The 10 CREEPIEST WEBSITES on the Internet! – Part 2
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The 10 CREEPIEST WEBSITES on the Internet! – Part 2

– [Matthew] Eh, eh, heh. Hah! Just trying to give you an idea of where we’re going with this. Okay, first off, let’s
just state the obvious. The internet is a weird
place, who would have guessed? Since you’re here, my guess is that you probably already knew that, but do you really know just how weird the internet actually is? Between looking up Pinterest
recipes and surfing Facebook, you may have come across
some cringey posts, but we ain’t talking
about no how to make some Christmas cake pops today, mmm-mmm. Today we’re talking about those websites that are best described
as a nightmare wrapped in a whole lot of nope. Why these websites exist is not for any one sane person to try to
figure out, yet they exist, so prepare to clear your browser history, because these are the 10 creepiest
websites on the internet, part two. (goofy laughter) No,
but in all seriousness, if you’re under 18, please do
not visit any of these sites. They will mess you up. Number one is The Cannibal Cafe. Okay, let’s see here, man
seeking woman, low body fat. Please bring own fork and bib, oh what? Though it’s been shut down multiple times, the Cannibal Cafe can still
be found in multiple forms across the web. This site is all about one
thing, providing forums to people who actually want to be eaten to connect with real cannibals who are highly interested in eating them. These incredibly short
but intimate, uh, hook-ups are not the only creepy thing happening at the Cannibal Cafe. You can also find stories
on how to make people taste delicious, recipes
for cooking basically every body part, and
even what wine pairs best with your inside. So if you ever want to know
which body part tastes the best, you know where to look. Number two is Best Gore. Those who visit the
site are recommended to not have eaten any time recently. That’s because when
you visit, you’re staring at the worst,
and I do mean the goriest, stuff that you have ever seen. The entire site is one big
database of images and videos of gruesome deaths,
suicides, brutal murders, graphic executions. Literally nothing is too
disgusting for this site. In fact the images are so graphic, I literally can’t show you anything, so here’s a picture of a unicorn. From decapitations to human shish kebabs, this is the stuff of nightmares. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you avoid this website. It is honestly and truly disturbing, unless you’re into that
sort of thing, Clarise. Number three is Take This Lollipop. Talk about unsetlling. Created by film maker Jason Zada, this interactive online experience plays out as a movie starring you. Connecting to your Facebook profile, it centers on a Facebook
stalker, a skinny, crazed, middle-aged man, and
follows him as he brings up your account, and eventually
tracks down your home using Google Maps. The film continues with
the stalker driving towards what’s seemingly your
home with pictures of you and your Facebook friends
taped to his dashboard. Zada made this interactive
adventure as a part of a PSA, hoping to show people how posting too much personal information online can have dangerous consequences. Wouldn’t you like to let
me watch while you sleep? Number four is The Fifth Nail. Some websites let you watch videos, and some let you communicate
with your family and friends. Oh, it’s just so nice. And then some bring you
into the twisted mind of a murderer. That’s exactly what The Fifth Nail is. It’s a blog written by the
criminally insane fingertips and brain of Joseph E. Duncan the Third, who murdered multiple
people before being caught on June 2nd, 2005. The blog recounts as
many of Duncan’s actions and how he felt about them,
including full confessions to sexual assaults and
his history of being sexually assaulted as a child. It is a truly scary glimpse into the mind of a deranged man. Kinda like my YouTube channel. Number five is Joy of Satan. While there are many websites
out there devoted to Satanism, demons, or of course, the
devil Lucifer himself, very few of them go to
the depths of darkness that goes to. In addition to calling the king of hell all kinds of loving names
and giving him all the possible support an online forum can, Joy of Satan also offers spells
such as ones to communicate with the devil, methods
to give your soul over to the true father of creation,
and even descriptive step-by-step instructions
on how to summon a demon. Oh, and of course if you
have a couple extra dollars, they encourage you to
donate for the promotion and advancement of Satanism
(goofy evil laughter) You know, just if you have
some money laying around. Number six is Ana Boot Camp. Whenever you hear about
a website devoted to eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, the first thing you probably
think of is a supportive site, with positive motivating
body positive posts. Yeah, that is not the
case with This website is actually despicable in pretty much every way. It preys on the doubts and
self-consciousness of people and aggressively encourages
them to do whatever it takes to make themselves thinner. Though pages on this website
claim it’s meant to reinforce healthy eating habits,
the messages it delivers makes this one of the darkest places you can possibly go online. This is especially true if
you’re worried about your weight. Number seven is Death Date. Few websites are more chilling
than one that literally predicts the exact moment
that you’re going to die. is a dark,
morbid site that asks you to enter your name, age, height, and weight before spitting out the
estimated moment which it thinks that you’re going to die. Going further with your results,
Death Date also provides you with three words that it
says are related to your death in some way. For example, freeze, accident, or suicide. I’m not doing this, but I
would hope that mine would be something like sleep,
drooling in a happy state, just smiles. That’s not gonna happen, is it? Number eight is World Births and Deaths. Part of the appeal of this website is that it brings some joy to the
world by seeing how many births there are, except
the same page just seems to bring a chill up the collective spine of the Earth’s population.
gives you, the viewer, live updates on every
reported baby being born and every person who dies,
complete with daily postings of which country saw
the most death each day. Imagine when your life
ends, a tiny red dot is going to appear over your home country. This one’s for all the
people obsessed with population fluctuations, but all I see is how much death there is in the world, and it’s freaking creepy. Number nine is White Enamel. Ugh. Once considered the scariest
game on the internet, White Enamel is an interactive
site which operates as a choose your own
adventure type of game in a haunted, abandoned mental asylum. It uses everything from images
to eerie audio recordings to out of tune pianos
and deranged screaming, all couple with inserted video clips. While the creators,
Restoration Ruin Pictures, claim that it was just marketing for a fictional documentary
they were making, many claim that it was actually
more of a psychological experiment, but either way,
it’s a very unsettling place to go online. And number 10 is Goodbye, Warden. On this site is a collection
of 538 things said by inmates in Texas as their final
words before being executed. The list dates all the way back to 1982, and contains both
apologies for the murders that the inmates committed,
and very convincing claims that they were completely innocent. It’s hard to imagine a
website creepier than one full of last words of the deceased, especially when some of
those words have come from the individuals who
were wrongly convicted. So those are the 10 creepiest
websites on the internet, part two, and I know that a
bunch of you are more curious than you are afraid, so, good luck. But before I let you guys
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