• Why Was I Tagged Last On Facebook
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    Why Was I Tagged Last On Facebook

    – I uploaded those pictures from when we all at tacos together, guys. – [Zac] What, oh, let me see. – [Katie] Let’s see them! – Awesome. Oh man, these are great. What an awesome day that was. – [Trapp] Yeah, really good photos too. I’m so glad we have these. – Oh, thanks guys. – Why did you tag me last? – What? – You tagged me last and I want to know why. It’s a fair question. – It doesn’t mean anything, I just tag people randomly on Facebook. – Oh, bullshit. – Katie, it’s really not a big deal. – Yeah, calm down. – Okay, yeah, fine.…

  • Jaron Lanier: Why Facebook Isn’t Free
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    Jaron Lanier: Why Facebook Isn’t Free

    Right now the advent of better and better information tools is having a contracting effect, where more and more the economy is being made efficient in this way that concentrates the wealth of those who make it efficient. I mean, just think about the day that all those cabbies out there lose their job because the cars are driving themselves. What are they going to do? I don’t think they’ll be happy, but whoever does that will become very, very rich. So whoever owns the top server in a big efficiency-making exercise becomes very, very rich. So there is this huge concentration even as the overall economy is shrunk as…

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    Welcome to Meet the Internet, I’m Jen Jamula. I’m talking to Facebook’s chief engineer of social. Actually that’s “chief of social engineering.” It’s been a busy year for Facebook— Yes, and you’re welcome for my time. Your company continues to dominate its rivals Twitter and Snapchat. Oh, I wouldn’t call them rivals. You’re friendly toward them? No, I just think it’s more of a David and Goliath story. I see. Only this time, Goliath is wearing a helmet. And driving a tank. Your Instagram app recently borrowed the stories feature from Snapchat. We didn’t borrow it. We took it, and we’re not giving it back. We actually built a version…

  • How To Go Dark On Social Media
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    How To Go Dark On Social Media

    Remember when you were young? When you posted embarrassing stuff on the internet, like duck face mirror selfies with your friends. What about illegal stuff like drinking under age? Well guess what. Now you’re in the real world, and that’s all going to come back to haunt you. So how do you stop your past from inhibiting future opportunities? What would it take for me to stay connected with the world, but go completely dark on social media? First it’s time for the purge – of your timeline. That’s right. All the photos of your 14 year old self with photo booth filters, they gotta go. Unfortunately though, no platform…

  • Tipos de Usuarios de Facebook
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    Tipos de Usuarios de Facebook

    … And after checking the wrinkled uranians from the planet Uranus we are going to look at this underdeveloped specie from the planet Earth known as human beings which although their low reasoning skills They have created a very powerful tool called Internet which is the largest encyclopedia they have. In it, they keep all of their history and knowledge in a “cloud” that is available to everyone. -Wooow And they only use it to check Facebook. What is Facebook? Thank you, I was expecting that question, Facebook is the human’s most important social communication tool, even more than physical contact. How primitives! In this digital network exists a whole…

  • When Your Facebook Thread Gets Hijacked
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    When Your Facebook Thread Gets Hijacked

    (typing) – Hey, did anyone see London Has Fallen yet? I just saw it and I wanna chat about it. – You just saw it? (elevator dings) I don’t think anyone actually saw it. (gunfire) – Good morning. We are now hijacking this Facebook thread. We’re no longer talking about the film London Has Fallen. We are now using that as jumping-off point to discuss London in general. – I visited there in the fall. It’s beautiful. – I know, right? It’s familiar, yet foreign all at once. I’m looking for the person who started this conversation. Who is Zac Oyama? Hah. What do you think about London? – It’s…

  • China blocked SKYPE and NOBODY CARES!
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    China blocked SKYPE and NOBODY CARES!

    so Skype has been banned in China and you know what nobody cares so yesterday all of the chat groups were abuzz all of the foreigners are sharing links to you know news articles saying that Skype has been blocked and removed from the app stores here in China so I thought well you know what here I am in China I’ve got my phone let’s see if I can log into skype I’ve just opened it on my phone seems to have logged in and now I’m just trying to send a chat and it’s not working it’s just sitting there friend of mine and it’s just you know…

  • What the Russian Revolution would have looked like on social media | Mikhail Zygar
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    What the Russian Revolution would have looked like on social media | Mikhail Zygar

    What is history? It is something written by the winners. There is a stereotype that history should be focused on the rulers, like Lenin or Trotsky. As a result, people in many countries, like mine, Russia, look at history as something that was predetermined or determined by the leaders, and common people could not influence it in any way. Many Russians today do not believe that Russia could ever have been or ever will be a truly democratic nation, and this is due to the way history has been framed to the citizens of Russia. And this is not true. To prove it, I spent two years of my life…