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    archive of dumb videos i’ve made for twitter

    Welcome to my video of other smaller videos that I made for Twitter and that I spent way too much time and effort making for no apparent reason 😀 I’ve wanted to compile these videos here for a while now since things tend to get buried amidst the endless void that is twitter dot com and like I said, I put a lot of effort into these videos for no good reason really so YAYYYY YOUTUBE CONTENT °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° *clapclapclap* hahahahaaaa fun! I’m also taking waaaaaAAAaay too long to finish editing my fantasy 10 experience video, and I want to keep my channel active so this counts as a filler episode……

  • Let’s get our podcast set up!
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    Let’s get our podcast set up!

    Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and we have something really exciting to announce: (in unison) E: We have a podcast! K: We started a podcast! Oh we should have planned that better. Now you’ll get the inside scoop of some of the backend stuff that was like consuming our thoughts. It was vague- Was it text or did you like write it on my facebook wall? I dunno haha oh jeez. It’s way less awkward to peek underneath than to like look through the crack and you make eye contact! There’s vomit on his sweater already- MOM’S SPAGHETTI! You can watch it on YouTube, you can watch it on…

  • Getting Black People Banned on Twitter for Saying N..
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    Getting Black People Banned on Twitter for Saying N..

    mrmearman VS Sal the Gnome So be me, mista meet man. Ha, just kidding! You can never be me. But be me mr meatman, just having slaughtered an entire town and its hive-mind a**, now having a wonderful dinner with an *older* gentleman. His name is Mr. Xxx. But he wanted me to call him… Sal. Sal, is a rac**t. But besides that, he’s also quite the “comedian.” I was still walkin down the street before he invited me in, when he’d suddenly showed up right on my shoulder. And he says, ayy, papa pizza! And I’m like, bruh.. And then he’s like, ayy fellow hooman, what’s the deal with…

  • Top 15 Horrific Moments Caught On Live Stream (Twitch, Facebook Live, YouNow)
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    Top 15 Horrific Moments Caught On Live Stream (Twitch, Facebook Live, YouNow)

    From Twitch, Periscope and Younow, to Facebook & Instagram live – it is becoming easier and easier for someone to livestream any moment of their day. While most streams only involve a late night gamer killing time, or a random celebrity communicating with fans, every once in awhile something extraordinary and horrifying happens. Here are 15 of the creepiest things to happen during a livestream. Keep in mind that some are much worse than others. 15. Cat Scratch If you get squeamish at the sight of blood, this next video will give you chills. This Youtuber and online gamer, Sara Kate, was livestreaming on Twitch late at night when things…

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    Hello guys, welcome to my channel. Today, I will be talking about my social media. I will show you where you can find me and what to expect from my socials. Okay, so let’s start. First social where you can find me is Instagram. I will upload a photo every 2 days and every week I will upload a song of the week on my insta story. Song of the week means my favourite song of the last week. On instagram all descriptions will be in English. Okay, second social is twitch. On twitch i’m mainly going to stream league of legends ranked games but maybe there will be something…

  • Social Media Popup for Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer
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    Social Media Popup for Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer

    Hey, what’s up everyone, it’s Derek from Nerd or Die, and I’m excited to bring you our next free resource – the Social Media Popup, version 2 – as well as announce our first ever giveaway to win a GTX1070 – more information on the giveaway in the description below, as well as at the end of this video. Let’s get right into it. So, we just put out an update version of our popular Social Media Popup, but this time, I wanted to include new features that were requested. You’ll be able to set this up, customize it to your liking, and put it in your stream in just…

  • Cancelling myself on Twitter so no one else can (How to Cancel YOURSELF)
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    Cancelling myself on Twitter so no one else can (How to Cancel YOURSELF)

    Disclaimer: The following video contains a historical retelling of the time I decided to cancel myself. And warning: it gets very stupid, very quickly. Just thought I’d put that out there, let you know. Cancelled. Verb. Definition: To make someone or something irrelevant due to current drama. or at least that’s what I think it means, because I don’t own a dictionary and this is kind of like a new thing that’s been happening with social media. Cancel culture is… a strange thing. A strange thing that we’ve all been witness to on social media at some point or another Within a single evening, an internet personality’s career that they…

  • Jimmy Interviews Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf
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    Jimmy Interviews Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

    -Congratulations on winning. -Thank you. -This is the trophy right here. Do you mind if I bring it up? -That’s good. -Wow! It’s actually really heavy. Look at this. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Yeah. -Yeah, just set it right there. -That’s really heavy. -Yeah. -Wow. What a great trophy. What are you going to do with this? -Probably hang it up somewhere or, like, put it on, like, one of my desks. -You can’t hang this thing. It’s 100 pounds. -Yeah, yeah, I can’t hang — -You have to lean it against — It’s so heavy. You got to build a whole new room around it. I want…

  • Hurt Me, Daddy!

    Hurt Me, Daddy!

    what's going on everybody this is fries so today we are doing this walnut heel deck the idea of this deck in the early game is to do nothing and just accept the pain the more they hurt you the better it will be there are so many different ways of winning with this deck one of the best ways is setting up a heart attack to a Venus flytrap planet and then doing a little heal you can even heal very inexpensively with just a little buddy this will heal you for two and then you know the harder joke says hey look we healed for two let's do…

  • Build an RSS feed-powered podcast site (with Amberley Romo) — Learn With Jason

    Build an RSS feed-powered podcast site (with Amberley Romo) — Learn With Jason

    hello everyone and welcome to another episode of learn with Jason today on the show we've got Amber Lee Romo one of my amazing teammates on the Gatsby team hi doing Amber Lee okay how you feeling this morning good good and so what Amber Lee and I wanted to do today is a while back we did a stream with Henry Joo where we took a podcast theme that you had been working on and we started playing with the that really nice syntax FM podcast player and actually do you want to pull up it would so today Amber Lee is driving so it's her screen up so…