• Google Pay/Paypal integration, App Engine updates, & more!
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    Google Pay/Paypal integration, App Engine updates, & more!

    [MUSIC PLAYING] DAN GALPIN: Hello. I’m Dan Galpin for “The Developer Show.” This is your weekly update on the coolest developer news from Google. Now you’ll be able to accept PayPal with Google Pay on your app or website in the 24 countries where your customers can link their PayPal account to Google Pay. When you enable PayPal as a payment method on your Google Pay integration, customers who use their PayPal account to make a purchase on a Google App or service will be able to seamlessly checkout on your website or app using Google Pay. Check out how to enable PayPal and how to integrate Google Pay on…

  • How to Build A Spider With Python (Web Scraping)

    How to Build A Spider With Python (Web Scraping)

    hey guys what's up so in this video I'm gonna be talking about Python web scraping the original Google search engine was actually created in Python but back in the old days it was much easier to scrape the web because every time you made an HTTP request you would get HTML back so all you would have to do is just scrape through your HTML but these days web scraping is much much more difficult than it was when Google was first getting started that said it doesn't mean that like pythons not a good tool for the job or that c-sharp or something else is better it really…

  • Python Scrapy Tutorial for Beginners

    Python Scrapy Tutorial for Beginners

    in this project I will escape goodreads.com course so if you visit this URL you will see a popular course and in this section you will see the course and the author name and some other popularity so for this purpose I will use a scrappy framework which is very popular in Python to create wavy spider and web crawler I'll show you the code that how I have created the crawler and also how to run a scrappy framework and finally I will show you that how I collected the data and write as a HTML file so that I can simply get the code and the author name…

  • The World Wide Web: Crash Course Computer Science #30

    The World Wide Web: Crash Course Computer Science #30

    hi I'm Kerry Ann and welcome to crash course computer science over the past two episodes we've delved into the wires signal switches packets reuters and protocols that make up the Internet today we're going to move up yet another level of abstraction and talk about the world wide web this is not the same thing as the Internet even though people often use the two terms interchangeably the world wide web runs on top of the Internet in the same way that Skype minecraft or Instagram do the Internet is the underlying plumbing that conveys the data for all these different applications and the world wide web is the…