VENEZUELA – JUNE 2019 (Surreal experience)

    turmoil and the streets of Venezuela international condemnation of the government tens of thousands of protesters chill teaches of everything from money to food people rummage through rubbish my children went three days without eating anything Nicolas Maduro get out keeping that dictatorship of flow giving American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country president Trump he fired rubber bullets and tear gas the numbers are staggering the protest against the government has been going on for months three million Venezuelans have left their country rampant inflation political turmoil in Venezuela they’ve been building the barricades across Venezuela for days this video series is my account of spending two weeks…