Taking Your Email List From Zero to Marketing Hero - Josh Mendelsohn, Privy

Taking Your Email List From Zero to Marketing Hero – Josh Mendelsohn, Privy

Josh is the VP of Marketing at privy privy is seriously one of the best like pop-up in landing page creators for on-site optimization email capture and now with more advanced tools in retargeting email automation they make it possible to delay the need for a tool like send Lane I might say so when we looked at my starting gross stack you could imagine starting with just privy and waiting a little while before you needed a full-fledged send Leonor clay vo a partner but anyways about Josh Josh brings his marketing chops and lifelong passion for jam bands craft beers in small businesses the team in privy having spent time working at small business and e-commerce leaders like Constant Contact and salsify is a deep understanding of how to help small and medium-sized ecommerce stores be all that they can be in addition to levy leading privies marketing team josh spends too much of his time managing his pugs Marvin a pug Marvin's Instagram account we need a link to Marvin's Instagram accounts sure he's at Marvin's pug world it's a perfect thank you very much for having me today can you see my slides okay looks good hit the present button and let's go ahead and test moving from what slide one to slide two so that we know it's working solvus was having some issues earlier looks good I can see everything also so what does it say hi on video I'm super self-conscious about wearing headphones on video so I'm actually going to kill the video but a real live person and I'm super excited to talk to you guys today all right yeah it's interesting listening to the last couple of presentations yeah I think it's the stuff that's going on with Facebook Messenger is super exciting there's a ton of opportunity there but a way to almost take a step back and talk about something that seems even more basic but I would argue in a lot of cases is even more impactful which is still about building your and doing some basic email automation to really drive traffic growth of your business when you're getting it off the ground so today I'm going to talk about three things why it's important to grow your email list some simple strategies to get started today at doing that and then it's a basic email segmentation to get sales from your broad list so just a little bit about pretty derek touched on this you know we work with with tons of Shopify stores a lot of people just getting started a lot of people who are much further along to really help them accelerate their email list growth reduced cart abandonment and drive that first sale from those new customers so I think the first question that we hear a lot and honestly is a big one is when is the right time to start actively growing my email list is it before my store launches is it my store just lunch today I don't have any traction yet or maybe I'm starting to get traction or you know maybe I wait till a much further along in getting traffic to start actively growing my list but the answer there is start now right we we have this one customer called daily high club their subscription box service they have they've captured over two hundred and seventeen thousand email addresses last time I checked and Harrison is a CEO they're really talks about the biggest mistake I made in the history of the business was not collecting emails grow right now building that foundation of people who have opted in to your marketing communications and are willing to listen to what you have to say so today we're going to go through a bunch of different things you can use these email list growth strategies to help unlock your business so they help with building a brand they help with stop inside a benefit driving that initial sale from a new visitor I'm building loyalty and then of course driving repeat sales so before I got too far into that I think this is a great book so this is from Toby you guys probably all know who he is founder of Shopify and you know he had this great tweet we've talked about this before or email lists and the website of the two only things you can pull it on the Internet everything else is just rented so if you're selling on Amazon that's a great way to get new customers but you don't really have a relationship with them the facebook Messenger stuff is awesome like don't get me wrong it's awesome but it's also you're at the will of the exchange how it operates you know they recently went from allowing people to pre-checked opt in to not allowing that and as a merchant or as an app provider you have no no control over that with your email list in your website you have a lot more control of your audience and I think you know I've been working in email marketing for a while that looks like every year someone just love to scream out that email marketing is dead you know for a while those Millennials don't use email which was true cuz they were in high school they didn't have have jobs it didn't mean he meant you know a lot of people scream socials the only thing that matters but the fact is that email actually has higher conversions rates than search and social media combined and the experts of course or research have found that people are twice as likely to sign up your email list as they are they engage with your fees now that's starting to change a little bit but email is still foundational to how you grow your business and the purpose is the footing right the ROI on email is 44 to one which is like insane that's a 44 dollar return on every dollar spent on email marketing I'm putting this this and this email I got from Aldi because I pretty much get one every day and I think it's kind of funny to think about like this actually works and they emailed me so often but once in awhile like you know what I could really go for a 15 you know a 10 dollar pair of shorts they're you know they're delivering value with