• Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10
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    Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

    Watching Hugh Grant and his Stuttering pathetic charm is as Appealing to me as closing my Scrotum in a DVD case. Are these real or do you Make them up to be especially nasty? Kate Hudson is a dead-eyed Trash bag that smells like low tide. Greg Kinnear Stars in holy [BLEEP] who Gives a [BLEEP] coming soon. Chris Evans is a stupid Bearded sweater wearing dumb Dork. Melissa McCarthy is the Medea of white people. Jane Lynch had bigger [BLEEP] than Ultimate Warrior. Norman Reedus, I can fit two Firsts and a leg in my [BLEEP]. Hit me up. Okay. I’ll do it. Tongue punch in the fart box…

  • Amazing Stories — Official Trailer | Apple TV+
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    Amazing Stories — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

    (Music) Woman passenger: Just how many of these things have you dealt with? Woman driver: More than most people feel comfortable knowing about. (Music) Woman passenger: And how many times have you failed? More times than most people would feel comfortable knowing about. (Music) Woman: What if it does these things for a reason? (Music) Maybe all this always happened. (Music) Man: Maybe you were always meant to come back with me. (Music) I gotta figure this out. I may have something. Great, buckle up. (Music) You’re a superhero, Grandpa! (Music) Cool. (Music) Man: That’s not a coincidence. (Music) You gotta do something big. (Music) I’ll see you on the…

  • Freestylin’ with The Roots with Rev Run: Subway Edition
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    Freestylin’ with The Roots with Rev Run: Subway Edition

    -[Singing] ♪ With The ♪ ♪ Roots ♪ -♪ Roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ts ♪ -Roots, you ready to do this?! -Yeah! -Alright. Let’s pick someone. Raise your hand if you want The Roots to write a song about you. [ Laughter ] Alright. You raised your hand, but he stepped in front of you. [ Laughter ] Step out of the way. Now, it’s you, now. Here, hold that. What is your name? -Jordan. -Jordan. What part of New York are you from? -Washington Heights. -Jordan, Washington Heights. What is your apartment number and how do we get in? No, I’m just kidding. [ Laughter ] There are so many great places in…

  • How Social Media Sellers Can Accept Payments Online
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    How Social Media Sellers Can Accept Payments Online

    Hi, I am Ashwin Karthik with Razorpay. Are you a social media seller or a small business owner who sells merchandise online? Have you thought about how you will accept online payments from your customers? If you have, you definitely know it is not as easy as it seems. If you don’t have a website or an app already, building one’s gonna take you some time and this can be very expensive because you have to host and keep developing it continuously. A payment gateway is necessarily going to be your first thought after your website or the app is set up. But you will definitely think some more when…

  • Diet Doctor Podcast #32 — Jen Unwin
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    Diet Doctor Podcast #32 — Jen Unwin

    Welcome to the Diet Doctor podcast with Dr. Bret Scher. Today my guest is Jen Unwin. Jen is a clinical health psychologist with the National Health Service in England and also runs a group coaching program with her husband David Unwin where they focus on low-carb nutrition. Now Jen is an expert at dealing with people with chronic health conditions and helping them have hope and I think that’s one of the big messages of this interview; that she really finds instilling people with the message of hope helps success. And we talk about a lot of the challenges people face, because let’s face it, life doesn’t go on a…

  • You Got Your First Buck Buddy – Off The Record Podcast – Ep. 43
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    You Got Your First Buck Buddy – Off The Record Podcast – Ep. 43

    Announcer: Welcome to Wisconsin DNRs Wild Wisconsin – Off The Record podcast, information straight from the source. Katie Grant: Welcome back to another episode of Wild Wisconsin – Off The Record. I’m your host DNRs digital media coordinator, Katie Grant. At Wisconsin DNR, we love sharing your stories, whether they’re about how you fell in love at a state park, how you learned to fish, that one time you saw a rare bird on your backyard feeder or really anything else in between. We’re delighted when you tell these stories to your friends on social media and tag us in them, and we get even more excited when you allow…

  • 118. How to feel good with tapping (EFT) 🙌
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    118. How to feel good with tapping (EFT) 🙌

    Hello there! I’m Yvonne Decelis; it is Saturday February 8th and it’s approximately 2:15 p.m. just here to show you a cool things you do this is all from Donnie Eden energy medicine masters Energy Medicine book one of the things in her book is called the three thumps I’m not gonna do it exactly the way she does in the book but I just want to show you a few of the pumps and by the word thumps I mean tapping as the EFT or emotional freedom technique that’s what it stands for the way I learned it I learned about tapping through Nick Gordon err well has the…

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    Good Morning!. G’Morning!. This is– Car. This is? Black Backpack!. black backpack!. Tonight, we’re going to Bintaro, Ninth Sector. To Deddy Cobuzier’s Headquarter. And in there, we’re going to introduce Garaga, The King Cobra with the character that’s unpredictable. To Deddy, in there. Ok, we’re going to leave our basecamp in Purwakarta. And, we’re going there and it comes that… we have Nathan, He’s coming with us, but he’s not going to the ninth sector. But he’s going to his family’s house in Bekasi. And then, In Bekasi, he’ll start to ride a bicycle to Medan. Right?. Of course, it has to be. Thank you, Bro. For backing me up.…

  • New Godzilla Vs Yeti & Indominus Rex in Jurassic World Dino Battles Unboxing – WD Toys
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    New Godzilla Vs Yeti & Indominus Rex in Jurassic World Dino Battles Unboxing – WD Toys

    great to see you again i’m so glad you came back New Godzilla Vs Yeti & Indominus Rex in Jurassic World Dino Battles Unboxing – WD Toys hi I’m WD and welcome to my channel let’s see what new also we have today today yeah Godzilla first space gods that looks totally awesome the later we’ll have today singer work and awesome card lot more fun wow this guy guys I thoughtless awesome Godzilla toy at toys r us and it looks really cool is Godzilla vs. space godzilla i’m gonna go ahead and open this guy up have some really cool dino battles doesn’t say much for the back…

  • Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Podcast King
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    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Podcast King

    Gus: I told not to interrupt me again Joel. Gus: This is what happens when you mess with the king, baby. Burnie: All Hail King Gus. Gus: So, like I was saying, I had the Tyrannosaurus Rex in a headlock. Gus: About to finish him off, when suddenly… Gus: Goddamit Joel, what now? Burnie: He said you’re not wearing your crown. Gus: How do you know? Burnie: Uhh, yeah he is saying since you don’t have your crown on… Burnie: You’re not the true King and you don’t have any power over us. Gus: Oh come on, he said like two words. Burnie: He also said it’s time we rise…