• livinlicious

    I mean, sorry but wtf?
    This game is so unintuitive its a joke. No offense, but a game should be easy to play, hard to master.
    This has "Artifact" written all over it again. Unintuitive gameplay, confusing overbearing mechanics (buy units/cards, manage gold/ressources, etc.etc.).
    It seems to me like its complex and "witty" for the sake of showing off. Unnecessary mechanics that dont add anything but are another thing on top.
    Kind of like what Hearthstone is now in Wild, for new players. But in the beginning it was so simple and intuitive, thats what made it an instant success.

  • Jeeto

    Are there a lot of mechanics that can't be done in the physical world? Like should you have prototyped a lot of it with paper cards until you knew exactly what you wanted before paying programmers to make it?

  • BoneVolt

    I think you could improve readability of the card type (items/spells/monsters) by changing their shape. Ex.: Monsters are ovals, spells are hexagons and items are rectangles. That way it's very clear that the items are added to your deck since they are the only ones shaped like actual cards.

    I know this is an early build, and you will change a lot of things. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  • 94Tobie

    Because the player pass the turn to the opponent the player's always aware of doing it and I don't think a huge banner saying "Opponents Turn" is necessary, it makes sense to alert the player that the game has shifted to their turn though. Just thoughts on removing clutter that may not be necessary.

  • George Bates

    For real Andrey that was fucking sweet. I don't remember which highlights video from back in the day where you randomly muse out loud about how you should make your own card game, but imagine if you from that video could watch this video. Goddamn.

  • laksjdhfg52

    Awesome vid. Great demo. Look solid. unique. fun. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress demos or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, unique and fun this game can get. Thanks for the motivation.

  • Time4Pie's

    Not sure how you plan on implementing the monsters in the game.
    If a monster just ends up as a card on the side with some art work then id suggest making little 3d models and turn the current card into some kind of little plain like some patch of grass where they can run around. Would make it more lively and generally more immersive if you actually have a little monster running around

  • Robin Hood

    Maybe there should be some ways to fuck with your opponent's money?
    Or create cards that synergyze with having a certain amount of money.
    I think there is more that could be done with the economy. Just an idea.
    Overall the concept looks pretty cool already.

  • Ondřej Bronec

    An interesting game combining Hearthstone and Star Realms. The main thing I would like to see is the deckbuilding aspect (if I understood it correctly you can control cards that appear in your stores before the game). Right now (again early alpha I know + both playing the same class) it feels like the deck building doesn't affect what your deck does that much. In the future however it could the greatest asset of this game separating it from the likes of Star Realms, Dominion etc.

  • steve _

    Some explanation as you go for pretty much everything wouldn't go amiss I get I helped fund it and I've seen all the update videos but the process is obviously very long and you are involved daily unlike the fans so I imagine so a word here or there about what I am seeing would be great as it seemed to be a jump in from looking at potential art for like 4 months to a working demo but yea cheers

  • TreeImmortal

    Remember, the Bazaar is Reynad milking his viewerbase for money and will never be an actual released game.

  • Nick Böhnlein

    Two things I thought off:

    1. Im with you on the purgatory beeing confusing. Couldnt you just make it so it says "cards ( or this card) you buy will appear in your deck when your turn is over?"

    2. For class identity I personally think its wierd that a mage uses a warrior sword to attack stuff. Wouldnt it be more flavourable if a mage had a 1dmg spell/or staff and the Werewolve uses a Claw and so on? So every new hero has a new 1dmg thing. I think it would be in line with consistency, since they all have the same text (1 attack).


  • Josh Burk

    I personally don't think the Purgatory zone is confusing, though I might be in the minority on this one, especially since I don't come from a 'deck building game' background. It feels to me at least that it allows for interesting cycling turns whilst also not allowing players to go infinite, but maybe I'm completely wrong. Anyways great work, videos like these make me super excited for what's to come!

  • Frostearica

    the whole combo system your going to scrap it? you said your scraping it because people just wanted to get the same cards that link (fire mage-fire mage freeze mage into freeze mage cards etc.) why not also make cards that give bonuses on mismatch that link into new combo spells that can only be used when you have fire and freeze spells etc. They may not completely synergies at first but the trade off could be you get something really cool that does make an archetype later in the game that has a power spike. Something you could choose to do if your opponent is going for a more late game stall or get alot of stall yourself to try and get to late game to buy those powerful linked spells.

  • dobtf2

    Really interesting to get an in-depth look at a game in its early stages.
    It already looks very promising, can't wait to play!

  • snakejabba

    Could you make monster outlines red (or customizable)? i had a bit of trouble seeing the difference between green and yellow. And yes i am partialy colorblind.

