• What obligation do social media platforms have to the greater good? | Eli Pariser
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    What obligation do social media platforms have to the greater good? | Eli Pariser

    I was talking to a guy at a party in California about tech platforms and the problems they’re creating in society. And he said, “Man, if the CEOs just did more drugs and went to Burning Man, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” (Laughter) I said, “I’m not sure I agree with you.” For one thing, most of the CEOs have already been to Burning Man. (Laughter) But also, I’m just not sure that watching a bunch of half-naked people run around and burn things is really the inspiration they need right now. (Laughter) But I do agree that things are a mess. And so, we’re going to come back…

  • How to shut down a website
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    How to shut down a website

    – After the horrific shooting in El Paso, a small barely moderated forum became the center of attention. – 8chan. – After 8chan. – I mean it was on 8chan. – A site 8chan. – The killer posted a rambling essay on 8chan, laying out his hate fueled motives. And it wasn’t the first time this had happened either. Since it’s launch in 2013, 8chan has become known as a place where hate can thrive. Even it’s founder has said we’d be better off if the site just disappeared. And any company that works with 8chan is under pressure to kick it offline. But how do you take a site…

  • Tomi Lahren’s Anger Lights Facebook on Fire: The Daily Show
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    Tomi Lahren’s Anger Lights Facebook on Fire: The Daily Show

    Now, before the break, we were talking about how Facebook is both dominating the news industry and maybe destroying it. And we saw one of the most popular voices at the forefront, Tomi Lahren. She’s a conservative host with her own show on TheBlaze network. But what people really know her for are the short, punchy, daily attacks that she posts to Facebook, uh, that are called Final Thoughts. These videos routinely get millions of views, all right? Tomi’s videos get shared more than the Kardashians share the Game. And, and here’s the really interesting part, despite her numbers, a lot of viewers, like you at home, might never have…

  • How to SELL on Facebook | Small Business Facebook Tips
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    How to SELL on Facebook | Small Business Facebook Tips

    how to sell on facebook | small business facebook tips I’ve discovered a SIMPLE way for any small business to start making sales on Facebook: take advantage of what your customers are ALREADY DOING on Facebook to create sales transactions. //(snap)// (research search terms) Engaging with customers and having them SHARE our messages. It’s what most of us are doing with social media. But if you’re like most marketers getting your messages, blog stories and videos SHARED on social media is NOT growing sales for you. What WILL is giving customers and prospects INCENTIVE to share things that end up creating SALES for your business. You can start doing this…

  • Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t Visit – Part 2
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    Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t Visit – Part 2

    Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your most amazing host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are back with the Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t visit! You guys loved part one so much, I am coming at you with a part 2. Before we get started, I just wanted to let you guys know that we have brand new merch for sale at Most Amazing Shop.com! We have brand new colours available, and my new favourite is red! If you buy anything from the Most Amazing team and send us a picture, we will post it on our Most Amazing Instagram. 10…

  • Credible Websites?
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    Credible Websites?

    If a stranger on the street came up to you and started speaking, you’d probably want to know more about him and what he was saying before you took him seriously. The same goes for websites. Our way of viewing the world is based on the information we encounter. We use that information to make lots of different kinds of decisions throughout our lifetimes. There’s a lot of information online, and since anyone can post it, it’s crucial to evaluate websites before you trust the information you find. Evaluating information is essential for your assignments. It will make your research better, strengthen your arguments, and get you better grades. The…

  • Social Media Through The Years (Sketch Comedy Short)
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    Social Media Through The Years (Sketch Comedy Short)

    Social Media Through The Years. Welcome. Age / Sex / Location? 24 / Female / Miami, Florida. Hmmm. 19 / Female / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pass… 14 / Female / Kansas City, Missouri. Perfect… Dear LiveJournal, today I went to school. My parents… They won’t let me go see The Ataris tonight. I hate my life. The end. I went to The Ataris show. It was great! They really encapsulate all my feelings. Do you wanna meet in person? AHHH. Yay, you joined Friendster. All of our friends are here. Really? Yes. Cool! It feels so great to finally be… socially… accepted? Wait. Where did everybody go? We all went to…

  • Weirdest Websites On The Internet Pt. 2
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    Weirdest Websites On The Internet Pt. 2

    Join us on a journey into the weirdest parts of the internet. Let’s do that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. The internet– one of mankind’s greatest inventions, second only to the Flowbee. – Here’s to the Flowbee. – Sometimes you just find yourself– if you spend any time on this internet thing– Sometimes I just find myself. …in the weird part of the internet. As a matter of fact, we made a few videos that people have commented, like Dope Zebra, and they would say, “I’m in the weird part of the internet.” And I would take that as a compliment. I think it’s great that the internet…