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    A presentation of the website of Ostia Antica, harbour city of ancient Rome

    The Ostia website started in 1996, so it’s quite an old website, and it’s been growing ever since. A group of people has been working on it for all those years. Me, Jan Theo Bakker, I call myself ostiarius, which is the gatekeeper of the website. But other people have contributed as well, significantly. I could mention Eric Taylor, from the UK, who has written many, many pages about the graffiti in Ostia, and Gerard Huissen, from the Netherlands, who has written a very, very large section about the famous Isola Sacra necropolis, which is situated between Ostia and Portus. The main aim of the website is to make it…

  • Montana Deer Hunting with 2015 EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNAL Hunt Winner
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    Montana Deer Hunting with 2015 EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNAL Hunt Winner

    we’ve got this bug spotted we saw him a couple days ago and haven’t been able to turn him up until now we are fighting in the wind it’s opening morning 24th October and obviously the rut hasn’t really got going yet these deer just these bucks are off by themselves maybe in some bachelor groups still and nice to nice-looking dear wasn’t he yeah what but being opening morning I think we’ll just keep looking and we just started hunting the last hour we got lots of country to look at so I think we can maybe do better we aren’t seeing much in the way of bucks on…

  • P53 animation – tumor supressor gene animation
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    P53 animation – tumor supressor gene animation

    P53 gene encodes in tumour suppressor protein p53 tumour suppressor has a negative effect on cell growth and division p53 protein functions in many different pathways are so well in contention to subscribe to the p53 gene is expressed to produce the p53 protein in a normal so the protein is on stable so the amount of p53 protein are so small decisions are introduced into the DNA p53 protein is stabilised by a mechanism that is like currently understood this leads to an increase in the amount of p53 protein and was so p53 even binds to the promoter of Jean W a and activates the expression of the…

  • The Evolution of the Heart (A Love Story)
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    The Evolution of the Heart (A Love Story)

    We want to thank Google’s Science Journal App for supporting PBS Digital Studios. It’s the one part of us that we think of as being synonymous with life. If it stops working, we die. It’s also the only part of us that we say we can give to someone else. And if they break it, it’s the worst feeling in the world. You can’t talk about either love or life without talking about the heart, and the story of the muscle that’s pumping in your chest right now is an epic saga that goes far back in deep time. In fact, it goes back at least 520 million years, when…

  • 420 WEB DESIGNS – 3 Key Ways to Market Your Cannabis Website
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    420 WEB DESIGNS – 3 Key Ways to Market Your Cannabis Website

    Hi guys Hunter Saab with 420WebDesigns.com and today we’re gonna talk about three ways to market your cannabis website. So, let’s begin I Have a lot of people call me and they go “Hey, I already have a website or hey you built my website and I love it. Looks great The only thing is, I’m not getting as much traffic as I thought I would.” Well, first of all No one’s going to discover you on Google and you haven’t produced any relative content So you have to rank in Google first by producing original content. So, how do we do that? Number one research top ranking keywords For…

  • How to Make Your Own Website For $1
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    How to Make Your Own Website For $1

    To get our website we are going to use some of the best providers out there, which are GoDaddy & Hostgator, and we are going to use coupons to get the best deals. Whenever you want to make a website you need to understand that there are two parts to it. The hosting, and the domain. You can get them both using the same provider but what we are looking for here is cost effectiveness. So we are going to get them through different authoritative providers. The domain name is the name of your website. And the hosting is where your files are located on a server. Imagine that you…

  • How to Steal Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads 😲
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    How to Steal Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads 😲

    – Hey team! In this video I’m going to share all the methods you can use to spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads. (upbeat techno music) Hey team, and welcome back to another video. If you’ve ever wondered what your competitors are doing on Facebook and whether they’re running Facebook ads or not, well, in this video I’m gonna share with you the ways that you can go and spy on your competitors to see what they’re up to on Facebook. And there’s three reasons that you might want to do this. Reason number one, is first of all, it’s just good to understand what your competitors are up to,…

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    And in the morning when you wake upIt is cold.And then I put on my shoes.These you will be wearing for the rest of the day.And it gives gives you an insurance.That you will be alright.The most beautiful.Functional.Sexy.Waterproof shoe in the world.We want cars out of cities.And we want to replace them with bicycles and electric vehicles.So if you take all of the other design brands from Scandinavia.You have a stamp of.Good design.Good quality.Take it step by step.Easy.Don’t take any stupid risk.I think as a foreign person.Living outside of Scandinavia.I think from England especially.Everyone is kind of upset with the Scandinavian living.In terms of fashion and design.So for me coming…

  • Boris Johnson’s Big Gamble: A Winning Strategy for Brexit? | WSJ
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    Boris Johnson’s Big Gamble: A Winning Strategy for Brexit? | WSJ

    – Here we go, here we go. (muffled group chattering) – [Narrator] UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, fighting in a general election that he called for as he doesn’t have a majority in Parliament, which he needs to be able to push through his Brexit agenda. – I don’t want an election in December, and, under normal circumstances, nobody does. We have to clear this parliamentary blockage. – [Narrator] Johnson’s bet is that calling an election is the only way to end a three-year deadlock and allow the UK to leave the EU by January 31st. – It will be something that clears our arteries. It will unblock our system,…

  • How I learned to code websites
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    How I learned to code websites

    – This year I learned a new skill. I learned how to professionally code the designs I create and turn them into functioning webpages. It’s been a pretty fun journey and in this video, I wanna tell you about it and also about the tools and resources that I learned to develop this new skill. So my journey with HTML and CSS started back in my Myspace days. I used to love spending hours and hours coding my page and turning it into the exact vision that I had in my head. So that was my first real introduction to writing a line of code and having it create a…