• 【ChiRi Girls】インスタントヘヴン  踊ってみた
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    【ChiRi Girls】インスタントヘヴン 踊ってみた

    The flashy scenery The image in my mind, that might disappear with a flash It fills my finder beautifully Not that I really care “Instant Heaven” English Translation by Kumoito (Like! Like! Like! Like!) With a click, a flash, lightly, I take it Overreaching myself, now, an angel’s world This insecure self, the desire to be loved I want to show you! (I want to show you!) Crescendo In the end, popular tends are pretty much all the same This narrow world I’ve created Even the passion of having loved you the way you are I don’t need it! (I don’t need it!) Decrescendo The love I talk about before…

  • TOP 5 SEXY ZONE (Eng subs)
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    TOP 5 SEXY ZONE (Eng subs)

    In today’s Top 10, we’re not going to do a Top 10… As mentioned during the latest update, there are a couple of groups where we found it very very VERY hard to find 10 songs, including this one right here. I don’t know if you recognised them but this is Sexy zone Meaning today will in fact be a Top 5 I’d like to thank the fans who recommend a list of their songs n the previous video, that helped me to discover Thanks to you I have at least 5 songs! Thank you so much Ladies! So let’s start with Sexy zone’s Top 5 ! Literally meaning “Love…

  • Johnny’s Entertainment Q&A Tag 2017 (Eng subs)
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    Johnny’s Entertainment Q&A Tag 2017 (Eng subs)

    This week is about Johnny’s and fandoms! This week’s slightly unusual as it’s gonna be a Q&A tag, made by fans Initially it focused on HSJ but they amend it to include all Johnnny’s groups I have the questions on my phone here, let’s start! Reunion island! I actually made a video about it and the clichés I experienced, I’ll put the link down below if you’d like to check ! The concept of Johnny’s and the agency… 2005? I’m not sure… Before that I’ve seen them through dramas but I had no idea It’s when Yamapi arrived on the market that I got really interested Let’s say 2005….or maybe…

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    To promote the drama “Boku, Unmei no Hito desu” in which they both have a lead role Kamenabitch and Yamabitch have decided to collab and their unit is called Kame to YamaP It should have been named “The Biatch Duet” but that’s just my opinion you know… The single is called Senaka goshi no Chance and will be released on May 17th Previews are already available as the drama started on April 15th and the title of the drama means I’m your destiny Both the drama and single are very anticipated. The last time Kame and Yamapi have collabed was 12 years ago! They released this fabulous title for this…

  • Te To Te To Me To Me/Fantasia -Live 2010 -Red Moon- VS 2015 -The Best “Red Day” (Sub Esp/Eng/Rmnji)
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    Te To Te To Me To Me/Fantasia -Live 2010 -Red Moon- VS 2015 -The Best “Red Day” (Sub Esp/Eng/Rmnji)

    If one of those sweet lover kiss you had left fall over my cheek at waking up… we’d had found ourselves in the middle of the maze of a love affair. Although we’re holding hands it’s really difficult for me to see that heart of yours. It’s so close to me, yet so far at the same time. I really need to know where I can find love. While walking next to you I always arrange my tempo to match yours This short hair of mine somehow doesn’t seem to be anybody’s type. That thing you see when our eyes meet is nothing but my considerably dressed up heart. Althought…

  • WHAT IS KAT-TUN? (Eng subs)
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    WHAT IS KAT-TUN? (Eng subs)

    This week in My Little Natto, an intro is mandatory Kiko and I went to a concert in Japan to see a J-pop group As you can imagine we didn’t go to see Beyonce named KAT-TUN. We did not film the concert, as it’s forbidden (Copyright) But, what we did film is everything before that. Like the goodies stands, the hysterical fans others of course, not us! OMG We’re gonna see KAT-TUN! We’re not fangirls! I was there and you weren’t! Whatever! So for you to understand what we’re talking about I thought it would be good to present to you the band and each member briefly Two in particular.…

  • WHAT IS KANJANI8? (Eng subs)
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    WHAT IS KANJANI8? (Eng subs)

    Today is Kanjani day! “It’s about time!” Shut up! Careful now, before we start I want to clarify that it’s “Kanjani Eight” not “Kanjani Infinite” I know, the name is stylised so it’s confusing But now you know Formed in 2002, the group debuted in 2004 as a modern Enka band Enka is a form of sentimental ballad mixed with traditional Japanese music and a LOT of tremolo when singing Kanjani’s music has evolved to a more pop, pop rock sound but originally it was about that. The band was formed initially with 8 members, all from the Kansai region Their name is in fact a portmanteau: they’re the Johnny’s…

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    When thinking about Johnny’s, you think crappy costumes Don’t pretend you don’t understand, you know exactly what I mean When a JE stylist grabs her sewing machine… charity fairs better watch out! That’s why I’m sporting a K-pop T-shirt…to pretend this fashion has nothing to do with me Even though that design is a complete rip off of Kis-my-fteu-too but…. In order to be fair, and because there’s way too much material on this subject, I’ve picked only 5 groups and only 1 costume per group, otherwise we’re still here tomorow But not to worry, there are way more than these groups and outfits, they all have their horror gallery…

  • WHAT IS JOHNNY’S WEST? (Eng subs)
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    WHAT IS JOHNNY’S WEST? (Eng subs)

    That’s what happens when I make fun of Fumito Got myself a pigeon feather! Today is Johnny’s WEST, yes! JWEST, just like Kanjani8 are all from the Kansai region and were part of Kansai Johnny’s Jr And as they’re from Kansai, the region located more west of Tokyo They’re Johnny’s from the West, so their name is… And voila. Gramps Johnny’s outdid himself again to find a name The JWEST story is quite original, they were initially around 7 members, 4 of which were picked in order to debut as a group and finally, in April 2014, the 3 members were added back to debut with 7 members Some like…

  • WHAT IS HEY! SAY! JUMP? (Eng subs)
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    WHAT IS HEY! SAY! JUMP? (Eng subs)

    I’m already struggling to cut down to 10 mins with 5 members And you’re giving me 9 of them NINE! Group debuted in 2007, HSJ is the Johnny’s band with the most members They’re 9, used to be 10 but 1 got kicked out so we won’t talk about him, no one cares! and like others they were created to promote the Volleyball cup and briefly backdanced for KAT-TUN The name “HSJ”, now brace yourself we’re diving deep, comes from the fact that all members were born in the Heisei period, which started in 1989 meaning that, when they debuted in 2007, the average age was around 13-14 y/o? That’s…