• Reading My Childhood Journals
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    Reading My Childhood Journals

    – Hi, my name’s Jackson Bird and today, I’m reading through my childhood journals. And there’s a lot of them. (upbeat music) So, as you hopefully know by now, I wrote a freaking book and look at this! It’s not out yet. It comes out September 24th, you can pre-order it now. Link on screen and in the description box. But this is an advanced copy of my book, which is amazing to have my hands on. It’s very, very exciting. Ooh, previews. It’s so weird to have things that I wrote just like in here. Anyway, it is called “Sorted: Growing Up, Coming Out, and Finding My Place”. Available…

  • Facebook Added 50 New Gender Options!
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    Facebook Added 50 New Gender Options!

    Facebook users no longer have to be either male or female. And, no, I’m not talking about Facebook for pets because Mark Zuckerberg’s adorable dog Beast already has his own profile, anyway. [MUSIC] Hi, I’m Cristen Conger of Stuff Mom Never Told You in today for DNews. Facebook has added more than 50 new gender designations because guess what? There’s a good chance that not all of its 159 MILLION American users, who are the first to see these gender updates, identify as either male or female. For instance, according to UCLA’s Williams’ Institute, around 0.3% of the U.S. adult population, or roughly 700,000 people, are transgender. So in addition…

  • Twitter Wants Natalie Portman to Wear a Diaper
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    Twitter Wants Natalie Portman to Wear a Diaper

    -I have to congratulate you on something — I mean, “Thor.” Can we just take a moment for “Thor”? Because you’re returning to the “Thor” movies with “Thor: Love and Thunder.” My first question — how ripped do you have to get for this role? -It’s unclear right now. I haven’t read a script or anything. But I’m assuming if I’m going to be Thor, like, he has — Like, his bicep — Chris Hemsworth — is like the size of my body. -Yeah. -So I’m assuming I’m going to have to — I don’t know — start, like, protein-loading or whatever you do to get that body. -What kind…

  • Social Media Is Destroying Our Brains
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    Social Media Is Destroying Our Brains

    -I am Lilly Singh. I actually just changed my Instagram handle to @Lilly. That’s right. Just Lilly. I’m famous. [ Laughter ] Go ahead and smash that follow button. But don’t expect me to post too much. Because real talk — I’m trying my best to limit my time on social media. I know. I know. I know. It’s good. I know. [ Cheers and applause ] It’s because I recently read a study that said too much social media can impact your posture. Yeah. It can make you look an inch or two shorter. And I ain’t trying to wear heels to make up for all of that. […

  • Lilly Shares Her Petty Dating App Story
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    Lilly Shares Her Petty Dating App Story

    -Now, I know what you’re thinking, okay? “Lilly’s a new late-night host. She gets her hair and makeup done every day. Now, she’s able to flex her abs just enough to convince people that she works out, [ Laughter ] you know? There’s probably a line of people crushing on her.” Oh my God, stop! I’m blushing. Stop! Stop, okay? [ Laughter ] Well, it may shock you to know that, ahem, I’m actually single as “F,” okay? [ Scattered cheering ] Literally no one is shocked. Why aren’t you shocked? Why are you not shocked? [ Laughter ] I’m serious. I’m so single that, sometimes, I ghost myself just…

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    Do you smell that? That’s the smell of burning skin – This is a roast video. This is what happens when I over think jokes. Hey guys, how are you? Great. That’s awesome. So roasting is a trend that is happening on youtube. It’s also a thing I did last year but we don’t need to talk about that I’m a trendsetter. So if you guys haven’t seen that video the majority of the roasts went kinda like this – Last time I saw eyes that far apart I was releasing a hammerhead shark — Are my eyes really that far apart?! And ironically that was one of the funnest…

  • Exposing my Twitter Drafts
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    Exposing my Twitter Drafts

    – Hi everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley and I feel like I haven’t answered your questions in about 17,000 years. It was last June during Chosen Family when I did the last Q&A, so I asked you guys on Twitter to ask me any questions you have with the hashtag #AskTylerAnything and y’all just had questions for me that were so important that I felt like, girl, I have got to answer them. So I’m gonna answer some of those questions. Lily would like to know, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? There’s this like, island in the Bahamas somewhere, I…

  • Can I break the habit of black and white thinking?!? Twitter Thursday!! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton
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    Can I break the habit of black and white thinking?!? Twitter Thursday!! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

    Hey everybody, happy Thursday and, when it’s Thursday for those who are new, that means I’m on twitter. If you haven’t found me on twitter, it’s @katimorton so, you should just go and follow me. It’s easy as that and then use the hashtag #katifaq and ask your questions and I sort them and I find them and I have three today as well as a journal topic and a shout out so you wanna stay tuned for that and I’ll try to make it quick ’cause I know some of you told me the videos can be really long and it’s hard for you to, um, watch them all…

  • Why do I want to watch triggering stuff all the time? Twitter Thursday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton
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    Why do I want to watch triggering stuff all the time? Twitter Thursday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

    – Hey everybody, happy Thursday. And because it’s Thursday that means I’m on Twitter. And it’s almost Friday, hooray! Cause I’ve been tired this week, I don’t know why. I guess actually it’s just been a long week with the filming and all the anxiety build-up with that and then like it’s done and now I’m pooped. So anyway, I’ve been on Twitter and you’ve asked your question using the hashtag KatiFAQ. I have found them and I’m gonna answer them. But I only have three questions today because I tend to make my videos really long. I’m trying to shorten them a little bit. And I have a journal…