• OBS Studio – Adding Twitch Chat Overlay to Your Stream
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    OBS Studio – Adding Twitch Chat Overlay to Your Stream

    What’s up guys, it’s Pete here once again for the Gaming Careers YouTube channel. Today we’re going to be talking about how to add twitch chat, specifically a completely transparent version of your twitch chat into your stream. This is useful because it helps keep chat interaction going, people like seeing their names on the stream so they’ll be more tempted to chat on your stream if they can see it actually in the video and know that their name’s going out to all of your viewers and it’s also useful for maybe some of the quieter times during your stream like queue times or loading screens it’s useful just…

  • Titler Live Tutorial | RSS Feed Input

    Titler Live Tutorial | RSS Feed Input

    the RSS reader in Tyler live allows you to add live data from RSS feeds into your broadcasts titles and graphics today we'll be creating a simple RSS feed title from scratch as well as repurposing an existing title to display an RSS feed will create a new title by right clicking inside the playlist and selecting new once created go to the inputs tab and select general RSS reader new input now we'll need to choose a name for our new input and paste in the feeds URL today we'll be using ESPN's top headlines feed which can be found on ESPN's website once the input has been created…