• Cody Wilson on 3D-Printed Guns: VICE Podcast 001
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    Cody Wilson on 3D-Printed Guns: VICE Podcast 001

    CODY WILSON: I think you have to almost be– well, pretty crazy and unrealistic to even start a project like this. [MUSIC PLAYING] EDDY MORETTI: Hi, I’m Eddy Moretti, and welcome to a new “VICE” podcast. I’m here with Cody Wilson, who’s the subject of one of our new documentaries, “Click, Print, Gun.” CODY WILSON: Gun control, for us, is a fantasy. In a way that like, people say you’re being unrealistic about printing a gun, I think it’s more unrealistic now, especially going forward, to think you could ever control this technology. [GUNSHOTS] EDDY MORETTI: We’re going to talk about his interests and pursuits. And the documentary, it’s taking…

  • Hitchhiking Norway | Автостопом по Норвегии: Galdhøpiggen, 2469 masl
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    Hitchhiking Norway | Автостопом по Норвегии: Galdhøpiggen, 2469 masl

    Finally arrived onto the beginning of trail Now I am at 1100 meters above sea level Here you can already see the mountains I have to go somewhere there, i’m not sure Here is huge camping I’m gonna put the tent somewhere there I will take only camera with myself Now is 6 PM, started hike to Galdhopiggen Up to peak is around 3 hours of walk I hope less Now I am a bit higher I can still seeing my tent I have to go up on 1000 meters higher Even at altitude almost 2000 meters, you still can meet sheeps Norwegian sheeps are severe A bit higher again…

  • KLM Podcasts – Episode 5 –  Redemption in India
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    KLM Podcasts – Episode 5 – Redemption in India

    This is audio from a vacation film of two special people hanging out on a beach in Greece. This is Ries van Rijn. Smile! That’s beautiful. And this is the famous fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. How do I stop it? Where? You say stop and it stops. No. No. It’s the 90s. Ries and Jean Paul are friends, lovers and co-workers.. And that’s actually kind of amazing, because… they both come from two totally different worlds. Gaultier is… well he’s… Gaultier! The epitome of outrageous outspoken, Paris fashion. Ries van Rijn by comparison is from a small conservative fishing village in the Netherlands. And this.. is Ries’ sister Vera.…

  • KLM The Journey – Podcasts
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    KLM The Journey – Podcasts

    Imagine… you fall in love with an Alaskan trapper. Who lives an isolated life in the rugged wilderness. Imagine… you dreamed of India for decades. And now… finally… you’re in the middle of it. Imagine you see a woman walking through the streets of Buenos Aires… whose image will hunt you for many, many years. Imagine… if you can experience all these stories… …just by listening. The Journey is the first podcast in the world… that explores the transformative power… of travel. Small joys and… big adventures. The Journey takes you all over the planet. Stories about the trip that changed everything. Brought to you by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.…

  • KLM Podcasts – Episode 4 – The Muse from Buenos Aires
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    KLM Podcasts – Episode 4 – The Muse from Buenos Aires

    The trip to Argentina changed my life in no uncertain terms. I started in Mexico and I went to Mexico …Colombia… …Peru… …Brazil… …Chile… …Argentina… I said I fell down in Latin America. This is Todd Leeloy. He’s 48 beefy broad-shouldered handsome and a little weathered. His story starts back in December of 1995. He was on a business trip through Latin America working for a Fishing Tackle Company. I sold rods and reels in Asia, Africa and Latin America. That was my job. I was international business manager for American Tackle company. By the time I reached Argentina I was really tired. You know, we’d had about five weeks…

  • Reihan Salam on Iraq:  VICE Podcast 002
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    Reihan Salam on Iraq: VICE Podcast 002

    EDDY MORETTI: Hi, I’m Eddy Moretti. Welcome to the Vice podcast. My guest today is Reihan Salam from the National Review. And we’re going to talk about a couple things, mainly Iraq and the anniversary of Iraq, and then your thoughts on where we’re at with the gun debate in the country. And we’re going to proudly self-promote for a second– not shamelessly self-promote. We have a new episode of our Vice show on HBO. And we did segments on each of these issues. And you’ve seen them. So I’d like to get your reaction to them. The anniversary of Iraq was this March. We knew we wanted to do…

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    I am going to tell you a story so frightening So Scary You…I don’t know what you’ll.. . You’ll do something… Spooky Scary Anyway But the most scary part of the adventure that I am going to tell you dear viewers Is the fact that you may live this horror Yourseleves Thank you all for coming tonight I appreciate your time Theres probably glare in my glasses right now, but here we are. Alright hey guys. Welcome to a very spooky adventure Cuz its halloween So this is gonna be a very casual video because this is a event that was created by friends of mine who told me that…