every email under set yeah this is a great quote that I love one of the first customers I talked to when I started years ago there's this woman named Hannah from a company called honest beef and they they're basically removing the middlemen between farmers and customers she was early into this business as much people like this out there I'm really cool lady and I just love which is like I don't know that I've ever not gotten sales from it even right every time she sends out an email money comes back through they do so that's when we're still talking about email marketing so when you think about the key to success you know a lot of it's really about turning unknown visitors into subscribers so what we're looking at here is sort of your basic standard shopper fund right someone needs to come to your store whether that's through search or through peanuts they need to visit your store they need to shop around they need to find something they like add it to their cart they need to get into the checkout process and ultimately they need to buy right so it's not always this linear but the thing is in that purple box those unknown shoppers that's because in most cases or in too many cases people aren't actually asking for information about a shopper until they're reaching the checkout stage all right so we don't know who these people are we can't reach back out to them whether it's through email or Facebook or whatever you're waiting too long to ask for the information that turns people from unknown shoppers into known shoppers right so if you're capturing email addresses and engaging shoppers throughout the journey it's giving you a leg up and actually growing your business so the FIR to think about is how easy are you how easy are you making it to get people to subscribe right to get shoppers to subscribe I think a lot of us you know we don't want to be overly salesy or or whatever yeah we've sort of look at sales as a as a bad word but we're all in sense whether we like it or up and too often we're just sort of like sitting back I always thought if you guys remember Orange Leaf it's sort of dying now it's one of these self-serve frozen yogurt places and often times you go in there you find something you like to put your 12 different flavors of frozen yogurt together you come to the counter and there's no one there or there's some ordering teenager who's not actually interested in making the purchase so I'm like definitely trying to buy right the other extreme is probably a more aggressive approach I was thinking that just like the car salesman approach we're like you breathe in the general direction of a car salesman and they're they're right on top of you I think neither of those is probably the best experience for the shopper but if you don't ask if you don't ask someone to sign up you're probably not going to get them to sign up so there's a whole bunch of places that you can actually capture emails on your site right each of these locations gives you a good reason to ask for an email just too so whether that's on your home page in the footer of your website on your blog if you have one on each individual product page so sort of contact page you can create a different message that works for each location right so in some cases you're going to be promoting a specific product or maybe a discount on that specific product or someone's scrolling through your blog and they seem highly engaged you're gonna want to ask them to opt in for future communications all right so there's a bunch of different ways you can do it and a lot of those are best done through pop-ups right and the fact is you know there's a lot of negative stigmas about publicly they're super annoying in a lot of cases you know there are ads and all this stuff but that's not really what we're talking about we're talking about pop-ups that are controlled by you highly targeted that the shopper when they're used correctly whether that's inserting additional information into the buying process for certainly giving them an easy way to opt into future communications right and the fact is they work I mean we're collecting millions of email justice all the time by people who want to hear from these brands especially small businesses who are not wrong right they want to build a relationship tips we'll talk more about how you do that minute and so what does that look like in practice you know I think it's it's finding ways to act to ask someone to up then appropriately throughout that shopper phone so if someone first arrives at your site give them a sign up offer with an email caption and when someone adds something to cartman and they go to abandon give them a pop-up it offers a special discount or at least encourages them to stay so that they're eligible for your any car payments right certainly capture those emails in your in your checkout form and send abandoned cart emails to anyone who's ever filled out a form where the beauty of all of this stuff of turning these unknown shoppers into subscribers is they become eligible for your abandoned cart meetings right unlike a lot of systems you have to make it all the way to checkout you have to have something in your cart you know to check that box set up zoom in for email marketing mutations you enter your email address like huh the reality is not many of us get that far in the shopping process all the time you know whether it's your kid takes your phone or something comes up or like your boss comes by you got to get back to work you know there are a million different reasons that people have been in their carts but if someone's ever filled out a form on your site with something like pretty they're eligible to that abandoned car female if it's done correctly so as you think about putting these strategies into practice there's really three things you need to consider for any list Road campaign your offer you're just just lay tight and your triggers so I love this Deana this is