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    You’ve been asking me for a while, so this week I’m taking you backstage to show you how I make videos and why it’s taking so long! Before writing a script I list ideas everywhere You don’t command the Muse so you need to listen and execute right away when they come to you because they go away just a fast! Whenever you have an idea, do it! It’s important to write it down so I always have a notebook with me Sometimes I can skits ideas, 1-2 sentences that I don’t know where to place yet so I’ll compile everything in one place Once I have the idea I’ll…

  • Exposing twitter while dressed like a baby
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    Exposing twitter while dressed like a baby

    BITCH. K let’s do this. Let’s freaking do this. So being the Millennial Generation Z I am, needing constant connection to the world as soon as I woke up in the morning I log on to Twitter. That’s simple that’s normal. That’s like a regular thing everyone does in the world nowadays. So one glorious morning shall we say I wake up through the day that I’m still alive. That was bad that was depressing But as I was logging on to Twitter bitch instead of seeing multiple tweets about Donald Trump instead of seeing a bunch of nine-year-olds tweet about how they want to have sex with Harry Styles…

  • A TALK WITH MYSELF (Eng subs)
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    A TALK WITH MYSELF (Eng subs)

    If you follow my monthly livestreams, if you don’t I suggest you start watching, you know YT celebrated its 4 years anniversary last september and you also know that Kiko stopped making videos since January One question I haven’t answered yet, the answer of which Kiko probs don’t even know, is: “Did I think about stopping the channel at that time” The answer is yes “Was it a hard time” Yes, it was Don’t worry, everything is fine now, we’re still BFF, she’s still my biatch, we’re family, we’re good But when the time to reflect on the past year for YT came around, to sum up the year The…

  • The Most Organic Vlog: Social Media Tips
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    The Most Organic Vlog: Social Media Tips

    ♪♪ Hello, lovelies! I’m Sawyer, and I’m a gluten-free judger. And I’m Madysin, and a Kardashian retweeted me once. Welcome back, we’re so excited to make another vlog. We got so many views last time, that we’re getting like supes fames. Last week I was in Anthro, and someone came up to me and told me my ankle boot was untied. Crazy. I know. It’s happening. First thing’s first, most importerly, how to master social media, or as we call it, So, tip number one: The point of kids is to create a family brand. That’s the point of kids. For examps, my family has been themed for the past…

  • F#@KING CENSORS! (subtítulado, sottotitolato) [What Is This Nonsense, Ep. 1]
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    F#@KING CENSORS! (subtítulado, sottotitolato) [What Is This Nonsense, Ep. 1]

    Hi, and welcome to the pilot episode of What Is This Nonsense, where I get worked up about a subject and talk about it far longer and far more eloquently than the subject probably deserves. So today I went on a little Key of Awesome binge– oh, I’m sorry, ♪ The Key of Awesome! ♫– The cool thing about The Key of Awesome is that they give you alternative lyrics to sing whenever the song comes on the radio or Muzak or whatever and you don’t like the originals. ♪ I’m so tired of these games that we’re playing, guess that’s why them call them board games! ♫ ♪ When…

  • My Video Got Featured In A News Blog Article – Surprise
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    My Video Got Featured In A News Blog Article – Surprise

    hello’s counsel here so this happened yesterday I came back from Berlin then I was checking my YouTube accounts and I have five accounts that I’m testing with with different content and here they were spike in views and I started figuring out like what’s happening you spike here and they are all from my external so then I realized that the external ones therefore for one video that I did some time ago and it seems that it’s getting feet or featured in multiple places let’s see actually this one because I know Tacoma one this is their landing page so this was on the top on their blog…

  • TOP 10 V6 (Eng subs)
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    TOP 10 V6 (Eng subs)

    This week’s top 10 will be about V6! Let’s start released in 2007, on the Voyager album, N1 Top oricon It’s quite rythmic song, I especially love the lyrics of this song They will make you smile, make you forget yesterday’s trouble and focus on a brighter future I found it really endearing I also really like the choreo on this sound which is quite punchy even if they’re staying on the same line behind the mics released in 2002 on the seVen Album It was Top Oricon, like a lot of their songs to be honest They usually rank pretty well with each single The song itself is very…

  • How To Have The Perfect Day in San Francisco | Travel Guide
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    How To Have The Perfect Day in San Francisco | Travel Guide

    What’s up,? You’re watching Vagabrothers, and this is our guide to San Francisco. Let’s go. Good morning Vagabuddies. What’s going on? Welcome back to the channel. It is a beautiful day here in San Francisco. We’re here for a couple of days, but we’re going to do our best to have the perfect day in San Francisco. What are we up to today, bro? Well we’re currently starting the day at Ritual Coffee, which is a local roaster here in Hayes Valley, which is a cool little pedestrian area. There’re all these sidewalk coffee shops, and although we were right around the corner from the Painted Ladies, the famous houses…

  • KAT-TUN – CAST Live IN YOKOHAMA Fanreport (14-15 Sept 2018)
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    KAT-TUN – CAST Live IN YOKOHAMA Fanreport (14-15 Sept 2018)

    Hello I finally had time this morning to sit down and film the fanreport and the “haul” of merch from CAST If you have questions related to the concert I can answer them during Livestreams The first one that is likely to pop: “is it complicated to get tickets?” and the answer is Yes, it is If you don’t know someone who’s part of the Fanclub and live in Japan, it’s even more complicated I was very lucky to have 2 friends helping me with tickets, I won’t give info because I want to protect them They did me a favor, it’s complicated and it’s expensive Lots of things to…