• Wine Experts Taste Dogshit Wine
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    Wine Experts Taste Dogshit Wine

    (mellow jazz music) (wine splashes) – I’m Grant, and I drink wine with dinner. – My name is Tad and I am a sommelier. – My name is Michele and I am a master somm. (plunking) (mellow jazz music) – Thank you. Yeah, okay. Okay, the aromas are a definitely very mature fruit flavor. Mm, mm-hmm. Yeah, it’s definitely a 1998 Bordeaux. (bell rings) (sniffing) – 1998 Bordeaux, left bank from Graves. (bell rings) Next. (slurping) – Probably some kind of red wine. – Yeah? – Yeah! – Oh! Hey, oh I’m good at this! (bell rings) – Wonderful, thank you. – Okay, let’s see, two for two. (sniffing) –…

  • Buy Twitter Followers Cheap – High Quality and Permanent Twitter Followers
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    Buy Twitter Followers Cheap – High Quality and Permanent Twitter Followers

    Do you want to get thousands of high quality twitter followers? If so, then this video is right for you! Welcome to SocialMediaPL.us. We are a social media marketing company designed to provide killer social proof for your twitter profile! We don’t need your twitter password in order to get started. Each of our users has complete bio, profile photo, tweets and most importantly, they have followers of their own. Our services are Money Back Guaranteed. Your orders from us are safe and secured. Now, if you have any questions or clarifications, just leave a comment below! If you have any positive or even negative experience using our service, we…

  • Does Liking Murder Podcasts Make You FREAKY?
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    Does Liking Murder Podcasts Make You FREAKY?

    (upbeat music) – (singing) Deletin’ all the emails I don’t wanna read. – (gasping) No! (gasping) – Raph. – (Raph gasping) No. – Can you just? – Raph! – Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just being a total freak over here. – Yeah you’re just being kinda loud. – Listen to a freaky little murder podcast. – Yeah I love those. Do you mind just keeping it down? – (laughing) You don’t get it! This is not one your regular podcasts, you know, where they cover stuff like the news, or improve comedy. No. This is dark and twisted because it’s about real people, Lily, getting killed. (screaming) – Yeah, those…

  • The Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2018
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    The Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2018

    If you’re a social media marketer, you probably have a pretty good idea of when most major holidays. But what about the more unique holidays? What about International Cat Day, or National Selfie Day? And did you know that June 30th every year is Social Media Day? If these holidays sound a little silly to you, you’re right, some of them are. But some of them might be worth your brand celebrating on social media, too. As I record this video, hashtag #NationalPancakeDay is the number-one trend on U.S. Twitter. And there are tons of other holidays that your brand might want to celebrate on social media. Now, we’re not…

  • #1-Tech की बात – Redmi K30,whatsapp ban – Grow Up Tech
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    #1-Tech की बात – Redmi K30,whatsapp ban – Grow Up Tech

    Hello Friends As you all may have come to know that we have started a new episode “Tech ki baat” In this, we will give you the latest and fresh tech news of the week So, without spending too much time, let’s start the first episode of Tech Ki Baat. So Hello Friends, welcome back to our channel “Grow Up Tech” So let’s talk about First News, in which Redmi has launched its redmibook 13. In which you will get 89% screen to body ratio with 10th generation intel core processor. Its price will be around ₹ 42,000 So friends in next news update Fujifilm has launched its mirrorless camera…

  • Die Facebook Typen / Facebook User Types (DE/en)
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    Die Facebook Typen / Facebook User Types (DE/en)

    Hi, I’m Jonathan I’m a Facebook user, I’d like it if only there weren’t these absolutely annoying facebook user types. They annoy the heck out of me. For example, there’s the “Liker”: No matter what you’re posting, he “likes” it. No matter what He does it. Always. Everywhere. With everyone!!! And then, there’s the opposite one… Actually he’s almost the most pleasant one, but also the eeriest one. The “Spy”… He doesn’t post anything, doesn’t comment anything, but knows everything. Suddenly there’s someone who knows what I was wearing yesterday… … where and when I was born. “Hey, so you’re single again … … I’ve seen it on Facebook. ”…

  • The 10 CREEPIEST WEBSITES on the Internet! – Part 2
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    The 10 CREEPIEST WEBSITES on the Internet! – Part 2

    – [Matthew] Eh, eh, heh. Hah! Just trying to give you an idea of where we’re going with this. Okay, first off, let’s just state the obvious. The internet is a weird place, who would have guessed? Since you’re here, my guess is that you probably already knew that, but do you really know just how weird the internet actually is? Between looking up Pinterest recipes and surfing Facebook, you may have come across some cringey posts, but we ain’t talking about no how to make some Christmas cake pops today, mmm-mmm. Today we’re talking about those websites that are best described as a nightmare wrapped in a whole lot…