• Lesson 6: Create a Social Networking Website - Retrieving the Form Data

    Lesson 6: Create a Social Networking Website – Retrieving the Form Data

    welcome back guys in this video we're going to find a way to register we need to input our values into the database so don't forget to download the registration template that is in the description let's begin when when you download the registration template just paste it in the folder have you created before okay so we need to create a new folder we will call it includes we create another folder in the includes folder so it's a subfolder okay so we're going to start by declaring variables in PHP tags for the email and email yeah signup date for the sign up like we're going to get…

  • Why Use RSS Feeds?

    Why Use RSS Feeds?

    welcome to the tutorial and explanation of why to use RSS RSS streamlines communications between publishers and readers since RSS has had a popularity surge webmasters have been experimenting and using RSS feeds to deliver content in new and innovative ways typically RSS feeds contain news headlines and content summaries the content summaries contain just enough information without overwhelming the reader with superfluous details if the reader is interested and wants additional information they can click on the item in the feed accessing the web page which contains the additional details RSS readers aggregate multiple feeds making it easy for individuals to quickly scan information contained within each feed feeds…

  • Outlook 2007 - RSS Feeds Tutorial

    Outlook 2007 – RSS Feeds Tutorial

    most likely you have several internet locations you like to visit right how would you like it if they all came to visit you instead of you having to go out and visit them well that's exactly what you get with RSS the web comes looking for you and this is a built-in feature for microsoft outlook 2007 called RSS feeds let's go take a look now when you're an Outlook you're probably using your inbox most of the time that's where you get your emails if you ever just scroll down a little bit and checked out RSS feeds that's where they are and that's where you can add…

  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Deep Web

    8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Deep Web

    join us today as we explore the darkest reaches of the Internet here are eight things you didn't know about the Deep Web today's video was done in collaboration with crypto coin consultants more on that later number 8 tor known as The Onion Router from its original project named tor is free software that allows users to communicate on the internet anonymously this is achieved by directing traffic through a network of over 7,000 relays that hide the user and their location from traffic analysis and network surveillance much like the layers of an onion tor implements layered data encryption in its communication protocol at each step the browser…

  • How to Use  Scrivener for Blogging (Part 1) - What is Scrivener?

    How to Use Scrivener for Blogging (Part 1) – What is Scrivener?

    hi there my name is Brian Collins from the coma rider today and in this video I can't explain to you what the writing output Scribner is how you can use it to manage complicated writing projects and use it to manage their posts on your blog and if you at the end of this video I'll also explain about a giveaway that you can guess that will help you use Scribner to manage your blog okay so this is description so there are three main areas in Scrivener is the binder on the left hand side of the screen is the editor in the center of the screen on…

  • How to Get a Portuguese Ip Address! (Portugal Vpn With Proxy list) Software

    How to Get a Portuguese Ip Address! (Portugal Vpn With Proxy list) Software

    hello people welcome to my video today going to show you how to change how to get a Portuguese IP address or also change your your proxies to Portuguese proxies does that doesn't matter the country where you are from you can always change to to the IP address that you that you want the fake one you need to do is to find the software to do indeed there's a lot of software's out there and some of them they are good but they are too expensive some other ones that they are they are cheap but it doesn't work well so it's quite difficult sometimes to find the…

  • The Secrets Of Deep Web

    The Secrets Of Deep Web

    Verde prep otherwise known as the dark web or hidden web it's a hidden part of the internet which can only be accessed by certain programs such as tall on the Deep Web there are websites that contain secret government documents websites have sell drugs and weapons and other horrific and gory websites I won't even mention you the viewers have sent in your horror stories of what you have found while browsing the Deep Web number five x squared this story was submitted by Dean I started using the Deep Web just out of curiosity I was told it was a paradise for drugs weapons hidden documents etc while…

  • How to Make a Social Network from Scratch: Part 1 - Begining the Design (remake)

    How to Make a Social Network from Scratch: Part 1 – Begining the Design (remake)

    so hi and welcome to this video so this is the first video in of the 14 remix I'm going to be doing of the how to make your own social network series because in the first fourteen videos there was actually this background music that turned out to be copyrighted and I got a copyright notification on my channel it's not a copyright strike so it's not the same thing it just means that YouTube knows that they like they've worked out the music was copyrighted I didn't know what was at the time but it obviously is so and also the first fourteen video so this I didn't…