• Mike’s Vancouver Vacation – Vacation Impossible Podcast
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    Mike’s Vancouver Vacation – Vacation Impossible Podcast

    once again mike is on a trip here to Vancouver how I am how’s your trip this time so far so good I had a few days off work so I thought I’d fly out on another turbulent flight this time the wings were flapping which was quite unnerving but yeah it’s so far so good and I got to see Warren Dean Flandez at his a concert today the Jazz Festival he rocked it. He tends to. Yeah he had the top line vocal collection singing as well so so far so good went out and saw some friends yesterday got drunk got sick and yeah great first impression…

  • KLM Podcasts – Episode 5 –  Redemption in India
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    KLM Podcasts – Episode 5 – Redemption in India

    This is audio from a vacation film of two special people hanging out on a beach in Greece. This is Ries van Rijn. Smile! That’s beautiful. And this is the famous fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. How do I stop it? Where? You say stop and it stops. No. No. It’s the 90s. Ries and Jean Paul are friends, lovers and co-workers.. And that’s actually kind of amazing, because… they both come from two totally different worlds. Gaultier is… well he’s… Gaultier! The epitome of outrageous outspoken, Paris fashion. Ries van Rijn by comparison is from a small conservative fishing village in the Netherlands. And this.. is Ries’ sister Vera.…

  • KLM The Journey – Podcasts
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    KLM The Journey – Podcasts

    Imagine… you fall in love with an Alaskan trapper. Who lives an isolated life in the rugged wilderness. Imagine… you dreamed of India for decades. And now… finally… you’re in the middle of it. Imagine you see a woman walking through the streets of Buenos Aires… whose image will hunt you for many, many years. Imagine… if you can experience all these stories… …just by listening. The Journey is the first podcast in the world… that explores the transformative power… of travel. Small joys and… big adventures. The Journey takes you all over the planet. Stories about the trip that changed everything. Brought to you by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.…

  • KLM Podcasts – Episode 4 – The Muse from Buenos Aires
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    KLM Podcasts – Episode 4 – The Muse from Buenos Aires

    The trip to Argentina changed my life in no uncertain terms. I started in Mexico and I went to Mexico …Colombia… …Peru… …Brazil… …Chile… …Argentina… I said I fell down in Latin America. This is Todd Leeloy. He’s 48 beefy broad-shouldered handsome and a little weathered. His story starts back in December of 1995. He was on a business trip through Latin America working for a Fishing Tackle Company. I sold rods and reels in Asia, Africa and Latin America. That was my job. I was international business manager for American Tackle company. By the time I reached Argentina I was really tired. You know, we’d had about five weeks…

  • PLAN WITH ME: June Bullet Journal + May Flip-Through
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    PLAN WITH ME: June Bullet Journal + May Flip-Through

    – Hey everybody, my name is Steph Koza and welcome back to another monthly bullet journal spread video. May has finally come to a close very, very quickly might I add. Was it just me or was this the shortest month ever? But it’s time for June, which means it’s time for summer so I thought this month we could do a fun summer theme. And not only are we doing a summer theme but since it’s the beginning of summer and we’re all thinking about what we do this summer and making big plans, I thought why not do a summer bucket list journal? We can make some bucket…

  • PLAN WITH ME | Organisation Bullet Journal JUILLET
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    PLAN WITH ME | Organisation Bullet Journal JUILLET

    Hi and welcome on Margauxstips ! Today I’ll show you my bullet journal spreads for July But first, as always, here are your June bullet journal The theme was really summery ! You seemed to have enjoyed it, I got soooo many pictures send via Instagram You are great ! I am really happy that you liked it ! Your comments about this design were really nice. I am so pleased ! If this is your first time on my channel and you have no idea what a bullet journal is you can click on the “i” on the right hand corner to get my playlist with explanation and all…

  • Our Must See Places While Driving to San Francisco for the Weekend! (Day 1 of 5)
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    Our Must See Places While Driving to San Francisco for the Weekend! (Day 1 of 5)

    What you doing Hello make me dizzy. Are you ready to go to San Fran? Confidential diapers Roll of quarters dollar bills Damn that sketch Blue pill or the red You shouldn’t judge a person on what they eat, but you should think about what you eat exactly Way, too The contraband let him down a bit rate and I must not say ham bubbles Derby This is the life and this is the way the baby and we don’t got knives Because we use chopsticks up a huge chopstick Now don’t look Shit can we drink that can I drink it? And some chips Dressen chips Down Let’s go…

  • Ellen Has Your Facebook Photos!
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    Ellen Has Your Facebook Photos!

    – Right now I want to show you some gifts that you gave me. I went through your Facebook pages, and– Just really interesting stuff that you choose to put on there, so I thought, you know, you’re posting it, I might as well share it with everybody. So, where’s Bill Miller? Bill? Hi! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] – Hi, Ellen! – How you doing, Bill? Where do you live? – Well, I live in Las Vegas. – Where are you from? – Ohio. – Ohio. What do you do in Las Vegas? – Well, what happens in Vegas stays there, so I really can’t say anything. –…

  • Make Your Home a Social Media Star | How to Host | Airbnb
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    Make Your Home a Social Media Star | How to Host | Airbnb

    (upbeat pop music) (birds chirping) – Hey I’m Tom. I’m a digital marketer in the hospitality industry and a host in beautiful Skykomish, Washington and this is Tye Haus. (nature sounds) I bought the first A frame in 2012, fixed it up, and listed it on Airbnb, and it all started from there. Social media’s a powerful tool for you to generate interest and increase exposure for your property. We personally went from a 30% occupancy rate to close to 100%. (train whistle blowing) Here are my tips on how to put your home on the social media map. Naming your space is an important first step. You want to…