• Movies I Thought Were Weird
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    Movies I Thought Were Weird

    Do you all remember that classic kids movie made in the 70’s about a pig and a spider? …Yeah. Charlotte’s Web? Remember how it made us a lot of money– I-I mean… Remember how it ended… on a cliffhanger? (Confused murmurs) YEAH! BIG CLIFFHANGER! IT’S BEEN 30 YEARS! EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT SPIDER! D: The spider DIED, Ethan! Oh, I didn’t… watch it… But you got one thing right. Everyone IS wondering what happened next. The first movie wasn’t satisfying enough! America needs… a SEQUEL. Who would watch that– AND THEN 3 YEARS LATER, WE CAN MAKE A LIVE-ACTION VERSION! 😀 Now you’re speaking my language,…

  • 10 Harsh Realities of RV LIFE
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    10 Harsh Realities of RV LIFE

    Hello everybody and welcome to another studio session with Ben and Rebecca, from his and hers vlogs! Today….. We’re going to share the dark side of RV living with you. It’s actually a follow-up to last week’s video which was all warm and fuzzy where we shared the good and amazing things about the RV life. So if you don’t know, Beck and I have spent the better part of the last two years on the road, exploring a good chunk of North America. And we’re taking these studio sessions as an opportunity to download all our experiences to you!…Number 1, You are never going to find the perfect RV!…

  • How to Change your Mouse Cursor in Blogger
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    How to Change your Mouse Cursor in Blogger

    How to Change your Mouse Cursor in Blogger Go to www.cursors-4u.com Select your mouse cursor style Open image in new tab Log in into your blogger Account and go to blogger dashboard Go to Template and click on Edit HTML Search this code (just copy from description) Paste this code directly above/before ]]>*copy the code from decription Replace your-image-url with your cursors-4u.com image URL Save template Let’s try And you’re done! How to Change your Mouse Cursor in Blogger