• Recording and encoding audio and video streams from the world wide web |Difficulty:•|
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    Recording and encoding audio and video streams from the world wide web |Difficulty:•|

    So in order to record the streaming of video and audio we will need an application in this case we are using Windows the best one that I know that is free and open source is Camstudio this is the website: Camstudio.org and of course it will allow us to record any type of video that is played and any type of audio that is going through the motherboard audio device USB devices tend not to work so, we scroll down and at the download link we will click there and it will take us to the SourceForge.net project site just follow the instructions to install Camstudio here at technet.microsoft.com…

  • Hurt Me, Daddy!

    Hurt Me, Daddy!

    what's going on everybody this is fries so today we are doing this walnut heel deck the idea of this deck in the early game is to do nothing and just accept the pain the more they hurt you the better it will be there are so many different ways of winning with this deck one of the best ways is setting up a heart attack to a Venus flytrap planet and then doing a little heal you can even heal very inexpensively with just a little buddy this will heal you for two and then you know the harder joke says hey look we healed for two let's do…

  • Der EHRLICHE Großstadtleben-Trailer! | sims-blog.de

    Der EHRLICHE Großstadtleben-Trailer! | sims-blog.de

    [Musik] die entwickler veröffentlichen zu jedem neuen pack immer eine menge an verschiedenen trailern die schon mal einen einblick in die anstehende erweiterung geben sollen in diesem video habe ich mir den abhanden trailer noch mal angesehen und mir überlegt wie eine komplett ehrliche und ungeschönte version dazu aussehen könnte damit ihr das video besser versteht solltet ihr euch eventuell nochmal den original trailer vorher ansehen die nicht in der beschreibung verlinkt habe der konzern bei schuhen oder der einigermaßen lebendigen neuen welt des erweiterungs pack diese vier großstadtleben aber keine sorge falls ihr euch den peg namen nicht merken können werde ich später noch einmal den namen des packs…

  • OTK  Bomb

    OTK Bomb

    what's going on everybody this is fry so today we are doing something really new here this is the otk tennis bomb deck the idea and what this deck was sort of built around is the concept of playing either tennis champ which is a won cost of dose for damage that turn or bomb which is the three cost of six damage that turn and trying to use a combination of sugary treats which are gonna give them extra attack and this environment will give them extra attack and bonus attacks which will make them attack several times to really basically finish them off on one turn the OT…

  • When Bananas Kick @ss

    When Bananas Kick @ss

    fairly certain we're gonna win oh wow that was so beautiful what's going on everybody this is fry so today we are doing a control captain combustible deck have that in mind when you're playing this because that's the way you got to play this this is gonna be we're gonna be kicking some potassium if you know what I'm saying with the bananas synergy so it's trying to think you know this seems like a very powerful card how can you actually utilize this in a real competitive deck any time that this dies so one to two so again great control card and turn one you can stick…

  • I bought a REAL DARK WEB MYSTERY BOX *goes disastrously wrong* (GUN INSIDE)

    I bought a REAL DARK WEB MYSTERY BOX *goes disastrously wrong* (GUN INSIDE)

    yo what's poppin oxide fair my name is Marcus aka Cyrus and I'm bringing you a brand new video today I ordered a mystery box from the dark web and I'm really not that happy to make this video I already did it about one and a half a week ago and I recorded that for you so roll the footage and while the footage is rolling I'm going to prepare here and get ready for the I don't know if this is going to be a little bit shaky but just look at there I was about to fucking record here and this shit this piece of garbage cheapest…

  • BM Is Purer Than Salt

    BM Is Purer Than Salt

    perfectly now what you gonna do what do you what could he possibly do he doesn't have a heel oh that's that's a one-in-five he is not gonna get still have a chance nothing even talking about this is good against brain stir I'm askin theoretically drive them crazy we have the finish oh no oh I feel so bad for this guy somewhere over the rainbow just concede look at this ultimately brainstorm so much forget me that you can't forget about playing any cards this game dude oh no no no don't get backup dancers no pass yes condom this is a mustache this is a mustache we…

  • Meine ersten Inselleben-Eindrücke! | sims-blog.de

    Meine ersten Inselleben-Eindrücke! | sims-blog.de

    [Musik] die sims 4 insel leben ist jetzt erhältlich und in diesem ersten video möchte ich meine ersten eindrücke und gedanken zu dieser erweiterung mit euch teilen viel spaß beim ansehen da haben wir auch schon die siebte erweiterung für die sims 4 ich finds auf jeden fall krass wie schnell doch jetzt irgendwie der release ging seitdem es angekündigt wurde ist jetzt wirklich nicht viel zeit vergangen und wir sehen können ich habe schon installiert habe noch gar nicht angespielt habe ehrlich gesagt auch gar nicht so viele vorab videos von den anderen sims youtube angeguckt und ich würde sagen wir schauen durch direkt jetzt mal im erstelle einen…