• Why Rubies Don’t Exist in Minecraft
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    Why Rubies Don’t Exist in Minecraft

    *Music* Wooho This was the last one! This was the last one! 😀 But it feels like something is missing… I think it’s rubies… I’ve always wondered why they don’t exist Random guy>I know why! Random guy>It happended a long time ago… Music music Miner>yay,finally! A cave! im gonna find so many rubies I cant wait Music Another Music 45 days later Day 46 Its been days, I still havent found any rubies.. Epic music Clears book *wants rubies* *puts blocks Mines rubies Miner>YAY,FINALLY! Miner>It was worth all the wait Miner>Time to find out what they can do *puts crafting table* Miner>Maybe crafting a sword will work i guess tools…

  • If Creative Mode Got Removed From Minecraft
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    If Creative Mode Got Removed From Minecraft

    Seraient-ce des blocs de diamant, d’émeraude et de fer? Comment en a-t-il trouvé autant? Ils paraissent géniaux, j’aimerai bien en avoir. Je vais lui demander comment il les a eu… Salut Je t’ai juste vu construire avec tout ces blocs rares et je me demandais, comment en as-tu eu autant? Ca s’appelle le mode Créatif. Tu peux obtenir n’importe quel objet avec. Mais je ne donne le mode Créatif à personne. Oh, pourrais-tu me donner quelques diamants dans ce cas? Non, pourquoi t’en donnerai-je ? Vas-t-en. Ce gars était tellement méchant… Il a des diamants à volonté mais ne m’en a donné aucun. Imagine si il perdait son mode Créatif……

  • When A Noob Joins A Server – Minecraft
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    When A Noob Joins A Server – Minecraft

    Varias horas de caminar mas tarde… Ja, pensabas que iba a caer en este agujero? hoy no! que?! Cuando un noob entra en un servidor Recuerda dejar tu “me gusta” 😀 Este debe ser el modo multijugador de Minecraft! :O No sabía que Minecraft tenía multijugador Me divertiré mucho con otras personas ahora que lo sé! Ahora a encontrar a una persona para jugar con ella 😀 Hey, te gustaría ser mi amigo? ok Y qué haremos ahora? No lo sé, cualquier cosa No!!! Es un creeper! Escuché que esas cosas explotan Tenemos que escapar de él! lol, me voy de aquí, chau … No, vete de aquí! No! NO!!!…

  • If Noobs and Pros Switched Places – Minecraft
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    If Noobs and Pros Switched Places – Minecraft

    Minecraft *incredibles 2 leaked soundtrack intensifies* GET OVER HEEERE *MORTAL COMBAT CONFIRMED* I HATE ANNOYING NOOBS LIKE YOU! *boi ur acting like one* STOP PLACIG DIRT IN MY HOUSE *u mad bro* *stalking* *pelo laugh* i’ve got another idea! this plan is perfect.. i love talking to myself! *GAAAAY* if noobs and pros swit if noobs and pros switched places made by opepros remember to leave a remember to leave a ‘like’ 😀 (i’ll like this if you approve of my captions yo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lol) *omg how long is this gonna take* *rip* *kazoo kid plays in background while noob is running away from pro* *stop* *pop!*…

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    If Notch Was Evil And Herobrine Was Good – Minecraft

    Time to grief>:D Rails? O_o I should try to use them hi What a beautiful day to play Minecraft 😀 Rails? I should try to use them If Notch Was Evil And Herobrine Was Good HAHAHA Stop it D: haha, enjoy your new house Are you alright sir? You’re Herobrine! Please don’t hurt me! Don’t worry, I’m here to help! So what’s the problem? Well Notch just came here,and I thought he would give me diamonds…. But apparently he griefed me D: Don’t worry, I can fix this for you Come out of the house first So how can you fix it? Well just look… Done Thank you so much…

  • Why Gold Tools Break Quickly – Minecraft
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    Why Gold Tools Break Quickly – Minecraft

    Sunny wow… Again gold? All i ever find is gold.. If I find gold one more time.. *Lots of gold* I might as well grab some while I’m here. 2 hours later… *placing gold ore on top of the lava* *lava stops running* I’m so angry… I’ve got so much gold ore WOOHOO!! sometimes when they talk i cant put any caption I’ve got so many diamonds!! I guess I’m a really skilled miner! Wanna give me those useless diamonds you have there? lol, what’s wrong with you? That’s such a bad deal… How about 10? *gives them* 😛 IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE?! It haooened a long time…