• 4 Creepypasta Websites You Should NEVER Go On
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    4 Creepypasta Websites You Should NEVER Go On

    There is a website that offers. It’s used as the chance to experience the to quote Ultimate horror this website called blind Maiden calm It’s supposedly a site dedicated to a doomed spirit that will enter the home of people who are viewed that site However, no matter how hard you try your browser won’t allow you to enter the site You see to access this site. You must wait until exactly 12:00 a.m. Making sure the night in question is in a new moon night You must be on your own in your home with all the lights turned off Only when these conditions are met You will be…

  • Website Marketing Automation
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    Website Marketing Automation

    AUTOMATION, AUTOMATION, AUTOMATION! This stat shocked me… Did you know that the average website only gets one percent conversion rates? And that’s worldwide! Hey there my name is Brad Smith owner of AutomationLinks.com and when I heard this stat it made me angr! That’s why I’m on a mission to help you increase conversion rates on your website. That’s why we created the website in the first place right? To get people to come to the site, sign up and pay you! Now if you already have a website you’ve realized it’s just not that easy and that’s what I experienced too. So I figured out a way to increase…

  • Facebook – Cyprien
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    Facebook – Cyprien

    Where did I put my glasses ? Two years ago I made a video about Facebook Today I’ll talk to you about facebook I decided to do a little update Because Facebook has changed a lot since then. Now we can say, like, whatever we want It didn’t exist before and that led to some pretty weird situations You know, those who write a status update and like their own status who comments this comment and like their own comments Have you ever seen people like that? Why they do it, I don’t know Maybe they have amnesia? It was so cool the party yesterday ! Oh ! A status…

  • 5/8 How To Create A Website For Your Podcast | Start A Podcast Fast
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    5/8 How To Create A Website For Your Podcast | Start A Podcast Fast

    Hi and welcome to Start A Podcast Fast, the series where I show you how to get your podcast started really quickly. I’m Ryan McLane from podcastfast.com. In this lesson you’re going to learn how to create a website for your podcast. I totally recommend that you get a website for your podcast. Every podcast that I have has a website associated with it and I believe this is essential if you want to build a business around your podcast. I’m going to explain why I recommend this. However it is possible to take this RSS feed from SoundCloud and submit that to iTunes in Stitcher Radio without having a…

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    My 3 last show date are in december 2016 in the Zenith of Pariiiiiis Come With the upcoming summer, there are a lot of people who start lifting I’ve tried to And in a few months, we really start seeing the results WRONG True story, the first time that I’ve been to the gym I used the elliptical bike and the director of the gym came to show the place to a couple. And there was that awkward moment: So over here there is the lifting part for the very strong men and here the elliptical bike for women this is good It’s good for women It’s a…. good machine…

  • Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gus the Social Media Hostage
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    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gus the Social Media Hostage

    I got held hostage by technology and social media in the worst way imaginable Burnie: Okay So, I’m gonna be moving soon. So I had to get a storage unit. I get there, I’m signing up, I’m finally done with all of that and uh, the guy whose helping me is like oh hey by the way, Do you have your mobile phone on you? I was like, yeah. He’s like, well do you mind doing a quick survey for me? I was like Ah fuck. okay, okay, fine whatever. Opened up google maps, I’m like okay.. He’s like just type our address in there I’m like okay, He’s like…

  • How To Auto Tweet Your Libsyn Podcast Player on Twitter
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    How To Auto Tweet Your Libsyn Podcast Player on Twitter

    Hi everybody it’s Ileane from ileanesmith.com and if you’re a podcaster and you host your files with Libsyn I want to show you today how you can pin this awesome Libsyn Player at the top of your Twitter. What you wanna do guys you want to make sure that every time you have a new episode of your show that it Tweets automatically when you upload it to Libsyn. So in order to do that you want to set up a feature they have that’s called On PUBLISH. So go into “Destinations” in this case were gonna add a New Destination You’re gonna add Twitter – now I’m already logged…

  • The Bodega Boys Answer Your Twitter Questions! | Office Hours | DESUS & MERO
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    The Bodega Boys Answer Your Twitter Questions! | Office Hours | DESUS & MERO

    What is the perfect summer sneaker? I want to say a white Air Force 1, but that’s not true because as soon as it gets dirty you’re kind of fucked for rest of the summer. So the perfect summer sneaker would be Construction Timberland. You can wear it in the rain, you can wear it as a weapon. It makes you taller, so you can holler at women who are taller than you, or men who are taller than you. And also, it works out your thighs because you’re lifting these heavy boots when you’re getting on the train so your legs start looking better. Do I have any favorite…