• If Herobrine Was Santa – Minecraft
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    If Herobrine Was Santa – Minecraft

    it great *Jolly music playing* (please subscribe) *Scary music playing* *Music quiets down* ♫ We Wish You a Merry Christmas instrumental ♫ *Tense music playing* Ominous Music Starts playing please subscribe *creepy music, kinda like edward scissor hands* Creepy Flute music Cricket Noises Creepy Piano Noises Pipes Creepy Music Piano and horn jolly music Soft Christmas Music Loud Snore Spy/Evil music Holly jolly christmas music Loud snore again Spy/Evil Music Holly Jolly Music Loud snore spy/evil music Christmas piano music Cricket noises Intense/rage music Christmas Bells Scary whistle Music Intense/Rage Music Crickets Rage Music Jolly Music Rage Music (Noob Intesifys) Scary Music Upbeat Techno Music Farm Chase Music Scary Drums…

  • Something About The Typing of the Dead ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ⌨️💀
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    Something About The Typing of the Dead ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ⌨️💀

    What? Turn back now, or you are a stupid. My God, zombies! (Vigorous Typing) How could anyone do this? rip James, watch out! (Florida license plate driver) I don’t wanna die. (Dies) My God! Kill them dead hurry do it now before they type on their typers! (Typed screams) Amy! Harry! Thank God, you are all right. What the HECK’s going on in the city? James. Go and prevent the confusion in the city. No more fooling around. This is personal. ..You stand when you wipe your butt? Yeah. Doesn’t everyone? No. If you stand, your cheeks will push everything together And make it messier. Oh. Noted. Hello Gamers, I…

  • If Mobs Could Build – Minecraft
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    If Mobs Could Build – Minecraft

    [mobs are in a cult meeting] Pig: I’m so bored being a mob is so boring… What should we do? Anyone got any ideas? Horse: I got an idea!! It’s a really good one! how about we stand still and do nothing? [mobs agree in silence] Unknown: did you guys hear that? Horse:lets see whats going on mobs stand in line like the spark in the russian revoloution players make fun of mobs the czar prepares himself to die. the czar has an idea Oclet(wife of czar): oh no

  • If Monsters Were Nice – Minecraft
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    If Monsters Were Nice – Minecraft

    mobs would make minecraft way easier (Guy Walking) yay iron! 😀 (Mining) yay diamonds! 😀 (Mining Again) (Mining Still) (Still.) Now I can make that diamond sword! 😀 Please mr.creeper, dont hurt me D: (Giving) Thanks! :DD (Jumping) If Monsters Were Nice (BYOREPROS) THERES A PIG yay, I finally got minecraft!:D Now It`s Time To Have Fun! :DD Im Gonna Find A Dead Bush And Im Gonna Live With It!:D (Walks Away) (walking still) whaaaa! Please kind skeleton don’t hurt me D: I have serious stuff to do with my life Theres a deadbush somewhere out there and its looking for me! (Same Stuff) | Dont worry, I Wont here…

  • If Notch And Herobrine Switched Places – Minecraft
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    If Notch And Herobrine Switched Places – Minecraft

    My new plan is just glorios This will be the best potion I’ve ever made! This is probably one of best plans I’ve ever had! my victims will be Notch and Herobrine This is potion is gonn make them switch bodies! The potion gets activated after an hour and they have to be close for the potion to work! IF NOTCH AND HEROBRİNE SWAPPED BODIES BY OREPROS Remember to leave a ‘like’ 😀 I gotta find Herobrine first Man , so hard to decide, what should we add in the next update :/ huh?! My plan is doing great so far Now , all I have to do is make…

  • Why Stone Armor Doesn’t Exist – Minecraft
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    Why Stone Armor Doesn’t Exist – Minecraft

    “Music Playing” yay! 😀 Finally, I found a cave! 😀 I hope it has diamonds 😀 493 Hours later… This is horrible 🙁 All I mined is stone… I didn’t even find coal 🙁 At least I can make stone tools But why can’t we make stone armor I mean.. It would be great If we could make full stone gear WAIT DON’T DO THAT REMEMBER LAST TIME YOU HAD AN IDEA?! DON’T YOU DARE ADD STONE ARMOR So… There’s stone armor now… What’s the point of it? I guess i’ll have to craft it to find out… stone crafts Stone armor would be weird :p