• How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business (Timeline Facebook Profile)
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    How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business (Timeline Facebook Profile)

    Hi, it’s Brandon from SoldWithVideo.com and I want to show you how to make a professional looking Facebook profile. Hey everybody. Welcome to my tutorial on how to setup a professional looking Facebook profile. If you’re new to Facebook or you don’t yet have a profile setup, this is a great guide that will go step by step and show you exactly how to do it. If you don’t have a profile setup yet you can go ahead and signup for one for free through Facebook and it’s a great way for you to be able to gain more customers and interact with the customers and clients that you do…

  • Last Shelter Survival Review – NAP and Safe Zones (RIP LUCY)
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    Last Shelter Survival Review – NAP and Safe Zones (RIP LUCY)

    hey guys before we get started today I just want to take a very brief moment of silence for one of our lost family members named Lucy Smith aka Maddox rain from state 5-1-1 guys it’s a sad sad day I’ve seen several losses from the members that play lash out to survival and I want my platform to be much more than just information I want it to be a platform of togetherness and it is my pleasure and my sadness to say that we’ve lost yet another family member rest in peace Lucy I want you and your family I don’t even know how to say this guys…

  • A guide to Harvard Referencing
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    A guide to Harvard Referencing

    Hi, my name is Jonny, and I’m a student at the University of Derby. One of the areas that a lot of new students run into trouble with is referencing. I’m going to talk you through a commonly used style known as Harvard referencing. When you’re writing a piece of academic work, you’ll be researching and reading a lot of work done by others to help formulate your ideas and arguments. You need to acknowledge where you found the information; not only because it’s fair to give credit to the person whose hard work you’re using, but also to avoid plagiarism. When using the Harvard referencing system, there are two…

  • Microsoft Teams full tutorial with recent updates (2018)
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    Microsoft Teams full tutorial with recent updates (2018)

    – Coming up, with the recent one year anniversary of Microsoft Teams, we’re gonna take a look at the latest updates, including its evolution from a persistent chat based work space, to an integrated hub for teamwork with complete meeting and calling capabilities built in. As well as new ways to bring your favorite apps into Teams and more. Also, if you’re an IT admin, we’re gonna give you a first look at the unified experience to manage Microsoft Teams, along with Skype for Business going forward. (techno music) We’re here once again by Anne Michels, from the Teams team. Welcome, and congrats on the one-year milestone. – Thank you,…

  • You’re Doing Twitter Wrong
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    You’re Doing Twitter Wrong

    Tripp: Hey, did you see that tweet I sent yesterday? Tyler: No. Were you retweeting another compliment? Tripp: Huh? Tyler: Yeah, retweeting a compliment is the same thing as bragging. Even if you add, “means a lot” at the end. Tripp: What’s wrong with that? Tyler: Well, if we’re at a party and I say, “Nice shirt.” Would you stand up and say, “Hey everybody, this person said I had a nice shirt!” Tripp: No, I wouldn’t do that. Tyler: Same thing. Tripp: Interesting. Coming from the guy who tweets at least seven times about his blog post. Tyler: We’re counting for different time zones. Tripp: Just saying. If you…