• Women Instagram Like Fashion Bloggers For A Week
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    Women Instagram Like Fashion Bloggers For A Week

    – I’m kind of, like, allergic to selfies. Whenever I see one I, like, break out in a rash, ’cause I’m just like, why do people do this? (upbeat music) – I only use my Instagram for, like, nature photos. So a lot of the people I follow on Instagram are, like, landscape photographers. – I think that my Instagram feed will hopefully become a little more cohesive and less like “Oh, my God. Dog, dog, dog. Selfie. Dog.” – A lot of photos of stuff I do at work. Also my dog. Shots of my friends and husband and I. – Hey everyone, my name is Jenn Im. And…

  • Best Blogging on Instagram Tips
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    Best Blogging on Instagram Tips

    Today we will learn about Blogging on Instagram. Please hit the like and subscribe buttons as we get started today. With nearly a billion active users, Instagram has become one of the hottest social media platforms on the web. And though most use it to share photos of their favorite vacations, food, and moments, others have turned it into a source of income. That�s right�when used correctly, Instagram can be leveraged to turn serious profits. But if you�re looking to start making money on Instagram, you�re going to need to make a number of considerations first. And you�re going to need to start a blog. The good news is that…

  • Я УХОЖУ.. ВИДЕО Не БУДЕТ!!! ✧ I’m Going A Video Will Not Be! ✧ Марьяна
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    Я УХОЖУ.. ВИДЕО Не БУДЕТ!!! ✧ I’m Going A Video Will Not Be! ✧ Марьяна

    Всем доброго времени суток, мои дорогие! Меня зовут Марьяна и вы на канале Вкусная Еда. Надеюсь, лето у вас проходит замечательно! Сегодня я к Вам без рецепта, но некоторой информацией. Друзья, хочу сообщить в этом маленьком видео о том, что пока новых роликов на моем канале не будет! Не переживайте, канал не закрывается, просто я ухожу в долгожданный отпуск. Хочу немного отдохнуть, набраться свежих сил, запастись энергией и зарядиться позитивом. Тем более 20 августа у меня День Рождение, затем 25 августа, День Рождение моей доченьки, которой исполнится уже 16 лет. Канал начнет работать, и выпускать новые ролики с сентября месяца. Так, что кто не подписан на мой канал подписывайтесь и…

  • Best Ways To Promote Your Blog With Instagram Stories
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    Best Ways To Promote Your Blog With Instagram Stories

    Do you have a blog that you’re trying to promote with Instagram? Smart move. The smartest thing that you can do to fast track that traffic right to your site is to promote your blog using Instagram stories. I’m Sue B. Zimmerman, and that’s exactly what I’m going to be sharing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Today I’m going to show you creative ways to get people to take action and swipe up or click into your bio. Remember that you do need to have a business account and 10,000 followers in order to have the swipe up feature. Using clear, concise call to actions is so important when you’re trying to get…

  • Blogging Tips with Ian Cleary
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    Blogging Tips with Ian Cleary

    Today I’m here with my good friend, Ian Cleary, who is the founder of, actually, one of my favorite blogs, Razor Social. And he’s here to talk about blogs. And just so that you know, we at the Sue B. Zimmerman team do have a blog, and we are finally getting traction. Great. So I’d like for you to share, what do people need to do to set their business up for success, blogging. OK, perfect. Well first of all, thanks very much for having me, Sue. So yeah, I’m going to go through a few tips about blogging. I suppose one of the most important things is, you have…

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    bienvenidos a extra news y los extras del día de hoy llegan con YouTube e instagram sabemos que Instagram es la red social que ha ido cogiendo fuerza por la potencia que facebook le está dando desde que lo adquirió pues te contamos que ha ido introduciendo cambios ya que esta red social ha ido cambiando el diseño de su interfaz para facilitarnos ubicación de iconos que antes no teníamos a la mano por ejemplo la localización de los mensajes directos la tendremos en la barra del menú inferior y el acceso a tu perfil en la parte superior derecha al lado de igtv instagram también nos ofrece un acceso…

  • The Try Guys Try Instagram Editing Apps
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    The Try Guys Try Instagram Editing Apps

    – Ooh, whoa! No Keith, no! – Today the try guys are gonna finally look hot. – [Zach] Hey! (laughing) – Through editing apps that you can buy on your phone. (punchy upbeat music) – I edit all my photos. If you use the color editors on Instagram that’s editing your photos. We all do it. – I edit my photos with what’s in Instagram. So I definitely color correct, really important. You know who doesn’t edit their photos at all? Keith. If you see his Instagram, it looks like he’s in low orange lighting in every photo and he just posts immediately. – I don’t put a lot of…

  • HOT NEWS !!! Instagram Brings New Focus Mode to Stories and Mention Stickers on iOS
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    HOT NEWS !!! Instagram Brings New Focus Mode to Stories and Mention Stickers on iOS

    Instagram on Tuesday announced the launch of two new features on the social networking platform globally the first update is a new camera format on Instagram stories called focus that lets users take portrait shots with você effect from their phones rear or front camera when you take a photo or video of someone in the focus format their face will stay focused while the background blurs giving the photo that polished look something you’ll want to share with friends says Instagram in a statement to use the feature open the stories tab on the Instagram app you will see the new focus button placed next to supers around in…

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    Netflix, c’est un peu comme mon père quand il me demande des conseils pour changer sa photo de profil sur Facebook… Alors je me dis, c’est un peu tard, c’est un peu dépassé mais bon… Il essaie ! “He’s trying ! He’s trying so hard” ! Ah (Trad: Il essaye, il essaye si fort) Netflix a enfin découvert les stories !!! ♪ JINGLE ♪ Alors, tu te souviens que quand tu vas sur Netflix, normalement, tu as des propositions de films. Tu mets ta souris dessus et, là, ils te proposent de voir la bande-annonce avec un petit résumé écrit. Sauf que maintenant, ils vont lancés les petites bulles comme…