from Microsoft actually they did a study a couple years ago and found the 89% of consumer are willing to share personal info in exchange for clearly-defined veterans but it's a classic sales technique of give value to get that you know I think where people fall down a lot is they're like give me give me give me update update update but they're not providing it anything back to the shop there's no wider so really it's important to think about what is your offer right and what's the right time to give people a reason to subscribe you know the most popular offer and this isn't surprising is definitely some sort of discount right get 15% off on your favorite products down for 24 hours whatever it is something that's in context that says you've been you've been on this site if you like what you see it in and get it right just on your first purchase that's not the only way but let's start there for now so if you're doing that and I think there was a question during the last session around how do you sort of make sure these things don't get out that's I'll take a step back there's two types of discounts you can offer using Shopify right a privy will sync automatically with your Shopify store when you create a discount this is super easy we're not the only ones who do that but it's super goth so a master coupon is one code that's used for all sides so that's like you know call it like welcome 10 is something you can put everywhere there's no real restrictions on its 10% discount you know hopefully it's one use for us something like that but it's not unique to any individual so if I sign up for deal I get the same discount code that Derek gets when he signs up for you the better option is actually what's called an unique coupon sir so these are single-use coupon codes where there's look there's there's extra characters appended to that coupon code so then I get one version of it and Darren gets a different version of it and those come with a bunch of different advantages you control the distribution of those there's no chance that those wind up someplace that it gets abused it starts to cost there is this one it also to make them very time relatives so you can set it for example for a coupon to expire 72 hours after someone first signs up on your website or short or a letter or whatever it is these are great for things like flash sales or you know Black Friday weekend or whatever it happens to be unique up coupon codes are always going to be the best way to deliver this but again your offer does not have to be a discount all right so you see a bunch of different examples here one is a concept a great way to get people opt-in another is a sweepstakes the one on the right of the screen is a spin to win so these are just highly engaging campaign types where someone enters their email address and the wheel spins and one of any number of prizes to come out could be a discount could be free shipping could be a whole bunch of different things and that's completely within your control or they're sort of this bottom example which is really more of a mission trip right it's and if you like our brand sign up to you can hear about future promotions and inspiration bunch of different reasons that people might sign up for your emails so question is what's the right display type so there's a bunch of different display types out there we talked a little bit about location before what pages you're showing things on but also how are you showing so there's things like a pop which I'm sure you're familiar with those are great for a home page or product page there's a bar which there's since at the top of the page those are great for things like free shipping offers or site by sales or whatever there's other offers which are flies right so these are they sort of come from the bottom of the screen and they also are awesome for mobile because they format better for a mobile device and then the last one is is banners and these are cool because they sort of expose themselves down now some fashion with them as well that draws the eye of the shop the next thing to think about is your trigger right so there's basically four ways to trigger one of those displays if timer which is probably most commonly used you can control how long someone is on the page before their show to Papa exit intent also super popular very powerful and what happens there is that's triggering the display when it looks like you're attempting to leave a page you leave your site so your mouse is moving towards the X bar or towards the X to close on the tab or towards the back button on mobile it works a little bit differently but it works the third option is a scroll so how far down the page has someone got when you want to show them your display and then the last is a tab which is sort of like an ever-present thing that might sit in the corner of your page or whatever a more passive but still powerful way to get people to hop it so now we've talked a lot about sort of the what but let's talk about the food right so let's talk about some basic segments you can use to build your subscriber list in the fact is that most ecommerce stores treat everyone the same and it shows right kind of wind up like you're you're working in a McDonald's Eskie every single person who comes in like do you want fries of that and again that's better than doing nothing right if you have that welcome pop-up that's reaching everyone asking them to to opt-in like great place to start this is nothing inherently wrong with that but I think you know it's not ideal you can do better to deliver the sort of right message at the right time to the right people so think about some basic customer segments to start growing your list and segmentation can sound scary but it really doesn't have to be and it's sort of this combination of inferred and captured data so there's things that you know or that we know about a shopper where they hit your site then they haven't actually told