• That Moment Social Media Sets You Free
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    That Moment Social Media Sets You Free

    – My family has always been told we’re so beautiful, and I always felt like for me, it was from the neck up. So I was born a happy, normal baby. My mom would describe me as perfect, but about two weeks after I was born, she noticed that my hands were different sizes, and they found out that I was born with a rare bone disease called Ollier’s and Maffucci’s syndrome. I can remember playing in the snow during winter, and my aunt said something like, “Oh with that snowsuit on, “Ash looks normal.” And I remember one time when I was getting my jeans hemmed, the tailor, he…

  • How and why you should republish blog content
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    How and why you should republish blog content

    Hey this is Ian Cleary from The Marketing Tech Channel. What I want to cover off today is why you should republish old blog content. Imagine if somebody’s come across your post on Google, and they go straight into the post and the content is out of date. That’s not good for you and it’s not good for them. This is their very first impression of you is an old piece of content, which you do not want. I promise you, you do not want that. So, what you do is, for some of your older content, you go back in and maybe change it a bit so it’s up…

  • How To Get Twitter Followers FAST!
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    How To Get Twitter Followers FAST!

    hey guys happy Saturday so I was debating on whether or not to do this video just because I thought well I’m not really that great at Twitter yet like that great meaning I don’t I’m not like a huge Twitter like I don’t have a huge following or anything but at the same time I was like maybe I could film this tip video just because I’ve noticed a big increase in my followers and interaction and everything within the last few weeks like everything’s kind of just kind of gotten bigger within the last few weeks and I was like whoa maybe I do know a little something…

  • How To Make Money On Youtube 2018!
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    How To Make Money On Youtube 2018!

    making money on YouTube in 2018 going to talk about how a small YouTube channel can still be profitable in 2018 so stay tuned people ask me you know Patrick do you really make any money off of youtube is it even is it still viable can I start a YouTube channel today and make money tomorrow it’s really a hard thing to say but if you want to get into the specifics let’s talk about it really quickly so my channel has 14585 subscribers if you look at my history if you look at where we came from where we’re going look at let’s look at the subscribers here…

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    Hello Friends in this video i’m going to tech you How to create your own blog for free How to Make a Blog – Quick & Easy Friends blogger is very simple.You just need a Gmail account Create a blog any earn money First you need to open your web browsr search on google Blogger just follow the instraction If you have any confusion please let me know through comment. Please Subscribe Our YouTube Channel and You will get Video notification Next time 👍 LIKE ➡ SHARE ➡ SUBSCRIBE Technical Hoque is a YouTube Channel,Where You Will Find Mobile/Computer Tips and Tricks,New Technological Videos in Hindi Again Thanks For Watching…

  • How To Embed An Instagram Post On Your Blog
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    How To Embed An Instagram Post On Your Blog

    Want to learn how to embed an Instagram pic in your blog? Well, I have a hashtag SueB tip for you. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you’re running a business online, then hopefully you have a website. And in many cases, you have a blog on your website. In the last year, we’ve really made an effort to improve our blog content, and that includes adding Instagram photos when appropriate. So when I get a chance to link someone’s Instagram account, I like to include an image that people can directly click on. As you can see here in this blog post, we added six different images. And people respond to us…

  • Introduction to Twitter
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    Introduction to Twitter

    Twitter is an open social network that people use to converse with each other in short messages known as tweets. Whether it’s sharing breaking news, posting updates about their company or following their favorite celebrities, people are using Twitter to connect with others and to discover new things every day. Launched in 2006, Twitter is most popular with millennials and young professionals. However, it has experienced significant growth of users in all age groups since its launch. Twitter encourages users to follow and interact with different individuals, brands and media outlets, creating a real-time stream of messages tailored to their interests. People post updates, photos, videos and links to Twitter…

  • How to use Feedly for reading blog content
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    How to use Feedly for reading blog content

    – Hey, this is Ian Cleary from the Marketing Tech Channel on this glorious day! So today we’re gonna talk about Feedly. It’s a tool I’ve been using for a couple of years. Instead of going out onto the web, looking at all different websites to check for new blog posts, put them all nicely into Feedly and start tracking your blog content there. I’m a bit lazy. It’s either being lazy or liking to be productive, I’m not sure which it is. But it just makes things so much easier. So put them all into one place and then you can check that on a regular basis for, you…

  • The Most Organic Vlog: Social Media Tips
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    The Most Organic Vlog: Social Media Tips

    ♪♪ Hello, lovelies! I’m Sawyer, and I’m a gluten-free judger. And I’m Madysin, and a Kardashian retweeted me once. Welcome back, we’re so excited to make another vlog. We got so many views last time, that we’re getting like supes fames. Last week I was in Anthro, and someone came up to me and told me my ankle boot was untied. Crazy. I know. It’s happening. First thing’s first, most importerly, how to master social media, or as we call it, So, tip number one: The point of kids is to create a family brand. That’s the point of kids. For examps, my family has been themed for the past…