• Something About COPPA (13+ Content)
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    Something About COPPA (13+ Content)

    (Death) Hello Carl, how are you? I am good. How are you Perry? Good. Thank you. Did you see the game last night? Oh. Uh. There is something I want to tell you. How is your.. ..Health insurance? My premium has gone up. What do you think of.. ..Oxygen? Breathable. Yes. What is your favorite food? Adult steaks. Me too. Oh, what is that? This is my p- Nothing.

  • The Most Useless Websites On The Internet
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    The Most Useless Websites On The Internet

    the useless web what if i was seventy years old and i’d be like yeah the web is very useless you kids we have to go to the library you know like older people always say we didn’t have this technology we always had to go to the library it’s like okay I get a grandpa but like now I can just google whatever i want but to them it seems so useless it’s like no if you want to get educated you’ve got to go to the LIBRARY! what is alien machine you got here what is this thing i cant i cant convince him grandpa you don’t want…

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    Hey, friends, Dave Burkus here. Welcome back to The DailyBurk, and today we are talking about why you should keep a decision journal. Maybe not for every single decision, but keep a journal of the decisions you make. Now, this is a tip that I learned, I mean, secondhand or thirdhand from the great management thinker Peter Drucker. And what he advised was that every time an executive, I think it works for everybody, not just executives, has to make a decision, they should write two things down in the journal. Number one, what decision that they ultimately made, what course of action they ultimately committed to. And number two,…

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    Is it gonna work? I don’t think so… WOAH!! What is that?! [Intro] Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! TODAY! Oh yes today! We are … What are we doing ? We are not playing games! I don’t like games anymore! i’m kidding i love video games Today I was looking at my YouTube channel Ladies and Gentlemen I found this video I uploaded this on September 4, 2015 that’s like almost two years ago thats crazy But this video, Ladies and Gentlemen It’s my most viewed video so far! it has 17 point 1 million! ‘MILLION’ that’s a lot of views 😀 and it’s a weird game and…

  • [191120] [ENG SUB] ATEEZ A TO Z #2: Answering lots of questions!
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    [191120] [ENG SUB] ATEEZ A TO Z #2: Answering lots of questions!

    [Talking starts around 24 seconds] Everyone listening to JFN Park, good evening! Good evening~ 2, 3 8 MAKES 1 TEAM Hello we are ATEEZ! We are ATEEZ wOw Hongjoong-san, please introduce yourself Ah yeah yeah yeah We are… Ah ha we are ATEEZ! I– I am ATEEZ’s leader I am Hongjoong, the embodiment of sense [T/N can mean fashion sense or sense of humor] um.. you’re a multitalented leader Ah yes I think you’re a multitalented leader And you, Yunho-san? I am ATEEZ’s vitamin vitamin! VITAMIN You’re a vitamin today? Today I am a vitamin Yes yes that’s great I am vitamin Yunho! Today I am a vitamin Yunho What…

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    hi guys I’m Sol Ballard from solballard.com and today we are manifesting an insane amount of success with three journaling prompts journaling to manifest success is so simple that a lot of the times people ignore it but I feel like they’re leaving a lot of power on the table because what you’re doing when you’re journaling these three prompts that I’m about to give you you’re signaling to the mind what you want it to do you’re pretty much communicating subconsciously and you’re saying this is what I want to bring about alright let’s get started journaling prompt number one journal for clarity because you can’t hit a target…

  • If Survival Mode Got Removed From Minecraft
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    If Survival Mode Got Removed From Minecraft

    *blocks breaking coal! DIAMONDS I’ll give it to you ok Some Time Later… hey admin i was wondering if i could get creative mode sure thing some time later… YEAH FLYING IS AWESOME this is sad… ever since creative mode stopped what if there was no survival mode if survival got removed made by orepros DONE yay … no wait! the next day.. what da why dont you take damage boring lets get out of here i swear didnt cheat! meanwhile… lava when the admin logging in HOW! WHAT HAPPENED banned meanwhile.. moderrator banned banned minecraft messed when every was creative thanks for watching!

  • If Your Hand and Tools Switched Places – Minecraft
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    If Your Hand and Tools Switched Places – Minecraft

    music played music playing yay! diamonds! … tool breaking sound confused still confused tool breaking sound …wowo ow! the next day this is so annoying… My tools just keep breaking! what if you could use items later.. PLEASE JEB!! WILL YOU DO IT?! ill give you an ink sac no! are you crazy? then what about 2! 2 so what if theres 2? there useless HOW ABOUT 3! 3 … YES! BEST DEAL made by orepros hey! me realy good! lol the only thing you can chop is deadbush get out of here! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA yeah leave noob!!!!!!!!!!!! you will never learn to chop down trees you’re too ugly for this…

  • Journal 64 – Nete møder Rita, Sprøgø 1961
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    Journal 64 – Nete møder Rita, Sprøgø 1961

    – Nete is screwing her cousin. – Quiet. Your roommate is Rita. Are you stupid… or horny? – What do you mean? – Why are you here? Is it because you’re stupid or because you’re horny? I just love Tage. Not a word about this to anyone. The fishermen stop by sometimes with prohibited goods. If we give them a little something in return. Like what? What? You have beautiful eyes. I’ll look after you.