• SML Movie: Jeffy’s YouTube Channel!
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    SML Movie: Jeffy’s YouTube Channel!

    (Sigh) Mario: Can’t Wait To Watch TV! Jeffy: Hey Daddy, Wanna See Me Be A Fish? Mario: A Fish? Jeffy: Yeah, Watch. (INSTANT CONSTIPATION) Mario: J- Jeffy Stop It. (CONSTIPATION AGAIN) Goodman: Breaking News, Mkkay! YouTube Sensation, Hogan Paul, A YouTuber Who Has 15 Million Subscribers And Makes Millions Of Dollars For Making Vdeos On YouTube Goodman: Is Under Fire This Week, For Recording Himself, Hitting His Dead Hamster With A Baseball Bat Goodman: We Have Footage To Show You Now, But Keep In Mind The Video Footage Is Disturbing. What’s up HoeGang guess what I found this morning! my hamster died! look at em’ all dead. Oh, you know…