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Hi, I’m James Brown and welcome to Patent
Designers. In this video I’m going to walk you through
the top five most important websites for textile designers. Be sure to stay around to the end and get
our free textile design cheat sheet. One, networking for textile designers. First up we have for networking for textile
designers we have LinkedIn. This is probably the website I’ve used the
most in my career as a textile designer. It’s basically a social network like Facebook,
but you get to network with people you’ve worked with or people you want to work with
or collaborate with. There’s kind of three key features, which
are the profile where you get to display all of your career highlights, such as job titles
and education. You can get endorsed by people on the network. You can ask for recommendations and people
give you recommendations. You can list accomplishments such as projects
and publications and honors and awards, and you can join groups that match your industry
the closest or that you’re interested in. Next we have networking. Basically LinkedIn throws up a bunch of people
who think would match you the most, and then you can just connect with them, send them
a connection and then you’re connected through LinkedIn. You can also go to jobs. I’ll just do a quick job search. Textile designer, search worldwide. It’s got 262 results. It’s pretty good worldwide, but for Australia
there’s not tons of textile design jobs on there. Just have a look, illustrator. 39,000 jobs. See, so there’s not tons of textile design
jobs on there. But there are a tons of illustration jobs
on there. Yeah, use it as you wish. I mainly use it for checking out what people
are up to and networking to find the right people to work on projects. Two, getting online for textile designers. For getting online for textile designers I’ve
chosen Behance. It’s a great way to put your portfolio quickly
online and in a very organized fashion. This is the front page. It’s basically, I think it’s really hard to
get on the front page of Behance, but give it a try. You basically can get a folio, this is how,
like an individual item is featured, item or project is featured. You can put tags in there. You get to see how many people have viewed
or put thumbs up. Let’s have a look at Clog Two. This is basically your online portfolio. Really simple system to use and upload your
artwork too. Let’s have a quick check and see how many
textile designers there are. Textile design, creative fields, I might just
have to do it that way because is it got textile designers. It’s got illustration. So it hasn’t got a field of textile designers. Let’s just have a see down here, it might
do but it might be a sub. Textile design, okay. This is the textile. It doesn’t tell you how many are listed, which
is kind of interesting. The majority of them haven’t got tons and
tons of views, but if you want to send … If you haven’t got a website and you want to
send the client to your online folio because you haven’t got a website or domain name,
then get on here and you can just quickly put together projects to display to. It’s just a great, elegant way of displaying
your artwork. Let’s have a look at Dasha Wagner. Nice and simple layout. You get to see how many, just on Instagram
you get to see how many people have viewed and appreciated your work. Yeah, that’s Behance. Three, job sites for textile designers. For job sites for textile designers I’ve chosen
two. Drapers is a UK website. Look, we’ve got 1,300 live fashion jobs. If we type in textile designer, it will give
us 43 jobs. First a mixture of … There’s a sales manager
there, so that’s textiles, but it’s not textile design. Let’s just have a look under graphic designers
because it’d be a bit more specific. We have 64 jobs. It’s a great base to start with. There’s also the second website is Indeed,
which I’ve chosen Indeed because if you type in textile designer it’s great at finding
their latest jobs available in your country. This is Australia, indeed.co.uk, textile designer. Some of these would have been, like the Indeed
jobs will show what’s been on Drapers for example. There’s a job at Next, senior print designer. So they’re the [inaudible 00:06:32]. Also Plymouth College of Art, studio manager. Yeah, so Indeed is a great worldwide. I think there’s an Indeed America Indeed just
.com and then there’s … I think they might have even have spread into Europe now. It’s a great base for finding jobs for textile
designers. Four, exhibit your textile designs. The two places websites that I’ve chosen,
one is Première Vision where textile designers sell out the copyright to their designs. This is a huge exhibition. They have exhibitions in New York and Paris
are the main ones. They exhibit January in New York, April and
July, and then they exhibit in Paris put in February, which is in few days’ time. I wish I could go. My boss is going. I want to go to Première Vision so bad. They also exhibit in September. It costs a lot of money to go to Première
Vision, a lot, a shit ton of money. And so, yeah, for me to get to Première Vision
with a collection of say 300 or 400 prints would cost me in the region of 20,000 to 25,000
Australian dollars. Première Vision booths cost around about
5,000, and for me, I would have to have the accommodation, airfares, prints, the textile
prints would cost me 8,000 to 10,000 to print. It’s a huge expense. But if you’re say a student in textile design,
just getting out of a university or college or … it’s a great place to start to see
who is the cream of the crop. Let’s just check out the exhibitor list. There’s about 230 exhibitors for designs. Let’s have a look, designs. I mean you’ve probably not heard of a lot
of these studios, but there’s some really big ones. I mean, Amanda Kelly, it’s an interesting
one. You get the contact phone number, contact
the email and web address. Amanda Kelly’s website is really basic. It’s just a one pager. It’s been like it forever. Yeah, if you’re a student just getting out
of uni, want to a job with a textile design studio or want to learn about the industry,
it’s a great place to go for a trip. Or this website is … I meant the actual
event. But this website is a great place for textile
designers to learn from the best. These guys pay, like I said these these guys
pay five grand to exhibit, and some of these studio, these textile design studios are going
to every single … It’s an exhibition that Première Vision do, so that’s kind of three
in New York, two in Paris. So what’s that? Five times, it’s 25 grand just in booth
fees. That’s Première Vision for textile designers. For Surtex, for Surtex, for licensing artists
and surface patent designers I have Surtex. I think I just read a minute ago that these
guys have been going for 32, yeah 32nd year. These guys have about a hundred people exhibiting. I think their exhibit cost, their booth costs
are about the same, between 3,000 and 5,000 for the booth. Let’s have a look at the detail on, does it
give you websites. And yeah, it gives you a few details. If you were to, if you like I said before,
if you’re a student just getting into textile design, check out as many of these guys websites
as possible. They are the cream of the crop. The same with Première Vision, they are the
cream of the crop. They are making the most money in textile
design. They exhibit at these shows and they know
they’re going to get a return on their investment, e.g., five grands worth of investment into
a booth or however much is cost them to get to the exhibitions. They’re my two key websites for textile designers
and licensing artists. Five, inspiration for textile designers. For inspiration, I’ve chosen pinterest.com. Basically because you can either search for
designers that you like, and get views of their prints, their collections of work, or
you can search for individual things. For example, today I’ve been drawing a chameleon. So I can get, I can type in chameleon and
get photos of chameleons, and then type in illustration and get illustration really quickly
and get different, get the vibe for what’s out there already and kind of go from there. Then the second inspirational website I’ve
chosen is Instagram, just purely because of Instagram okay is awesome. We show lots of patterns, but this is, it’s
a great way to show patterns like quickly, whereas Pinterest, it takes a little while
to filter down. But with Instagram you can search for like,
okay, if you’re looking for like a floral pattern, it’s got 72,000 images there. So you’re getting the freshest whatever is
being like people painting their flowers, people using Illustrator or Photoshop to create
their flowers. You get some random stuff as well, but you’re
getting like the latest. So those are my two inspirational websites. Coming soon, an awesome resource for textile
designers. Coming soon we have patentdesigners.com, which
is going to be an awesome website for you pattern designers out there. At the moment we’re still in development
phase, so watch this space. Thanks for sticking around. That was our top five most important websites
for textile designers. I use some of these websites daily, weekly,
or monthly. I hope you’ll do the same. To get our free textile design cheat sheet,
the link is in the description. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for new
videos coming up and like this video, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.


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