• ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘Answer’ Official MV
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    ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘Answer’ Official MV

    Let’s make a toast like a thunder Fill in everything As much as it overflows Raise your glasses over your heads As high as you can be shown anywhere I got the answer Open your hand and look up say oh Raise glasses and face each other say oh Shouting out that the end means the beginning Remember we were together from the tip of the toe, say my name Burn burn Burn it up, more Keep going, make a fire Everyday’s a finale show As like tomorrow is the end of the world Maintain this fever Oxygen, Fire, because you and I make the bluish light The burning sun…

  • [191120] [ENG SUB] ATEEZ A TO Z #2: Answering lots of questions!
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    [191120] [ENG SUB] ATEEZ A TO Z #2: Answering lots of questions!

    [Talking starts around 24 seconds] Everyone listening to JFN Park, good evening! Good evening~ 2, 3 8 MAKES 1 TEAM Hello we are ATEEZ! We are ATEEZ wOw Hongjoong-san, please introduce yourself Ah yeah yeah yeah We are… Ah ha we are ATEEZ! I– I am ATEEZ’s leader I am Hongjoong, the embodiment of sense [T/N can mean fashion sense or sense of humor] um.. you’re a multitalented leader Ah yes I think you’re a multitalented leader And you, Yunho-san? I am ATEEZ’s vitamin vitamin! VITAMIN You’re a vitamin today? Today I am a vitamin Yes yes that’s great I am vitamin Yunho! Today I am a vitamin Yunho What…

  • What it took to make me want to live!
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    What it took to make me want to live!

    To quote Randy Paush, “Brick walls, are there for a reason, they let us prove how badly we want things.” And not until my round trip back to SF, as I took a pit stop in WA, did I fully come to understand these words.   Over the last four year, I’ve experiences many of those brick walls, but it wasn’t until I got to WA and came to a brick wall so immense and seemingly impenetrable that I finally had to really show just how much I wanted to still live. I finally had to show all that was within me, to prove to life just how much I…

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    Halo Lagi Ngapain Biasa Lagi Mainan Laptop Bermain Aja Ya Iya Lagi Chatingan Kamu Orang Mana Orang Jimpret Oh….. Coba Saya Penasaran Aja Penasaran Apa Ya Ketemuan Ayoo……..? Jangan Ayo2 Aja Iya ayo….? Dimana Mau Ketemuanya Di Jembatan Itu Tau Ngga Jembata Kuning Atau Di Lapangan Oh Iya Tau Ya Udah Ketemunan Di Situ Aja Ya Kapan…. Sekarang…. Tar Kabari Aja Kalau Kamu Sampai Di Situ / Iya Ang Saya Mau Jalaun Dulu Ya… Minjem Motornya Mau Jalan Kemana…? Mau Ketemuan Sama Teman Sebentar Jangan Sendirian Berangkatnya Kamu Itu Wanita Terus Kalau Ada Apa2 Kaka Yang Di Marahin Sama Ayah Coba Lihat Kaya Apa Photonya Tuh…..? Ganteng Ya….? Bisa’an Nyarinya…

  • ATEEZ Answer ATINY Questions From Twitter
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    ATEEZ Answer ATINY Questions From Twitter

    Eight makes one team! We are ATEEZ! Yey ATINY! We are back again with good news through MyMusicTaste! Wow! Right! After announcing our US tour, we are happy to announce our European tour. A lot of our ATINY from Europe made us via MyMusicTaste. So, we have something special prepared for our ATINY! Right? Our ATINYs had a lot of questions for us! True. Now we are here to answer some of these questions. Yahoo! I am really curious about the questions we got! Let’s start then! Yeah! Help ATINY make a playlist! Can you please recommend a song that you are really enjoying right now? Who will start first?…

  • Rachel Cushing vs Mike Kalinowski III - D2A Schmoedown Reaction

    Rachel Cushing vs Mike Kalinowski III – D2A Schmoedown Reaction

    what's up guys it's Chris Donley here from dedicated art just give a little heads up you might notice there was a huge jump in today's small town reaction we do apologize but there was a massive tech tip called that was happening during the recording so please forgive us for that happening because you know there were some things we wanted to get get there were some thoughts we had in between the intro and the round one but again massive apologies guys and please enjoy the reaction [Applause] hi everyone and welcome to another Schroder reaction right here on dedicated to art and it is not just a…

  • Who Cares About Comic Con 2019 Anyway - #WhoCaresAnyway Podcast

    Who Cares About Comic Con 2019 Anyway – #WhoCaresAnyway Podcast

    [Applause] hello everybody welcome back to the who cares anyway podcast we are live and it is for i-day night and I'm seeing in the chat we got the China six army going right now I love every single one of you this is amazing let's keep this out let's make this a thing let's keep building it bigger you guys are all freaking great Who am I I am simply your host pushed for the show Kris doming but you know in some circles they might call me Skywalker and won't get more into that why that's happening in just a moment here but before we get to that…

  • Writer ZACK STENTZ Talks New Movie RIM OF THE WORLD, X-Men, and The Flash

    Writer ZACK STENTZ Talks New Movie RIM OF THE WORLD, X-Men, and The Flash

    [Applause] of course as we've hiked this up for a little bit because I didn't think this could possibly happen but yes we may it happen and tonight please everybody welcome to the show the writer of the new Netflix film rim of the world as well as some other projects might have heard of like Andromeda the flash x-men first class and Thor Zach Stan's Zach welcome to the show man and thank you for being here oh it's so my pleasure it's great to be here yes and as I mentioned up top that you and I do have a very common connection which is my Burnett who…