so we know the language that of their browser we know where they came from they know how many times they've been there so you can start building these different displays that speak to things like first-time visitors or repeat visitors or maybe people who have left something in their cart and are now coming back or maybe they were last on your site over Black Friday weekend whatever it is you know one time customers for a slew of customers you can use what you know about shoppers to target them with the right message and honestly only a little bit of effort really goes a long way when you start to use these types of things so I'm going to walk through six examples of these sort of targeted displays right so taking it beyond that simple welcome pop-up to something a bit more target so the first thing to think about is brand new visitors so this is an example I like it's a it's a brand called fire cider really nice branded pop-up that greets you on your first visit to their site right be in the know we'd love to tell you about our products some of our favorite recipes but with our tiny tonic is on sale PS you'll get a discount right so they're using a discount but they're kind of not leaving and then they follow up with a really cool autoresponder that's a nice warm welcome right welcome to the family you're on the list it's not overly sales the second thing is to recognize returning visitors and whether or not they've already joined your email and so the example here on the Left isn't welcome back display and that's being shown only to people who have not already signed up your emails whereas the one on the right which is from the Bruce Lee merch store they do all sorts of cool stuff using for meet this person who's already signed up for their email list so now we want to get them right to the to the sale that's going on right and then even better you know this one's targeting people who are returning visitors who have an item in their cart right so imagine someone's gone away they've decided to come back maybe they don't remember or what's in their cart but it's like okay great looks like you have items in your cart I'm going to take you directly to your cart right I'm going to make it easier for you to make it purchase the next thing to think about is sort of stopping a bitumen before so we talked a little bit about exit intent what this is doing is combining sort of cart value and exit intent so someone has an item in their car they're going to leave I love this example really a lot of brand from Tennessee Titans Burch store that's like timeout before you go anywhere all right we see that you're leaving we can speak directly to the Eustis timeout get 10% off a bunch of different products all you have to do is enter your email address it's a very straightforward right but it really it allows you to speak to wrapping the situation that the shoppers in the one on the right was actually part of there's two or three of these that run in any one time based on the value of what's in someone's cart and this is actually a better offer that they're showing some of because they have more than fifty dollars in their car they're getting a fifteen percent off so some cool things they may you can do to actually stop abandonment before people leave the site using the combination of exit intent and cart value targeting now once someone's actually signed up for your list right once they've opted in already you can use these same strategies to actually drive urgency among your most engaged shoppers so the example on the right is using this is a pop up that a company called Lisa naturist uses and you know here they're using this custom timer to drive urgency to make a purchase today the one on the left is actually saying okay you've already got something in your cart they're gonna try to upsell me to say okay would I like three extra sponges electronics are just six dollars I said they're building on that based on the what's actually in my cart over the next thing you can do with these types of tools is actually you can do geography specific locations so just a couple quick examples here this is super relevant for things like like shipping or additional costs or maybe there's steep restrictions so here we're seeing one at the bottom that's a free shipping bar but really we would only show that to shoppers who were in the US again also some things you can do to recognize the rewards members based on whether they're logged in to their reward system or you know in some cases they're in your membership program if they haven't actually joined your emails so you just speak directly to them to say hey Goldmember you know sign up for this and you'll get additional points that you can redeem later and then lastly you can use these same tools to say thank you right to drive off into another way so this is what we really like it's from kinky curly hockey and this happens after someone makes a purchase they get this really nice warm thank-you message directly from the founder and CEO so now that your list is growing right you've got these things in place and looks like it's a little bit about some of the things that you can put in place to put those subscribers and take them from subscriber to customer with some automated emails targeting specific segments Bureau office so before I went to those specific things I think it's important recognize the difference between email personalization and making emails person right so maybe well a lot of people talk about email personalization they're really talking about like inserting each other and you should do that right if you have someone's first name you should use it if you have an additional information about them you should definitely use it but the bigger opportunity especially as a small business is to make your emails person right this is not something that that Walmart's ever going to send they're not going to have the CEOs family on the front welcoming