• 🎙️ Teaser: EEs Talk Tech Electrical Engineering Podcast Season 2!
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    🎙️ Teaser: EEs Talk Tech Electrical Engineering Podcast Season 2!

    Hi, I’m Daniel Bogdanoff and to date there are 37 episodes of EEs talk tech, well, 38 if you include the quick interview we did with the astronaut but it’s been over six months without a new episode so you’re probably thinking, “come on Daniel get your act together!” First off that’s a little harsh, but fair. I won’t hold it against you. Second since Mike and I started this podcast in 2017 I’ve had at least four different jobs at keysight and this podcast hasn’t really been a part of any of them. It’s more of a passion project inspired by over the cubicle wall conversations about tomorrow’s technologies…

  • Noclip Podcast #07 – Lucas Pope (Papers Please / Return of the Obra Dinn)
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    Noclip Podcast #07 – Lucas Pope (Papers Please / Return of the Obra Dinn)

    (relaxing music) – [Danny] Hello and welcome to Noclip, the podcast about people who play and make video games. Our guest this week is an independent developer responsible for 2013’s political passport checker, Papers Please, and the recently released seafaring dither punk solve-’em-up Return of the Obra Dinn. Today he lives on the island nation of Japan which makes me even more grateful for his time today as it’s currently 9:00 a.m. here in Maryland, which makes it around 11:00 p.m. in Tokyo. But if the conversation flows we should hopefully get him in bed before midnight. I’m delighted to be joined by Lucas Pope. Lucas, thank you so much…

  • SSPX Podcast #10 🎧 Fundamentalists ➕ Defending the Latin Mass
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    SSPX Podcast #10 🎧 Fundamentalists ➕ Defending the Latin Mass

    Welcome to another edition of the SSPX podcast delivering sermons lectures and the spoken word from across the English-speaking world. Today we’re speaking again with father Paul Robinson of Holy Cross Seminary in Goulburn, Australia we have two questions for him this week from our listeners but first I wanted to dive in a little bit to a fairly public disagreement between a Catholic organization and father who wrote the book Realist Guide to Religion and Science there were some fairly serious accusations leveled against him so I wanted to bring those up and discuss it a little bit with him. Also this week a listener asks for some help…

  • RT Podcast: Ep. 366 – The Intern Incident
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    RT Podcast: Ep. 366 – The Intern Incident

    music* *Roosterteeth Podcast Intro Music* [Gus Sorola] Hello everyone *nervous laugh* [Gavin Free] Where’s the intro? [Blaine Gibson] Where’d it go? [Gus] Welcome to the Rooster Teeth Podcast [Gus] this week brought to by Casper, Trunk Club and Warby Parker, not brought to you by the Podcast intro. [Barbara] *nervous laugh* Get fucked [Gus] This week we got- [Gavin Free] I didn’t even have time to take my penis out and put it away again. [Gus] We got Gus, [Gavin] *relaxed, chill as heck* Gavin [Barbara Dunkleman] Barbara [Blaine Gibson] *rushed* Blaine [Gus] and Gus [Gus] So, uhm, Burnie was supposed to be with us but he was on a…

  • How podcasts became so popular
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    How podcasts became so popular

    – [Shaq] This is Shaq podcast. – [Ashley] In our new podcast. – [Anna] And we have a new podcast. – [Kara] Our very first podcast. – Influencers, celebrities, journalists, random friends of yours, everyone has a podcast. Spotify plans to spend $500 million on podcast related acquisitions this year alone. But why is this happening now? Podcasts have been around for over a decade. To understand what changed to make podcasts the phenomenon they are now, we have to, hold on. This is better. Okay, we have to look at the big picture. So yeah, podcasts came about because of Apple, iTunes and iPods. – Now we recently announced…

  • AIB Podcast : feat. Shah Rukh Khan (Part 02)
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    AIB Podcast : feat. Shah Rukh Khan (Part 02)

    Okay Shah Rukh Three things that people believe to be true about movie stars but they are not true at all A Koffee with Karan question Yes, quite Koffee with Karan When I wake up I wake up as ugly as all of you guys I mean, really What they show about the mornings Sunlight I hate it That’s the one impression they give after love making After love making what they show in movies is a is a disgusting lie It should be banned I just want to point out that we have made love Like yeah… You don’t have to say it like you’re telling us a theoretical…

  • Mike’s Vancouver Vacation – Vacation Impossible Podcast
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    Mike’s Vancouver Vacation – Vacation Impossible Podcast

    once again mike is on a trip here to Vancouver how I am how’s your trip this time so far so good I had a few days off work so I thought I’d fly out on another turbulent flight this time the wings were flapping which was quite unnerving but yeah it’s so far so good and I got to see Warren Dean Flandez at his a concert today the Jazz Festival he rocked it. He tends to. Yeah he had the top line vocal collection singing as well so so far so good went out and saw some friends yesterday got drunk got sick and yeah great first impression…