• Perspectives on Social Media
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    Perspectives on Social Media

    It’s so much easier to talk to people on Facebook. I mean, you don’t have to see them face to face. You have the guts to do stuff on the computer that you don’t have the guts to do in person sometimes. With my cell phone I text a lot, probably over 400 a day. My parents won’t hear what I’m talking about so much, and they just know I’m online, they don’t know what I’m doing, which is bad to say, but yeah that’s pretty much why, just to have that privacy factor. I was in a picture with one of my friends. One of the pictures were posted…

  • Check Email and Social Media Obsessively? It’s Basic Biology | Tim Wu
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    Check Email and Social Media Obsessively? It’s Basic Biology | Tim Wu

    You know one of the most important chapters in establishing our present existence so to speak, our present media existence was the realization of the power of the check-in. That is that urge, maybe you’ve felt it, I’ve got to check my email or maybe I should see what’s going on in my Twitter stream or it’s time to go to Facebook. That’s kind of an unusual thing. I don’t know how you’d explain it to another generation but it’s kind of almost like a biological feeling that you need to check-in. I would say it was invented sometime in the 1970’s with email, the first emails. In fact, the…

  • How Twitter needs to change | Jack Dorsey
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    How Twitter needs to change | Jack Dorsey

    Chris Anderson: What worries you right now? You’ve been very open about lots of issues on Twitter. What would be your top worry about where things are right now? Jack Dorsey: Right now, the health of the conversation. So, our purpose is to serve the public conversation, and we have seen a number of attacks on it. We’ve seen abuse, we’ve seen harassment, we’ve seen manipulation, automation, human coordination, misinformation. So these are all dynamics that we were not expecting 13 years ago when we were starting the company. But we do now see them at scale, and what worries me most is just our ability to address it in…

  • Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Social Media and the Internet as a Powerful Organizing Tool – Part 1
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    Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Social Media and the Internet as a Powerful Organizing Tool – Part 1

    This is David Harvey and you’re listening to the Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, a podcast that looks at capitalism through a Marxist lens. This podcast is made possible by Democracy at Work. Okay, today on the Anti-Capitalist Chronicles I’m doing something a bit different. I decided it would be a good idea to have a guest. My guest is Chris Caruso and I think he’s feeling very happy these days because last week he defended successfully his doctoral dissertation. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because Chris has worked with dispossessed and fathered anti-poverty movements over the last 30 years and I think is a rather unique resource to talk…

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    I have all the popular social media apps Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat But no true identity, only a profile I desperately need to keep people informed about my personal life so I update my status and post photos of myself as often as possible. If my morning selfie is looking a little basic I’ll add a filter before uploading it. I’ve made over ten thousand posts now. In addition to my social media presence I’m registered on over 12 dating apps, each with a slight personality tweak to attract a variety of different females. I keep a few artistic dick pics on standby so when the time is right I…

  • How Social Media Is Changing Your Brain
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    How Social Media Is Changing Your Brain

    Hello and welcome to another video. Its almost impossible to come across someone who doesn’t have a social media account. it become a necessity in todays world. For most of us, its our primary source of information, connections and entertainment. We might not have realised it but there are a lot of things have changed in our life Since we have started using social media, primarily because of its affect on our brain. Of course it has its own pros and cons but here on this video we will focus on the idea of how social media is changing your brain. So hit that subscribe button and the bell besides…

  • Les Couches du Web : Surface, Deep & Dark Web
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    Les Couches du Web : Surface, Deep & Dark Web

    Salut, c’est Milana et Bienvenue dans Matière Grise Internet est bien plus profond que certains pourraient penser, et pourrait même être comparé à un iceberg, avec plus de 75% de son contenu total qui serait caché. Ce Deep Web as pas mal fait parlé de lui ces dernières années, pourtant tu t’en sers probablement tous les jours… Pour comprendre un peu mieux les concepts du deep web et dark web, il faut d’abord comprendre un peu mieux comment fonctionne et se divise la version d’internet que nous connaissons tous. Histoire de simplifier un peu les choses, on peut diviser internet en 3 couches ou niveaux principaux : Le Surface Web,…

  • What is a Web Browser?
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    What is a Web Browser?

    Hello World Hi! I’m sorry, have we met? My name is Daisy Ignis Vulpes I am a red fox Genus vulpes, species vulpes Vulpes vulpes vulpes Um… you can just call me Daisy Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do Maybe you should call me Ignis Dingus? No! What if I just call you Div? Oh… well, my name is… What do you do, Div? I make web applications with a variety of programming languages known as the web platform Great! That’s exactly what I wanted to talk about today. Isn’t that why you invited me here? I did? Yeah, so what would you like to learn? We can use…

  • How to Blog on LinkedIn, a Publishing Platform [9:15]
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    How to Blog on LinkedIn, a Publishing Platform [9:15]

    In this short video, I’m going to show you how to create a blog on LinkedIn, their blogging platform called Pulse. Now the advantage to this is it’s possible that you could create a blog post and rank well in the search engines through the LinkedIn blog and when people click through and read the LinkedIn blog it can increase your followers, people might click through to your own website to find out more information, they might click through to your social channels and follow you. So there is a benefit to using other platforms like this. Now if you’ve already written a blog on your own website and you’re…