• If School Was In Minecraft
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    If School Was In Minecraft

    This Video Is Made For Fun And Should Not Be Taken Seriously! (Music) What’s Wrong Sir? I Was Mining For Days! But I Couldn’t Find Enough Diamonds To Make A Diamond Pickaxe I… Just… Need… One… More… Haha. Really? That’s It? I Can Help With That! It’s Easy! Here, Problem Solved! (Awkward Silence) Really? Are You THAT Dumb? You Need A Education! You Stupid! What’s 2+2? Umm…. Uh….. Oh, I Know! Dirt! Really…. Dirt!? I Knew That You Need A Education! NO!!! ME NO WANT SCHOOL! IF SCHOOL WAS IN MINECRAFT BY OERPROS Remeber To Leave A Like! Comment, And Subscribe! BOOM BOOM! Hello Everyone! Welcome To School… IDIOTS! That’s…