• How to sign-up for Weebly
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    How to sign-up for Weebly

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up an account for weebly. W-E-E-B-LY. Weebly is a tool that you can use to create websites, blogs, or ePortfolios. For this class, you will be using weebly to create an ePortfolio to showcase yourself and the work that you have completed for this course. To get to weebly, go to for this course. To get to weebly, go to www.weebly.com www.weebly.com If you’ve never been to this site before, on the right hand-side you will see a sign up free form. You can fill this out to get started with a free account. A free account will give you all…

  • Setting Up Udua Weebly Theme – Part 4
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    Setting Up Udua Weebly Theme – Part 4

    In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to build all the five content sections within home-1 page layout. I want to link this button to a product but I can’t do that now because I have not added products to the store yet. Next, we’ll add products to the store so that we can display those products on the website From here we can add product description and images, set price, add product options, etc. Add comma after each option. I don’t want to start adding products one by one, I’m simply going to import products I exported from another weebly website. Now we have some products to add to the…

  • How to Find the Best Website Builder (2019)?
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    How to Find the Best Website Builder (2019)?

    Hi and welcome to WebsiteToolTester. Choosing a website builder is pretty risk-free these days. Most of them offer free trials so you won’t be roped in against your will. But you should still know what you are looking for! So here are our top tips for finding the best website builder: Free trial First, make sure that there is indeed a free trial. The majority of site builders provide free plans or at least a money-back guarantee. Just stay clear of shady offers with decades-long contracts that ask for your credit card details ASAP. Support This is because you don’t want to be alone if something goes OOPS with your…

  • How to create a website in Weebly
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    How to create a website in Weebly

    Our demo content for new website Login with Facebook/Google or you can also signup with email and login manually Click on “Plus” to add new site You can choose website type if you want to sell online but for now we will go with normal one Choose from categories based on your website field Let’s start with this one.. Click “Start Editing” to get started Choose your site name and hit continue Just copy paste website name Edit logo text Let’s remove pages which we don’t need for now Click background to edit or replace image in background Let’s use free images from Weebly to avoid copyright issue Choose effects…

  • Weebly – Changing The Design
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    Weebly – Changing The Design

    alright so now that I’ve got my basic site settings set and I’ve created my navigation in the different pages on my site I might wanna change how it’s designed if I wanna do that then I can go up to the design menu click on Change theme and look at all the different themes that Weebly has pre made for me for each of these themes if you hover over them you’ll see a bunch of color options and notice that some other color options create white background verses dark backgrounds while if I were to come here it’s changing the color of the actual back on itself so…

  • Weebly Demo
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    Weebly Demo

    Hi, my name is Jay Wing and I will be your guide through this first module in a series on how to build, update and maintain a web page using Weebly.com. Weebly.com is a tool to develop simple and very elaborate web pages. There are very powerful features, such as creating an online portfolio for art and design students, with the ability to add audio tracks and import video and blogging features, that make this an ideal way to produce robust web pages. The modular nature of Weebly allows site producers to add content easily, and modify or update pages as needed. Just as an example, this past week I…

  • How To Make An ECommerce Website Pt. 1: Choosing The Right ECommerce Website Builder
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    How To Make An ECommerce Website Pt. 1: Choosing The Right ECommerce Website Builder

    – So one of the first items on your list when making an e-commerce website is choosing the right site builder, but of all the possible options, how do you know which platform you should choose? Keep watching to learn about the five most popular e-commerce site builders; Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and Weebly. (upbeat music) (dog barking) Welcome to the ECommerce Marketer and Barketer. I’m Kara, this is our star barketer of the day, Cinny, and today, I’ll be giving you an introduction into the five most popular e-commerce website builders. The first one I wanna discuss is Wix. Wix is one of the easiest website builders to use…

  • Jack’s First piece of Weebly bacon.
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    Jack’s First piece of Weebly bacon.

    As promised, every time somebody signs up to Weebly, and publishes a site and I get a $10 credit and they get a $10 credit I’m gonna give my dog Jack a piece of bacon. So here’s the bacon, now all I need is a dog. Come here Jack. [whistling] Let’s see if she’s gonna eat it. She’s busy eating grass for some reason. Come here Jack. [whistling] Jack. Come here. Come here. Let’s see if she notices it. She probably will. Oh, here we go. What’s that? Oh. She’s nervous. Go ahead. Go ahead. Oh! A delicious piece of bacon for the puppy. Okay. So that’s one down, 39…