The Art of Social Media Book Review
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The Art of Social Media Book Review

Hi, Vickie Siculiano here from Say WOW Marketing.
Today I have a book review of The Art of Social Media, by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick,
Power Tips for Power Users. It’s a powerful book. My review is coming up. Stay tuned. So the first thing that I want to mention
is that this is not a beginner’s tutorial for social media. It takes into account that
you should already have some experience in social media and this is going to optimize
you with giving you tips and tricks to becoming a power user. I’ve been doing social media for over 10 years
now for clients in a variety of different industries and there’s always something new
to learn. And Guy and Peg are really great resources for you to tap into. And this book
is going to give you some great resources. I recommend the Kindle version because for
myself, you can easily click on a link in the book and go directly to the source that
they’re talking about to learn more and to see exactly what they’re talking about. If
you get the book, you can easily type in a link and go to it but, for me, it was just
easier for me to click on a link and go directly to the source. You’re going to learn how to optimize your
profile, and one for myself that really moved me was about that you don’t always have to
create your own content. It’s really hard when you’re trying to create new content and
you’re spinning your wheels. Guy recommends that you do no more than 2 of your own once
a week, that’s great, if you can do that. In the book, it’s going to talk about content
creation and managing your calendar. Guy says he’s more of a pray and spray kind of guy
where he just posts a lot of valuable content out there after he aggregates It and he does
that through Alltop ( ), and you’ll learn more about that in the book.
Peg is more of a meticulous manager of her calendar and that’s great, too. So you can
have your own style, but the book talks about different ways to manage your social media
presence online. It’s going to optimize you, make you a power
player. No joke. Love this book. Highly recommend it. Check out my link below for The Art of
Social Media. If you have any questions, please post them for me as well. Thanks for watching
and I’ll see you next time.

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