• Deck Improvement Flip on a Budget Day 7 Completion with Wagner Paint Sprayers
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    Deck Improvement Flip on a Budget Day 7 Completion with Wagner Paint Sprayers

    hi everyone and welcome to Hedgehog Hollow and welcome back to our last day behind the scenes and what I get up to when I’m not in the crass studio so we have shown you all week what I have been doing to create this gorgeous deck and today I get to reveal it to you so on day one I showed you my prep and how I really opened up the space by painting our siding white whereas before it was beige and then on day 2 I showed you that thrifted furniture and how it went from kind of really blah that really kind of old-fashioned wicker into…

  • Tyrone Shum’s Response to Rapid Video Blogging
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    Tyrone Shum’s Response to Rapid Video Blogging

    Hi Gideon, I just wanted to hop on this video and say a really, really big thank you for three awesome videos that I’ve seen so far and the last one really, really touched my heart with Fran Kerr. And, I personally don’t know Fran Kerr very well but I’ve been watching her as well from Yaro’s blog and also from the works that you’ve been doing with her. And, I know West Loh has also interviewed her and talked about health and stuff like that. But what amazes me is how Fran is able to establish a presence online just by doing simple things and just by being herself.…

  • 160114 [V] Sungjoo’s Chatroom
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    160114 [V] Sungjoo’s Chatroom

    Hello~ Hello For a while, people kept saying… that I don’t read the comments. So this time… I’m here to have a conversation with everyone. Have you eaten yet? I want to see you guys too. Hi, Yumi~ “Drivers exam”? Yeah, those are hard. Be careful, driving can be dangerous. “Weight”? How much do you think I weigh? 68 kg I like eating everything. Yes. Between blonde hair and dark hair… it’s all good. Me too. I love you, too. I want to meet you, too! Thai fan? “Why are you alone?” I just wanted to talk with you all alone. “Say my name” “Blow us a kiss” Oh, the…

  • [HowTo] Use RSS Feeds

    [HowTo] Use RSS Feeds

    in this video tutorial I'll be showing you how to use RSS RSS it's very simple it's basically on it gets you updated with your favorite websites so when your favorite website is updated it will notify you right away I'm so I'm going to show you how how to do that and how to use RSS it's going to be very simple youtube has RSS so if we visit youtube there should be a little RSS button on YouTube alright so if I click on it and it says subscribe to YouTube blog subscribe top favorites top rated top viewed etc so if I like the top rated today…

  • simpleXML PHP tutorial learn to parse any XML files and RSS feeds

    simpleXML PHP tutorial learn to parse any XML files and RSS feeds

    how long in this lesson you will learn how to use PHP to parse XML feeds an XML API data from any of your favorite websites or from websites that your clients request dynamic data feeds from we will be tapping into the simple XML extension of PHP for just one of its functions you can parse RSS and API data from all of the popular websites online that happen to syndicate their information so this is what we're going to be doing within this video lesson I'm going to go to YouTube then I'm going to go to develop PHP and then I'm going to go to Ted and…