• XSS Tutorial #7 – Twitter’s Tweet Deck XSS (June 2014)
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    XSS Tutorial #7 – Twitter’s Tweet Deck XSS (June 2014)

    Welcome to XSS Tutorial #7 : Twitter’s Tweetdeck XSS june 2014 In this video we will be talking about the cross site scripting attack that hit twitter in june of 2014. Every video will have all slideshows and code avialable in the description. – So what happened? The morning of June 11, Twitter applied a revamp to the user interface of it’s web application Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck is a tool that allows you to easily manage twitter accounts, giving several layout and customization of multiple streams. A few hours after the release of the update a self retweeting tweet was posted. Retweeting itself by anyone using tweetdeck that saw it. Booming…

  • Web Components and Polymer (Chrome Dev Summit 2016)
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    Web Components and Polymer (Chrome Dev Summit 2016)

    [MUSIC PLAYING] TAYLOR SAVAGE: All right. Thanks everyone. My name is Taylor Savage. Great intro. Yeah, my name’s Taylor Savage. I’m a product manager here on Chrome, on the Polymer project. I’m here with Monica, who’s an engineer on the Polymer project as well, tell you all things Polymer. So I’ll start off by talking a little bit about where we are with the project overall, and how we think that Web Components are really changing how we do web development. And then Monica will go into some of the more technical details around how to take best advantage of Polymer, of Web Components, to build really great, high-quality, modern,…

  • Web Pentesting #3 – Kali Linux Installation on VirtualBox
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    Web Pentesting #3 – Kali Linux Installation on VirtualBox

    Hey Everyone, I am Vikram Salunke and welcome to the Web Application Penetration Testing and Secure Coding As per your demand I am making a video on how to install Kali Linux on VirtualBox So let’s get started Let’s first look at what is virtualization? virtualization means, we can create a new virtual environment in our laptop or desktop in the virtualization we split the computer resources to host the virtual systems virtualization softwares are known as Hypervisor there are different different products available such as VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V, Xen etc. for this course we are going to use VirtualBox let’s look at how virtualization or hypervisor works first there…

  • Les Couches du Web : Surface, Deep & Dark Web
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    Les Couches du Web : Surface, Deep & Dark Web

    Salut, c’est Milana et Bienvenue dans Matière Grise Internet est bien plus profond que certains pourraient penser, et pourrait même être comparé à un iceberg, avec plus de 75% de son contenu total qui serait caché. Ce Deep Web as pas mal fait parlé de lui ces dernières années, pourtant tu t’en sers probablement tous les jours… Pour comprendre un peu mieux les concepts du deep web et dark web, il faut d’abord comprendre un peu mieux comment fonctionne et se divise la version d’internet que nous connaissons tous. Histoire de simplifier un peu les choses, on peut diviser internet en 3 couches ou niveaux principaux : Le Surface Web,…

  • What is a Web Browser?
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    What is a Web Browser?

    Hello World Hi! I’m sorry, have we met? My name is Daisy Ignis Vulpes I am a red fox Genus vulpes, species vulpes Vulpes vulpes vulpes Um… you can just call me Daisy Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do Maybe you should call me Ignis Dingus? No! What if I just call you Div? Oh… well, my name is… What do you do, Div? I make web applications with a variety of programming languages known as the web platform Great! That’s exactly what I wanted to talk about today. Isn’t that why you invited me here? I did? Yeah, so what would you like to learn? We can use…

  • The Deep Web
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    The Deep Web

    Think of the world wide web as a giant iceberg. When you use a search engine such as Google to find a web page, you are using the surface web. Your search results are just the tip of the iceberg. Web pages that are part of the surface web are accounted for or indexed by web crawling spiders. Try as they might, these spiders have trouble reaching sites that are password protected, and therefore password protected sites are hidden underneath the surface in what we call the deep web. Many of the library databases that you can access as a student are indexed in the deep web. That’s why an…

  • Introduction to the Web Perception Toolkit
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    Introduction to the Web Perception Toolkit

    [MUSIC PLAYING] PAUL LEWIS: Hi, everyone. I wanted to talk to you about the Web Perception Toolkit, a JavaScript library for doing QR code, barcode, and image detection that we launched at Google I/O. The idea behind it is that lower friction experiences help everyone. For example, when you’re out shopping, you’re used to the idea that you could see a QR code, a product logo, or a barcode or something like that. And if you could scan it instead of doing thumb typing, well, that would help. And if we could teach our PWAs to look for those things, well, that would help everyone. Now, for doing things like…

  • Introduction to the Physical Web (100 days of Google Dev)
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    Introduction to the Physical Web (100 days of Google Dev)

    [MUSIC PLAYING] What a great looking movie. When’s the next showing? Can I see a preview? [TROMBONE BLOWING] Nowadays, nearly everyone has the internet in their pocket and access to the world’s information at their fingertips. However, getting and interacting with that information isn’t always easy. So where did I put that bar code scanner? Do I even have a bar code scanner on here? [TROMBONE FAIL SOUND] However, if we believe in Moore’s law at all, we can project that there are going to be millions of smart devices in our homes, in our work, and everywhere in between. Accessing functionality from these devices can be just like using…

  • What is “The Web” and how does it work? | Web Demystified, Episode 0
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    What is “The Web” and how does it work? | Web Demystified, Episode 0

    Hello!. Welcome to Web Demystified. I’m Jeremie and in this series of videos we are gonna try to make the web easy. So today, in this special episode, I’m gonna give you a quick overview of what the web is and how it works. Lame! Yeah! Maybe there will be stuff you already know, but you could be surprised. And if you’re not, show this video to someone who will be! Anyway, we have to start somewhere… so let’s go! Everything starts with your favorite browser where you type a web address. Nope! I use Google. Yes… and Google, like any other search engine that you could use, is nothing…

  • Welcome – Mobile Web Development
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    Welcome – Mobile Web Development

    Welcome to CS256 mobile web development. We’re here to teach you to apply your web development skills to this, and to this because as you’re probably aware the mobile web is kind of a big deal. Most statistics project that mobile web usage will soon over take desktop web usage, so you might ask whats the difference between developing for the desktop web and developing for the mobile web. Well mobile web development is really just normal web development with some additional key considerations and a few additional API’s. We’re going to assume that you’re familiar with the building block HTML, CSS and javascript. The mobile web is also built…