you into the brand so it's really an opportunity to share your mission and what you're all about a lot people should buy from you so a few examples here you know the first is the autoresponder that goes out when someone signs up for your email list right I love the one on the left that's very on brand for this company where it's like hey girl welcome to the hello Cuoco it's great to meet you and then they sort of get into a little bit of what they're all the one on the right I liked even more this is a newer shark tank near on Shark Tank their customer of ours and they had the biggest product called Cup work Pro which was actually sold out so when I signed up from their email list I got a really nice welcome to the family welcome to the family email that instead of asking me to buy something it actually you said the dad who had originally applied for shark tank passed away he was a firefighter he died due to inhaling stuff in 911 cleanup so here instead of saying you know just Oh our product ran out of stock we'll get back to you they really introduce you to the family and they asked me to consider donating to the farm firemen's relief fund and so it's a it's a very warm welcome and then later down the road when I got a sales email I absolutely bought their product the second thing sort of mentioned this earlier is to use automated cart recovering email sorry to bring shoppers back but something it's actually very simple right it's just saying oh you forgot something it's in your cart here's a link back to the cart page and you know it's just a reminder email and you can build series off this to get more complex that are offering a discount or showing exactly what we left the cart but even these these basic cart recovery emails are very impactful as a permanent way for someone to remember that they found something they like and make it easy for them to get back to your shop and again if you're collecting emails throughout the process anyone who signed up for one of your Cryme farms or for whatever is eligible then for a marina if it's if it's the same system you can also inspire subscribers who've never actually purchased from you right so I like this one on the left just for you 30% off your first order you know on the right thanks for signing up these are really speaking directly to those new subscribers who have not yet placed placed an order right talking them in the state of mind that there are yet you can also use highly relevant information in your emails right based on what you do about a shopper so whether that's more of a holiday theme or I really like this one on the left it's a company called rain pack and based on location they know that you are unlikely to be going to this event in Las Vegas here's the thing specific to that right making it a more personal touch than just a generic message and then lastly is to read each laps customers with simple win documents right and I like this one from American Apparel because it's so easy right it's just like hey we miss you come back shop with us again and say 50% off everything right so you can do that based on the fact that someone hasn't made a purchase within a certain time frame or maybe that you have any you know their last seen date was ages ago I mean consent o to these women at you know six people and then I guess the last one is really just an order follow up emails to the personal test so these are emails that are triggered what someone makes a purchase you usually put like a time delay in here it's not necessarily a transactional email but what it is is sort of a it's an opportunity to continue that brain relationship so the one on the left is a customer satisfaction guarantee from a company called relay foods that I really like so forum welcome acedia those pictures right on it the one on the right is from a camping company and I just love the image they use here it makes me feel really good about that participants asking for my feedback to leave a review or a swordsman so some key takeaways here as we sort of wrap up you know I think you know my field old-school you know it's not maybe as sexy as some of the other topics that you might learn about your email list is one of the most important assets that you have as a business the second is that you can use these email list growth tools to create a welcoming grant experience for all of your chakra chakra segments third is your basic segmentation and personalization is really actually easy to accomplish and work the effort and then lastly getting started is super easy so I think I'm just about out of time but that's my email address just Josh up here be calm if you want to sign up it's free to sign up start using privy you can do that at privy column slash sign up or just from our home page you'll see all the stuff there so thank you very much for having me I think this stuff is super important and I'm excited for you guys to take advantage of some of these tips thank you so much Josh yeah and I think like you said it's email as old-school but it's like I don't like it's like driving a car you don't you just have to have a car you have you have to do it it's the backbone of your starting success so all these new fancy channels that we talked about including messenger SMS and Felix is about to show us push notifications they are new and improved ways of marketing but email still very very important in the backbone to it so really is the perfect tool for capturing emails and and we saw the power of how you can do the segmented pull-ups which is super important and brilliant because it's increasing conversion rate and it's easy to do I dropped the partner link here in chat actually no it did not let me send it to one person let me send it to everybody really quick next up we're gonna so thanks again Josh and we'll we'll see you later and we'll make sure that this replay is available to everyone thanks everyone

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