  • Dilson Júnior

    Still looking forward for the launch!! Nevertheless, like some other guys mentioned the RNG elements that were thrown in the game seemed very unfun (random taunt popping out of the shop and the freezing of random items in the shop, both of which could make one win or lose a game). So it was weird that those elements came about in the design process when the lead designer of the game is so against the stupid RNG present in Hearthstone.

    Regarding the brittle effect, I liked the idea of it and the flavourfullness of it was pretty cool for the coin. However, it seems like a missed opportunity that the weapons don't also have that, like them being rusted or cracked with use (maybe after 3 or 4 uses).

  • Alec Kraynick

    Noticing Jonathan’s strategy of accumulating currency all game until later on to buy expensive cards and over power you, it’d be cool where rather than be forced to change to a more aggressive style , you implement cards that make your opponent buy the cheapest card in their shop, or a card that makes them bleed a coin every time they go a turn without spending any, just stuff like that. I love the mechanic of stacking the coins but I feel like it should be punishable (but softly) that way there is some risk to it. I also love the idea of filling your opponents deck with burns to try and sabotage them but I feel like it would be cool to be given the opportunity to sabotage them in other ways (their currency, attack, hero power, etc) all at the expense of not being able to make the advancements to your deck that you wanted. It allows more of a shift to games. If the momentum is flowing one way and it is clearly one sided, cards like these might swing the tide of battle. It prevents a staleness of a Rock Paper Scissors matchup meta while allowing for more diversity of thought. Or I could be totally wrong, but I wanted to get this out there. Let me know what y’all think

    Edit: ok I realize you said that accumulating coins thing isn’t very affective but if it ever becomes good this would be a cool solution. Also if you want to make that play style viable make some shop cards that only show up when you’ve reached a certain amount of coins. That way they aren’t just saving and saving but have the same low cost not so impactful cards to buy. Or maybe you could do some miracle rouge type stuff where you can play a spell that allows one spot in their shop to just keep refreshing when they buy something from it to have one super explosive turn.

  • i86com

    So, a single match was 16.5 minutes, you both played at hyper speed (2-3 times faster than a new player would) and you didn't even have to wait for the animations. I dunno, but this might be too long for a match when it comes to a casual game. This was also one of the criticisms that Artifact got early on.

  • JT Golden

    I’d like to preface this comment by saying I understand this is a very early demo and a lot of things will change, but as someone who isn’t tasked with creating an entire card game I figured I’d throw some opinions on the smaller stuff. (I believe in the noodle but I’m sure he’s got a lot to focus on and maybe he hasn’t dedicated much brainpower to the smaller things yet.)

    1) The sword card seems intentionally generic since it’s a card in the base deck, but I think it being a sword could be out of flavor for some classes. Maybe change it to something even more generic like “Attack” which could also give players the ability to customize art on the card to their liking through in-game purchases. (Maybe that would make it too confusing though. Again I’m not claiming to have any game design credibility, I just like card games)

    2) I noticed cards that deal damage read “Attack X” which I assume is to save space vs “Deal X Damage”, but if you can fit the ladder onto the card without overcrowding the text, that seems like the universal way of identifying that mechanic and I think it would read better.

    3) Cards that draw you a card in the demo just read “Draw”. For consistency purposes I think having them read “Draw 1” would fit nicely. Just to keep card draw on the consistent “Draw X” pattern would satisfy my (and I assume a lot of other card game players) romance with consistent wording in card games.

    4) Please never pull a blizzard move on us and remove the “sorry” emote. I don’t play games to piss other people off, but there’s no better feeling than outplaying the f*** out of a brainless strat and getting the last laugh on your opponent right before the finishing blow.

    Just a couple opinions that might save you and your team some time during the refining process of the game. Other than that I’m super excited about the game, and enjoying watching the process you’re going through. If I get the work promotion I applied for, I’ll definitely be throwing some money towards the project 🙂

  • Eli Kessler

    How long will preordering be available? Will beta access be restricted to people who preorder or will there be an open beta as well?

  • Peléo Hax

    What if some monsters gave different rewards based on the Hero? Let's say the minotaur dropped the hammer for every single class, except for the cook which gained minotaur meat or sonething, used for his recipes/spells.

  • BlankPage

    You should change the outline of the monsters from Green to Red. Especially for those who are colorblind, like myself, because i can't tell the difference between green and yellow.

  • Vansen Media

    i feel like games should go on longer to see synergies come up and have more identity to your end deck. looks sick tho! keep going my dude

  • Morumzao

    Hey, please add a colorblind mode to the game. I can not distinguish colors like green and yellow from each other. That’s an issue that not many games addresses and makes a huge difference when it is implemented.

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