The Best And Worst Hats And Fascinators Of The Royal Wedding

The Best And Worst Hats And Fascinators Of The Royal Wedding

Sara please Sara pillage strata of Princess Anne look stunning in a silvery gray and symbol and a slanted head with a flower detail on the left designed by pleat Tracy this look is appropriate and cheap Victoria become Victoria Luke post in debt oh how far she's come since the Spice Girls and an Effie head by a Philip Treacy perp with a dress from her own collection [Applause] [Applause] Princess Beatrice and a genie thanks God for princesses pear and Eugenie without them the wedding would have been just a little too proper both heads are up by pullip Tracy a Guinness and blue with a file a truce to mess her Fifi and Westwood shoot and bears in lovely shade of rose to measure Valentino codes chelsey their feet that sounds you're hearing is the collective of anyone looking at this photo Chelsea was pretty much the envy of every girl on the planet attending a spree in her estate and accessorize her Alberta Ferretti DL with a doily probably it was an expensive and custom girly but still Carol Middleton mother of the bride Carol Megaton styled her light blue dress and coat with the head by milliner Gian Corbett it is easy to see where Kate gets her style and her looks from Princess Mary Chantal of Greece Princess Mary Charles princess stone pathway and cell-free had adorned with roses by Polly Tracy Miriam Gonzalez wife of the putative Prime Minister Nick Clegg miss Gonzalez channels dr. Lisa Aaron at the Copacabana time at war except dr. Aaron would be in reduction tarah palma Tomkinson the british socialite viewers a fascinator by Philip Treacy the admit is her bright cobalt blue – this Victoria of Sweden British Victoria went for a messy messy look in all pitch and chose a sophisticated wet brim head lady Frederick Windsor also spotting the white grim trend is lady Frederick of Windsor Hooper a technically straw hat that Kindles like a flying saucer with a check Navy suit [Applause]


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