• Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult
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    Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

    -What the [bleep] is a radian!? Oh my god I have to read all this crap?! Here I am, a 30 year old man, walking into a high school. I placed last in my fantasy football league, and my punishment was to take the SATs. I feel like I just got rocked. The punishment kinda sucked. Oh my god, whiskey all over my study materials, this is already going poorly. My friends have bet massive amounts of money. – I think he’ll do pretty good. He’s kinda smart, you know, maybe a 1400. – What did you get on the SATs before? – A 1550. – Going 1200. – I…

  • Who Were We Before The Try Guys?
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    Who Were We Before The Try Guys?

    K: Welcome back America and perhaps E: Philippines K: the Philippines is definitely watching now, we’re gonna always shout out the Philippines now because they really like being shouted out. If you’re from a country and you want your country shouted out, put it in the comments below. We love countries All: Try Guys Game Time! K: Pretty good K: Today we are watching old videos, videos we made before we met one another. E: The Try Guys bad Film Festival Z: Try Guys Bad Film Fest! E: Nah ♪ Boppy music ♪ K: If you’d like to submit one of your videos to the Try Guys Bad Film Festival,…