• How to backup your website files, databases and emails (cPanel)
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    How to backup your website files, databases and emails (cPanel)

    Hello everyone. Welcome to CopaHost. We offer web hosting plan for every type of cPanel. You can check our plans as listed below. Today in this tutorial we will be learning how to data backup of your database with cPanel. So let’s login to the cPanel. Once you login by entering your username and password, you can authenticate your details. So once you are into the cPanel dashboard under the section files You have to click backup. There you have the option to download a full website backup then there are some partial backups that can be helpful like home directory backup by clicking home directory and MySQL backup by…

  • Get Fact Up #17:  Google and Facebook Updates
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    Get Fact Up #17: Google and Facebook Updates

    – Hi. I’m Chris Hogan, founder and CEO of Me Media. It’s time get fact up! Thanks for tuning in, Australia. Last week we caught up on Twitter’s algorithmic updates. And Instagram’s awesome new feature. This week, we’ll be focused on Facebook and Google. In breaking news, Facebook has announced that they will be launching ads in their Messenger app. Some of you might be like “ugh!” And marketers will be like “yaaay!” Set to launch in the second quarter of this year, businesses will have the ability to send ads as messages to people who have previously initiated a chat thread with the company. Facebook has started informing businesses…

  • Get Fact Up 23 Google AdWords Updates
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    Get Fact Up 23 Google AdWords Updates

    (bright music) – G’day Australia. I’m Chris Hogan, Founder and CEO of MeMedia. It’s time to get fact up. This Monday, we’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest news from Google. But before we get started, we just wanted to let you know that because MeMedia are Google partners on the fourth of May we will be hosting a Google live event, streaming from the Google headquarters in Sydney. We’d love to have you here at our auditorium in Burleigh Heads. It’s a free event. Come along, learn, have a laugh, and maybe a few nibbles. You can check out the link to the event in our blog. Now…

  • Updated Google Chrome small address bar Fix
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    Updated Google Chrome small address bar Fix

    Hey guys this is an updated video to fix the small address bar issue in google chrome. I found these instructions are working for windows 10. I don’t know if it works for the other operating systems or not. There are two versions of windows 10 in this video. Let’s cover both of them one after the other. Let me get straight into the solution. As you can see the address bar looks very tiny. We need to right click on desktop and go to display settings once you are there you need to select advanced display settings, in advanced display settings go to “advanced sizing of text and other…

  • Download Twitter Videos on Android
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    Download Twitter Videos on Android

    Today i will talk to you How to download video from Twitter Open Twitter Come on trending I’m opening #VishwasghatDiwas Choose any video Like this Play If we We want to download this video Click on this tweet Click on down arrow which is on right top-corner Select copy link to tweet Exit Open the browser Type in URLs twittervideodownloader.com Enter or search Paste your link here Click on download That is download video option Click on download Come in downloads Open Click on 3 dots Click on open with Thank you guys This is the video How to download video from Twitter Your Call

  • How To Download Youtube Videos Via RSS Feeds

    How To Download Youtube Videos Via RSS Feeds

    hello today I'm gonna teach you how to automatically download YouTube videos to your computer so if there are certain tags that you want to have all of the videos to like maybe a video game maybe a tip or something like that you can have that every time one is added download to your computer or you can have every video by a user automatically download to your computer so let's say that you want every video that I made but you you don't use YouTube that much and you want to view an offline on your computer or something like that this would be great for that so…

  • Blogging from an iPad

    Blogging from an iPad

    everyone welcome back to my channel and today's topic is something that I'm really excited and really passionate about and that is blogging from an iPad now if you've been following me for a while you know I'm a big blogger I do teach blog coaching sessions through Google helpouts and I'll leave a link down below for that if you're interested in starting a blog you can definitely reach out to me and I am available to coach you through Google helpouts but because I'm like such a big fan of blogging and absolutely love blogs I'm always looking for like great new ways great new technology to help…