The Agency: Curtin’s powerful new social media facility
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The Agency: Curtin’s powerful new social media facility

Well you can see from the outside, the big
words: “The Agency”. Walking past like, it’s amazing to actually see. When you walk
in here you’re actually walking into an industry space. It’s in the middle of Curtin
University but you’re actually in industry. The Agency. If you are like most of us in
the digital age, excited about the world of social media and its potential in the world
of Marketing, Curtin Business School’s newest facility is for you.
The Agency has been purpose-built to open windows to the world of social media marketing
analytics to allow you to experience first-hand how major global brands and companies monitor
their digital presence. It gives you the career tools, such as the state-of-the-art Radian6
social media analytics platform the heart of The Agency’s Social Media Command Centre. We can look at case studies around crisis management, we can look at campaigns that are around general brand health, and understanding how a brand’s positioned relative to competitors. There are many aspects of critical thinking that we can look at when it comes to the data that Radian6 is generating for us. The Agency features an array of nine large
monitors, some touchscreen enabled, to follow live posts about events and campaigns, highlighting
trending hashtags, comment feeds and shared posts from Facebook, Twitter and other key
platforms. As part of your marketing degree, you can develop core skills learn how to track, monitor
and respond to comments, questions and complaints online in real-time. And if you are studying
your course online, you can also access and benefit from The Agency’s integrated software
from wherever you are. We’ve always been committed to continuously
investing in and improving our courses, and students will really benefit from being in
such a fantastic space, such as The Agency. It’s a wonderful space to be in. It’s
very enjoyable, visual, and it provides such an engaging experience for our students and
staff: I love teaching in here!


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